Friday, October 10, 2014

Group Break Sign-Ups LIVE!: 2014 Topps Stadium Club!!

A couple of days ago, I posted a question on my blog in which I asked if people would be interested in a 2014 Topps Stadium Club group break.  I got quite a few affirmative answers - and so thanks to an order from Dave & Adams, I'm ready to announce my newest group break (and my first official card-related activity in my new home I might add)!

Group Break:  2 Hobby Boxes of 2014 Topps Stadium Club
Photo courtesy of Dave & Adams since my boxes are now ordered but have not yet arrived (as of the time of the original posting)

Cost per team slot:  $18.00  (price includes shipping to the United States)  
Note:  If you wish to claim multiple teams, all teams after the first team are only $15.00 each.

What you get:
I will be busting two 2014 Topps Stadium Club hobby boxes.  Each hobby box contains 3 mini boxes - and each mini box contains an autograph which means we will get six autographs total between the two hobby boxes.  The autograph checklist is really strong with a lot of current stars plus plenty of stars from yesteryear.  In addition, since I ordered from Dave & Adams and spent enough money on the two boxes, I earned a free gift which is a three of packs of 2013 Topps Chipz.

Update 1:  I have sold enough slots so the Topps Chipz will be included in the group break.  Also, I promise no skunks in this break which means if I don't pull any Stadium Club or Chipz cards for your team slot, I will include at least a couple of cards of that team from my own collection and mail them to you!

Update 2:  I have lumped the Nationals, Blue Jays, Padres, and Twins into a single slot since those four teams have a relatively underwhelming representation in the set.  The Nationals have the chance at a few nice inserts, the Blue Jays have an auto possibility - plus of course all the base cards.  In doing so, I hope to make that group of teams more palatable for someone!

How to claim:
1.  Leave a comment below with the team(s) you wish to claim. 
2.  Send your PayPal payment to fanofreds.auctions at gmail (dot) com.  Please mark your payment as a GIFT and do not leave any comments or other information via PayPal.  Also please note that the address has an "s" at the end of both fanofreds and auctions.  
3.  Send me an email (to the same address as above) with:
  A.  Your user name used to claim the team(s)
  B.  The email address you used to pay for your slot(s)
  C.  Your full mailing address

That's all there is to it!

Team Slots:
Arizona Diamondbacks - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Atlanta Braves - Jaybarkerfan (PAID)
Baltimore Orioles -
Boston Red Sox - Metallattorney (PAID)
Chicago White Sox - JediJeff (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Jaybarkerfan (PAID)
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians - Caitlin Jennings (payment pending)
Colorado Rockies - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Detroit Tigers - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Florida Marlins - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Houston Astros - Bru (PAID)
Kansas City Royals - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Los Angeles Angels - Jeff (PAID)
Los Angeles Dodgers - Night Owl (PAID)
Milwaukee Brewers - Mathew Scott (PAID)
New York Mets - Mets Cardboard (PAID)
New York Yankees - Caitlin Jennings (payment pending)
Oakland Athletics - RAZ (PAID)
Philadelphia Phillies - deal (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates - Mathew Scott (PAID)
San Francisco Giants -
Seattle Mariners - The Junior Junkie (PAID)
St. Louis Cardinals - Brady Umfleet (PAID)
Tampa Bay Rays - Mathew Scott (PAID)
Texas Rangers - RAZ (PAID)
Blue Jays, Nationals, Twins, & Padres - Caitlin Jennings (payment pending)

The break will close when I get enough participants - but based on the feedback from my initial query post, I expect this to sell out fairly quickly!

PS:  I would greatly appreciate you advertising this group break on your blog/Twitter/etc.  I hope to fill the break - and I need to sell a bunch of slots just to break even since these boxes aren't cheap!


night owl said...

I'm in for the Dodgers. I'll paypal ya, but it might take a week.

deal said...

Team Phungo is in and we will take the Phillies, thanks.

Nachos Grande said...

Got it, thanks Night Owl and Team Phungo! Not a problem on the payment N.O., I know you are good for it!

JediJeff said...

White Sox. Because a true White Sox fan should have the White Sox in a break.

Matthew Scott said...


Bru said...

Bam! Put me down for the Astros, and I'll shoot payment over in the next couple days.

Mets Cardboard said...

I am done for the Mets! I will send you the money when I get back to the states. I might take another team when I get a chance to look closer at the checklists.

Mets Cardboard said...


Brady Umfleet said...

I am in St. Louis

Brady Umfleet said...

I will send the Paypall in the AM

RAZ said...

Athletics and Rangers for me, please.

Metallattorney said...

I'll take the Red Sox.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the Yankees and Indians. Please email me at to confirm payment because I don't have Paypal.

jaybarkerfan said...

Braves and cubs for me

Ivan Grajeda said...

has this past?

Nachos Grande said...

Sign Ups are still available! The boxes should arrive tomorrow (10/13).

The Junior Junkie said...

Mariners, please. :-)

Matthew Scott said...

I'll go ahead and take the super lot for the $30.

Jeff said...

Is it too late to get the Angels??

Nachos Grande said...

Nope, Angels are all yours!

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