Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter Box: I Like Getting Spacecraft with My Baseball Cards!

My first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter has been a complete success in my book.  I pulled two decent "regular" relics in Puig and Soler plus a rather rare framed relic of Pedroia.  I found the Julio Urias (super?) short print base card to go along with a Brooklyn back mini (#/25) of Francisco Rodriguez.  And the best part?  All of that came in the first 16 packs.

Let's rip two more and see if this box is still holding another great surprise!

Pack 17:

37. Dawn Spacecraft
183.  Andrew McCutchen
211.  Albert Pujols
248.  Jill Martin
291.  Kevin Kiermaier
292.  Marcell Ozuna
The Numbers Game:  64.  Dallas Keuchel

Reg mini (short print):  317.  Yordano Ventura

The short printed regular minis are fairly tough pulls this year (seeded 1:13 packs).  Not a lot else to say about this pack except that I love getting spacecraft in my Ginter set!  So far, I think my two favorite base cards are the Dawn Spacecraft and the US Embassy in Cuba that I pulled in an earlier pack.

Pack 18:

12.  Trevor Story
91.  Nick Hundley
133.  Joc Pederson
164.  Steven Souza Jr.
189.  Buster Posey
The Numbers Game:  83.  Matt Kemp

Natural Wonders:  19.  Ngorongoro Crater

Reg. mini:  128.  Aroldis Chapman

Nothing Earth shattering in either pack but that's ok - there were some nice base cards (esp. the spacecraft) and I'm happy with the Natural Wonders card as well.

2016 Allen & Ginter Box: The Pack in Which We Find a Framed Relic (1:122 Packs!)

Yesterday, I ripped and posted 8 of the 24 packs in my first 2016 Allen & Ginter hobby box.  You definitely want to check out the highlights if you missed them - hits, super short prints, and even a serially numbered mini!

As good as yesterday was, there are still more packs remaining in the box (including one more promised hit).  Let's keep ripping!

Box 1 - Pack 15:

42.  Cuban Embassy
178.  David Robertson
239.  Brandon Moss
260.  Anthony Rizzo
262.  Giancarlo Stanton
346.  Pablo Sandoval
Natural Wonders:  5.  Amazon Rainforest

Reg. mini:  189.  Buster Posey

The only thing that comes to mind from this pack is that I'm glad Topps has decided to use higher quality images for their non-baseball subjects.  The Amazon Rainforest card looks much better than similar cards from previous years.

Box 1 - Pack 16:

10.  Jason Sklar
99.  Luis Severino
157.  Gerrit Cole
231.  Kaleb Cowart
319.  Yasiel Puig
Reg. mini:  38.  David Peralta

Framed Relic:  DPE.  Dustin Pedroia

And there it is, the third of the promised hits from the box!  This one's a nice one though - the framed relics are quite rare (seeded 1:122 packs)!  Good stuff - and a solid "end" to the box (though with another 8 packs remaining who knows what else I might uncover yet)!

Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: The Pack in Which I Pull the Urias Short Print!

A quick recap of the first half of the first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter.  Here's some of what I've found so far:
Hits:  Two (Puig & Soler) Relics
Reg. minis:  6
A&G minis:  2
US Mayors minis:  2
Subways & Streetcards minis:  1
Packs without a mini at all:  1

Nothing else super rare so far - but that's going to change in the next pack...

Box 1 - Pack 13:

56.  Carlos Correa
161.  Vinny G
173.  Billy Burns
229.  Mitch Moreland
264.  Xander Bogaerts
281.  Jose Bautista
No Number Base:  Julio Urias

There's the "secret" Urias base card!  As you can see, the front of the card appears to have no name plate (it's there, but it is super faint).  The card is not numbered on the back.

I think it is interesting to note that the card stock for the Urias is totally different than for all the other base cards that I've pulled.  It's printed on a glossier, whiter card stock (and it is super obvious when you put the Urias in a stack with other base cards).  I guess Topps rushed the Urias out the door right before the packs where packed up...

