Thursday, January 29, 2015

Final Call for my Group Break: Phillies, Rays, Marlins!

I'm down to needing to sell a mere three teams in my 2015 Topps Series 1 Jumbo box case group break (say that title three times fast).  The remaining teams?

  • Phillies
  • Marlins
  • Rays

I had already packaged the Marlins & Rays together for one low cost of $30.

However, I'd love to sell all three so it's a super discount on the final three teams:
$40 gets you the Phillies, Marlins, AND Rays (includes shipping to the continental US).

There's gotta be someone out there who once lived in Philly but moved to much sunnier Florida (because contrary to popular belief it actually isn't always sunny in Philadelphia).  I'm sure that person adopted the two FL teams to go with the Fightin' Phils.  Now all I need is that person (or anyone else) to claim the final batch of teams.

And go.

The Great Reorganization: Step 8: Team Sorting Complete - Now On to More Set Sorting!

Back in November of 2014, I posted an entry in my ongoing Great Reorganization series about how I was beginning to sort my extra and unwanted cards by team.  That process, I'm proud to say, is finally complete.

Well, at least for phase I.

I used the sorted team stacks to fill out the flat rate boxes that I used for my previous group break.  While I won't be doing flat rate boxes for my current group break (a jumbo case of cards should provide plenty of goodies for all team slots), I may do another flat rate mailer group break in the future.

For now though, I have boxes (and boxes) of cards that are completely sorted by team.

By organizing many of my extras in this manner, it is my hope that I'll have a ready-to-go supply of cards to round out future trade packages.  In addition, it helped to clear up a lot of shelf space that used to be stacks of random cards!

Now that phase I is officially over, I've moved into phase II.

Phase II is where things get trickier for me.  Phase I was all about purging cards from sets that I knew I would never try to collect.  It was easy to rule out most Bowman sets, 2007 Topps, and a slew of other stuff.

What's trickier is figuring out the remaining sets.

For instance, I know I have an unhealthy love for all things Pacific...but I can't possibly try to collect all Pacific sets.  Which ones to keep with the hopes of "maybe someday" and which to give up on?

Some of the decisions will be based primarily on how much I like the set.

Other times, the decision will be (at least partially) influenced by how expensive the set would be to collect.  Going back to the Pacific example, how easy is it to even find boxes of most Pacific sets?  In my experience, it's nearly impossible!

(if you know of a place where I can get some Pacific boxes unopened, please let me know)

So, I'm going to embark on the second Phase of my Great Reorganization.  As I do that, I'll be eliminating more sets...which means I'll need another round of sorting cards by team in the future.  That's ok - once this process is finally complete I'll have one of the best organized collections in all the land.

Just don't hold your breath for that day to come quite yet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Group Break: Only 5 Slots Remain: Possible Bonus at Stake (Join Now)!!

I only have five slots remaining in my 2015 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Case group break - and if I can sell all five remaining slots I'll be sure to include a few bonuses in the break!

To make the slots even more attractive, four of the remaining slots give you two teams for the price of one ($30 per team slot includes shipping to the continental US).  Help me fill the break - go here to sign up.

From here on out, we only have five remaining slots to sell...and they are:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks & Colorado Rockies 
  • Cleveland Indians & San Diego Padres 
  • Florida Marlins & Tampa Bay Rays 
  • Minnesota Twins & Oakland Athletics 
  • Philadelphia Phillies 
Can we fill this break up before I go to bed tonight?  That would be super so that I don't have to write yet another begging post tomorrow!!

Go here to sign up!

2015 Topps Series 1 Group Break: Some Combined Team Slots for the Same Price! Join Now!

You are all probably sick of reading my posts begging people to join...and I know I'm sick of begging.  However, I did buy the case already so I really must fill it up...or at least sell a few more slots.  I don't want to be stuck footing the bill for the remaining 11 teams!

In fact, to make some of the teams more palatable, I'm combining some of the "lesser" teams into slots that will be two teams for the price of one ($30 shipped to the continental US).

From here on out, we only have seven remaining slots to sell...and they are:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks & Colorado Rockies 
  • Atlanta Braves  
  • Cleveland Indians & San Diego Padres 
  • Florida Marlins & Tampa Bay Rays 
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Minnesota Twins & Oakland Athletics 
  • Philadelphia Phillies 

Maybe now I can convince some of you to take a flier on your favorite team know that you'll have two teams' worth of cards, inserts, parallels, and hits to claim!

I'm also shocked the Angels, Braves, and Phillies have gone this long unclaimed.  I know the Braves had a somewhat rough offseason (losing Heyward) but c'mon...Atlanta used to be one of the first teams claimed every single time.  I have no idea where the Angel collectors are - we know Topps loves Mike Trout!

Go here to sign up!

Delivery Time! An EPIC Box from Alaska! (Part III)

I've been enjoying my time going through a huge box of cards courtesy of David up in Alaska.  By my count, I have two more posts to write after this one...that's how great the box of cards was!  For today though, let's focus on some of the assorted Reds that David sent my way.

First up, a pair of Christmas-themed Reds' cards.  

I think I prefer the green border over the red...which is weird since typically red borders look good with Cincinnati Reds cards.  Maybe it is just that I don't have nearly as many of the green bordered cards as I do the red...the relative scarcity makes it seem cooler I guess.

From red and green to blue and gold - some more Reds' parallels but this time they are serially numbered.

The thing about blue and gold is that it reminds me of school.  My high school that I graduated from had blue and gold as its colors...and so did my undergraduate college.  Needless to say, I owned a lot of blue and gold shirts back in the day (heck, I still have some of them)!

I don't normally scan Bowman cards but this purple refractor numbered out of 199 was simply too pretty to ignore...even if I know nothing about the player featured.

I like getting cards like this in the mail - it reaffirms my decision to not actually ever buy any Bowman for myself...I'll just wait for random trades to complete my sets!

Speaking of Bowman, how about this one?

I think that middle chunk is begging for a relic or autograph, but otherwise this is a pretty cool card.  I'm still a sucker for a good die-cut - and this one is pretty good.  It's also shiny which I like!

Finally, we end with three decidedly non-shiny cards.

The first is an old Topps scratch-off card from 1981.  

I have never seen these before - but they are kind of cool.  I definitely would have scratched all mine when I was a kid!

Next up, another Johnny Bench.

I believe this is a legends variation card...and it must have been taken during the 1972 World Series (which the Reds wound up losing unfortunately).  I especially love the crown in the background - everyone looks so formal!

We end today's post with a Panini card that caught my's some sort of wood-esque card.

I imagine this is what the Allen & Ginter's wood minis are like (but in all my years of buying Ginter, I've never actually pulled, nor held, a Ginter wood mini)!  There's no picture on the card (boo) but I do love the feel of the wood (that's what she said).  

Thanks for the great assorted Reds David!  Next up, we'll take a look at the single largest stack of the trade box...and then it will be time for my favorite card of the box!  Stay much more great stuff yet to come!