Sunday, January 01, 2012

UD Retro Box Break: Packs 9 and 10

Nothing says Happy New Year like opening some more packs of cards right?

Pack 9:
33.  Dean Palmer
61.  Eric Chavez
72.  Tony Gwynn
84.  Rafael Palmeiro
93.  Dave Winfield
T3.  Throwback Attack:  Sammy Sosa

Sosa is the cover boy for my lunch box that the cards came in so this is a nice addition to the set.  The Sosa also marks the third Throwback Attack card from the box - based on the stated odds of 1:5 packs, I should find one more for sure and an 80% chance of a fifth.  In other curiosities, I'm wondering if people prefer italics or regular text to serve as my comments about various cards in my pack breaks.  I find the italics easier to differentiate between - and thus easier to see which are cards and which are comments, but I'm curious what you guys and gals think.

Pack 10:
21.  Sean Casey

50.  Vladimir Guerrero
55.  Derek Jeter

63.  Jason Giambi
68.  Kevin Young
83.  Ivan Rodriguez

Not the most exciting pack but I was happy to land the Sean Casey card.  Much like the Chipper Jones card a few packs back, I scanned the Derek Jeter just because I know a lot of people collect him and these Retro cards seem to be rather uncommon amongst bloggers (and trades)!


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