Brooklyn Mini: 22.  Francisco Rodriguez #08/25

Woah!  This pack was loaded!!  The Brooklyn minis are seeded 1:146 packs - and to get one of those in the same pack as the Urias makes me feel a lot better about the earlier pack that was missing a mini!  I don't think I can complain much about this box - and that's without even knowing what the remaining 11 packs hold!

Box 1 - Pack 14:

39.  Paul Goldschmidt
104.  Byron Buxton
175.  Jonathan Schoop
192.  Dennis Eckersley
255.  Nomar Garciaparra
The Numbers Game:  56.  Miguel Cabrera

Baseball Legends:  21.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

Reg. mini:  154.  Ervin Santana

That wasn't a bad pack at all but it's hard to compare to the previous pack!  This was a good way to end a Monday for sure.  I have to say, this has been a great box so far - and with one hit supposedly remaining yet, it has the chance to be an even better box!

2016 Allen & Ginter: The Case of the Missing Mini.

Each box of 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter contains 24 packs.  I am now ready to rip open packs 11 & 12 from my first box - which means I'll be at the halfway point after this post (and we've already found two of our three promised hits).  Let's hope we end the first half of the box on a high note!

Box 1 - Pack 11:

43.  Jake Odorizzi
51.  A.J. Ramos
102.  Aaron Nola
170.  Max Scherzer
179.  Jen Welter

294.  Carlos Rodon
307.  Russell Martin

A pack with nothing but base cards is unusual, though I did get a short print (Martin).  I scanned the back of the Welter card because it's the revenge of Panini - notice that Topps couldn't use the Arizona Cardinals team name in the description!

And one more thing about Pack 11.  Did you notice something missing?

That's right.  I was shorted a mini!!  This is upsetting to me since I'm trying to collect all of the mini inserts - and who knows, perhaps the missing mini was going to be one of the inserts.  Easily the worst pack of the box so far (and hopefully the worst pack of Ginter that I'll open this year).

Box 1 - Pack 12:

9.  Tom Glavine
14.  Kendrys Morales
33.  Ender Inciarte
246.  Mike Francesa
277.  Manny Machado
The Numbers Game:  11.  Stephen Piscotty

Natural Wonders:  12.  Dead Sea

Reg. mini:  222.  Nomar Mazara

At least that pack had the mini in it...an improvement over Pack 11 if nothing else.  Actually, both the Numbers Game and the Natural Wonders inserts are good pulls for me - one card closer to completing both sets now!

That does it for the first half of the box.  Not too bad (other than the one missing mini) - and we should still have one more hit lurking in the box.  I'll have more soon!

Continuing the 2016 Allen & Ginter Box: Another Griffey Jr. and a Mini Piazza!

Welcome back to another round of 2016 Allen & Ginter packs.  I've already found two of my three promised hits (and I'm only eight packs into the box thus far).  Let's see what other goodies I might discover from the box.

Box 1 - Pack 09:

81.  Brian Johnson
125.  Carl Edwards Jr.
158.  Joe McKeehen
160.  Steve Kerr
167.  Jeff Samardzija
200.  Carlos Gomez
328.  Randal Grichuk

Reg. mini:  146.  Evan Longoria

Not as much to say about this pack - after all it was mostly base cards (the Grichuk is a short print at least).  One thing I do like is the little "icons" that Topps used on the non-baseball subjects.  It reminds me of the first edition of Topps' Allen & Ginter back in 2006.

Box 1 - Pack 10:

11.  Howie Kendrick
82.  Gerardo Parra
139.  Gio Gonzalez
185.  J.D. Martinez
204.  Drew Storen
236.  Brad Boxberger
The Numbers Game:  39.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

Reg. mini:  93.  Mike Piazza

Well, I guess I could have done much worse on both the Numbers Game card and the mini...hard to complain about another new Griffey card - and that Piazza mini is pretty nice as well!  Good stuff, even if it wasn't super "splashy."  I'll have even more Ginter soon (I hope)!