The Penultimate Package from 2020: Free Cards from!

I'm nearly through posting about packages that arrived in 2020 - in fact, as the post title suggests after today I'll only have one more 2020 envelope to write about!  Today's package is actually a single card PWE, though I guess you could say it's actually two cards since the baseball card was tucked inside this French Christmas card.

You might be wondering why I got a French Christmas card in the mail when I don't speak any French...but I have an easy answer to that - this PWE was courtesy of - a Canadian "dime box" baseball card website that many different bloggers have been using over the past few months. made a post over on TCDB prior to the holidays stating that they'd send free cards to members that commented on their post.  I did exactly that and a few weeks later, the above Christmas card arrived...along with a nice Barry Larkin Panini sticker.  

In a rather funny (annoying?) turn of events, by the time the sticker had arrived I had worked out a different trade on TCDB for this exact card!  Still, it's definitely the thought that counts here and was certainly extremely kind and generous in their holiday giveaway!  


  1. I got the same Christmas card from them! Didn't comment on any TCDB post though, they just it (and the card) to me unexpected!

    1. Nice to see good people in the hobby - and it will work for them too as I'll be sure to check out their offerings from time to time!


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