Barry Larkin Collection 800: 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter - #AGR-BL - Framed Mini Relic

Barry Larkin
Year:  2017
Brand:  Topps Allen & Ginter
Insert set:  Framed relic
Card number:  AGR-BL

To celebrate my 800th different Barry Larkin card in my collection, what better option than an Allen & Ginter framed relic card?!

I'm a huge fan of the framed relics in general so of course I'm going to love a Larkin framed relic!  Admittedly, the back of the card leaves a bit to be desired but at least it does state that the relic bit was "game-used"...something that's becoming rarer and rarer among relic cards for those that read such things carefully!

I do wonder what people think of the frame for the 2017 relic set.  For me, I kind of dig the palm tree vibe but I can imagine that not everyone will.  

Overall, I will admit that this is one of my favorite Larkin relics that I own.  It's certainly not the rarest or the fanciest, but sometimes simple is good!  Happy 800 Larkin's to the next 800 now!


  1. Nice milestone, congratulations!

    I don't mind the palm tree design, but maybe the color choices could have been a little different, or less murky.


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