Saturday, August 01, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 8 - Packs 1 - 6 (So Many New Inserts! Yahoo!)

Happy August everyone!  It's actually July 23 when I am writing this post (I'm writing each post in "real time" as I open up the packs - it keeps it much more interesting for me).  However, in an effort not to inundate everyone with too much Ginter in a single post, I've been spreading out the love over the past few days.  So, "today" it is time to dive into box #8!  Let's see what goodies it holds for us - perhaps a rip card?

Box 8:
Box topper:

Another cabinet card - this time it is Giancarlo Stanton (aka Mike back in the day).  The serious face seems to work for Stanton, he looks like he means business (and judging by how hard he smashes a baseball, he does mean business)!

Packs 1 - 6:

The first batch of packs was quite good to me - two new minis and two new full-sized inserts!  Let's start with the full-sized cards.

Both new cards are from the What Once Would Be set.  One of the ideas sounds good to me today while the other seems like a foolish idea even back then!  The foolish one (in my mind) is the Mail via Parachute card.

I don't see how that's a good idea, ever.  Lost mail, wind, rain, snow, etc...  My mail delivery person has enough trouble getting my mail in the mail box and they drive a truck right by my house.  I can't imagine the horrors of parachute delivery.

On the other hand, Vacuum Tube Trains sound kind of cool.

Perhaps in a world where investing in science was promoted (and terrorism nonexistent), it might be worth it try and install such a thing across the country.  As it is, we'll just keep going 65 mph* on our highways and take forever to cross this nation.

*give or take

As for the minis, I landed a new Mythological Menaces card which is good since they have been in short supply lately.

Loki is a prankster from Norse mythology - I had no idea about that!  The story "Death of Baldur" has Loki captured and tortured with snake venom which is said to have created earthquakes.  Once again, the mythology sure does have some sick and twisted ideas in it!

Last but certainly not least, the final new mini:

The Black Vulture is another new Birds of Prey card for me - and a great way to end the first portion of Box #8!

Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 7 - Packs 19 - 24 (Finishing Strong)

Box 7:
Packs 19 - 24:

We end the box on a fairly strong note - two new mini inserts, a framed mini buyback, and a (not scanned) A&G back mini of Joc Pederson.

First, the framed mini.

That's one of the Portraits of Penultimacy inserts from the 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter set.  Not my favorite insert set ever but it did have a few neat cards in it.

Now, to the good stuff.

Another Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons card!

Andrew W. Mellon is probably the guy that Topps had in mind when they decided to create this insert set!

And finally, we end box 7 with a bird of prey.

The Crested Caracara isn't found much in the United States except in a few warm states (Florida, Texas, and Arizona).  Although the bird is a falcon, it actually acts more like a vulture as it often feasts on carrion.

That's it for seven boxes - still five remain in the case...and still no silk card nor a rip card.  Plenty of time though...I have hope (and I can't really complain either way since I got a wood card #1/1 already)!!

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 7 - Packs 13 - 18 (A Pair of Hits!)

As the post title says, we found both of remaining hits in the next group of six packs!

Box 7:
Packs 13 - 18:

Before I get to the hits though, let's first take a peek at the best of the buybacks that I've found so far.

That's a Yastrzemski buyback from 2006 - very, very nice!  It's also interesting to note that this year's version of Ginter doesn't have any retired players in it!

My full-sized inserts were all duplicates this time around but I did land another mini that I needed from the Hoist the Black Flag insert set.

Calico Jack Rackham had two women pirates in his crew including Mary Read which I also pulled out of this box of cards!

My first (of two) relics in this group of packs is of Victor Martinez.

There's nothing particularly wrong with this card but it isn't overly exciting (unless, of course, if you are a Tigers and/or Victor fan)!

My other relic was nice only because it wasn't gray cloth (and because the 10th Anniversary relic design is superior to the "regular" relic design).

That's Christian Yelich of the Marlins - you know, a team that no one collects.

Oh well - not the most exciting hits but then again, I don't buy Ginter for the relics (and neither should you)!

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 7 - Packs 7 - 12 (The Djinn and Jackie)

The first six packs in Box 7 were strong.  Let's see how the next six stack up!

Box 7:
Packs 7 - 12:

This group of packs wasn't quite as good as the first six, but they were still solid.  At this point in the case, if I can acquire a couple more new inserts out of each set of six packs then I'm a happy guy.

And happy I am since I pulled two more inserts, plus another 10th Anniversary buyback (full sized version from 2008).

My one new full-sized insert is the Djinn from Menagerie of the Mind.

The Djinn are creatures from Islamic and Arabic mythology.  According to the card back, a djinn can be good, evil, or even neutral.

Finally, another new mini for my collection - and yes, it's another First Lady (though that's the first First Lady out of box #7).

Not bad - and certainly a solid first half of a box!  12 more packs remain, what else lurks in the box?

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 7 - Packs 1 - 6 (A Great Box Topper plus a Framed Autograph)

Alright, it is time to begin the second half of the 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter case!  Here's hoping for more greatness though I must say overall the first half of the case was pretty darn good.

Box 7:
Box Topper:

Wooooooooo!  First, I love the Pride of the People set - and I plan to complete it.  Second, of the various locations in the set, the Colosseum is one of my favorite (and one of three that I've actually seen in person - the others being Big Ben and Mount Rushmore).

I hope this is harbinger of greatness for the rest of the box!

Packs 1 - 6:

Lots of good stuff this time around including my first new full-sized insert in two or three boxes!

That's a Shamshir which was popular in Persia in the 1500s.  The shape of the blade made it ideal for use in mounted combat (so says the back of the card).

In addition to the full-sized insert, I also landed a new mini insert!

That is Mary Read - one of the two most famous (and feared) female pirates in history.  I'm glad Topps including Mary in the set - gender equality among pirates!

My next mini of note was another no number mini.

It's too bad that Joaquin Benoit isn't a bigger name, but still, I'll take it!  The no number minis are not serially numbered this year.

And, as if all that wasn't enough, I also pulled a framed autograph!

I don't know much about Jung-Ho Kang but I do like the autograph (it includes his jersey number which is a nice touch).

That was a great start to box #7 - let's hope it continues!  Stay tuned for more Ginter...I'm writing these posts as quickly as I can (my poor, poor scanner)!