Sunday, April 17, 2016

Delivery Time! I Like Alaskan Cards!

Last month, I received a surprise package of cards from David up in Alaska.  For whatever reason, David seems to always have a wonderful treasure trove of cards to send my way...and this time was certainly no exception.  Maybe all the good cards get sent to Alaska card dealers?

We begin with my first ever autograph of Charlie Hustle (aka Pete Rose).

Sure, some will complain that it is a sticker auto...others will say that Leaf way overproduced Rose's autograph in this set, but I don't care.  It's my first Rose auto and I love it.  The photograph is even good considering the fact that they couldn't show any Reds' logos on the card.

Frankly, that one card would have been enough for a great envelope, but David wasn't done yet.

A nice Joey Votto Allen & Ginter relic for me...

...and an even nicer Aroldis Chapman relic from Allen & Ginter.

I love the red color on the Chapman relic - and the 10th Anniversary relic design is much better than the "standard" relic design from last year's set.

Still not enough?  How about two brand new Larkin cards for my collection to top off an awesome trade package?!

This card is numbered 116/354 (weird number to go up to) and has a purple background...

...while this card is numbered 248/250 (a more normal number to go up to) and has a green background.

Both cards (I believe) are from Topps Triple Threads - a set that I have never opened up a pack from.  If I had known that Larkin was included though, perhaps I would have at least considered such a venture!

Many, many thanks for the great cards David!  And, as always, should anyone else want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Joe Frecker said...

Triple Awesome!

Tony Burbs said...

Sticker/no sticker, license/no licenese, over produced/normally produced... an autograph of a certified baseball immortal is pretty cool acquisition, no matter what!

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