Barry Larkin Collection 782: 1990 Star Gold - #97

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star Gold
Card number:  97 

This is the seventh (of nine) Barry Larkin cards in the 1990 Star Gold set (you can find the sixth Larkin card in the set here).  Card #97 is actually a continuation of card #96 - the remainder of Larkin's "Career info."  I actually learned quite a bit about my favorite player from this card - for example, I didn't know he had a 21-game hitting streak in 1988 nor did I know he batted nearly .500 in a November tour of Japan!  

As with most of the Star Gold cards in the set, this particular card is a goldmine of information on the backside but the front leaves quite a bit to be desired.  The set design is very much MS-Paint but in this case the boring photo doesn't save the card for me (unlike some of the other Larkin cards in this set).  Still, I'm happy to have this one in my Larkin binder...hard to believe I'm rapidly approaching the write-up of my 800th different Barry Larkin card!  


  1. Love oddball cards like this one - especially of Reds!


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