Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club: Votto, a Bipping, and Fernando Mania!

This week has been a long week (the first week back at school is always a long week) but I survived!  Now, as a reward, let's crack open another pair of packs from my 2015 Topps Stadium Club box that my wife gave me for Christmas.

Pack 07:
1.  Fernando Valenzuela

I'm always interested to see what player earns the coveted #1 slot in a set.  For Stadium Club, Topps chose to give Valenzuela the honors for reasons that I can't quite explain.  Sure, Fernando Mania was a thing back in his day but I can't help but think there were a lot more players more deserving of this slot in such a prime set.
71.  Curtis Granderson
80.  Andrew Heaney
122.  Mike Minor
164.  Carlton Fisk

Pretty sweet photo.  I find myself saying that a lot as I look through this set!
167.  Edwin Encarnacion
215.  Adam Jones
Contact Sheet:  CS-21.  Joey Votto

Well, there's a Reds insert - something I don't normally get!  However, I think this is actually a duplicate from my blasters that I opened a few weeks ago so, if my memory is correct, this one will end up in the trade pile.

Pack 08:
23.  Ozzie Smith
54.  Bip Roberts

I think it's a law that all bloggers have to scan this card whenever you receive it.
67.  Don Mattingly
95.  Rob Dibble
117.  Lenny Dykstra
249.  Daniel Murphy
270.  Kevin Kiermaier
Gold Foil parallel:  199.  Ryan Howard

Yet another Gold Foil parallel.  I'm only at the halfway point of the box but I've now found four gold parallels (and no autographs).  For those of you that care about such things, I've taken the top two packs in each of the four stacks and opened them.  The final eight packs will be the bottom two packs from each of the four stacks (and hopefully somewhere in those eight packs are two hits)!


Jeff Jones said...

Good luck with the rest of your packs if you pull any dupes I am trying to put this set together as well. Thanks!

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