Friday, November 14, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 311: 1993 Fleer - #4 - All-Stars Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Fleer
Insert set:  All-Stars
Card number:  4

Fleer was the first set that I can remember using All-Star cards as inserts.  Sure, Topps had All-Star inserts back in the 1980s (in rack packs anyhow) but I was too young then to actually remember them.  No, my first memory of pulling an All-Star card as an insert belongs solely to Fleer.  Unfortunately for me, I never actually pulled this particular Larkin insert (though I do remember pulling the 1991 Fleer Barry Larkin All-Star card back in the day).

Had I actually discovered this particular card in 1993, I'm sure my thought would be the same as it is today...


The black and white photograph does nothing, and the close up head shot of Larkin on the side is just weird since that particular element is in color.  Throw in the totally unnecessary foil lettering across the bottom of the card and you get a complete schizophrenic mess of a baseball insert set design!  Flipping the card over you find things get even worse...a "pee yellow" colored background with a dense paragraph of text.  That's it.

Clearly not one of Fleer's finest efforts!


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