Friday, October 16, 2015

Final Group Break of 2015: The Next Claimed Team Adds Another Full Box to the Break!

I tweeted this out a few minutes ago:
And so let's announce it on the blog as well!  The next team claimed will add another FULL box to the group break.  As of this moment, there are still 12 slots remaining...and I have high hopes of selling all 12 yet!  Remember that the break consists of boxes of 2015 Topps Tek, Topps Heritage High Numbers, Topps Stadium Club, and Topps Chrome.  I am also adding in an unopened item for every slot sold which you can find details of here and here of the current bonus items.

Here's what is left (and go here to sign up)!

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks -
  2. Baltimore Orioles - 
  3. Cleveland Indians - 
  4. Florida Marlins - 
  5. Kansas City Royals - 
  6. Milwaukee Brewers - 
  7. Oakland Athletics - 
  8. San Diego Padres - 
  9. San Francisco Giants - 
  10. Tampa Bay Rays - 
  11. Texas Rangers - 
  12. Toronto Blue Jays - 

It's interesting to me that the Royals and Blue Jays are both still available given how well each team has been playing thus far in the playoffs.  Seriously, where are my bandwagon fans?!

Claim a team, add another full box to the group break, be a hero.


The Junior Junkie said...

How are the Jays still up? Kevin? Where you at?

JediJeff said...

He's French. They're slow. It's still like Tuesday over there.

Nachos Grande said...

Hahahaha! Enough jokes though, someone claim a team already!

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