Saturday, May 27, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 526: 2000 Pacific Prism - #38 - Texture Silver parallel (I Think?)

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Pacific Prism
Parallel set:  Texture Silver (I think?)
Card number:  38

I've stated time and time again my love for most things Pacific on this blog.  I always have to be careful and say "most things" Pacific though because there are a few stinker sets out there.  Case in point?  2000 Prism.

The 2000 Pacific Prism set uses wayyyyyy to much foil on the front.  Trust me, the scan doesn't do this card justice (and not in a good way either).  On the flip side, the card's back is one of the most boring, understated card backs of any set from the year 2000.  It's a weird paring of over-the-top and barely-there that makes this set not work for me.

Unfortunately, like most sets from 2000, there are a number of parallels that I need to try and eventually track down, along with the base card.  According to baseballcardpedia, there are actually 15 different parallel versions of Larkin's base card out there!!!

That's crazy!

Here's the full list.
  • Rapture Silver (limited to 916 copies; Hobby only)
  • Pebbly Dots (limited to 691 copies)
  • Rapture Gold (limited to 565 copies; retail only)
  • Holographic Gold (serial-numbered to 480 copies)
  • Texture (limited to 448 copies)
  • Tinsel (limited to 331 copies; Hobby only)
  • Wood Grain (limited to 331 copies; retail only)
  • Holographic Mirror (serial-numbered to 160 copies)
  • Holographic Purple (serial-numbered to 99 copies)
  • Holographic Blue (serial-numbered to 80 copies)
  • Premiere Date (serial-numbered to 61 copies; Hobby only)
  • Proofs (serial-numbered to ten)
NOTE: The Rapture, Pebbly Dots, Texture, Tinsel, and Wood Grain parallels are NOT serial-numbered.

You may notice that doesn't add up to 14.  That's because in addition to the above cards, there is also a drops parallel (Larkin has 799 of those but they aren't serially numbered), a sheen parallel (Larkin has 565 of those, again not serially numbered), and a slider parallel (Larkin has 334 of those, also not serially numbered).

And, as you could probably guess, I don't yet own any of the parallels other than the one you see at the top of this post.  Upon a lot of studying (mostly using this page I found), I believe the card I own is a Texture Silver parallel.  However, I could very easily be wrong about please, if you know better than I do, correct me!

Hard to believe that I don't even own the base card of Larkin's from this set...nevermind the remaining 14 parallels!  This set was apparently Pacific's answer to Topps Tek...which I never knew until I started writing this post (always fun to learn something new about the hobby)!

Friday, May 26, 2017

30DayBBCChallenge: Day 23: Some of the Oldest Cards I Own!

It's been quite awhile since I wrote a post for the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge.  Going in order, today should be Day #23.  So what's the prompt?

Day 23:  A favorite oddball card from the 1950s.

I now remember why I stopped doing these posts!  Days 23 - 27 are all oddball related posts.  I could probably find something for days 26 and 27, but I basically don't own anything oddball related from the 1950s, 60s, or 70s.  In fact, for most of those years, I barely own any "normal" cards!  In my collection, if a card is from the 1950s, it is an oddball!

Since I do want this post to feature some sort of old oddball, I'm going to repurpose the Challenge topic and change it to:

Day 23:  A favorite oddball card from prior to 1960.

Now that I can do!

You see, for a year or two, I went a little crazy trying to pick up super old original Allen & Ginter cards.  Most of that time was spent trying to acquire the entire 1889 set 50 Fish from American Waters set (which I've almost completed).  However, when buying those cards I'd often look to see what else the seller had available...and in the process, I ended up with a few "random" or, to use today's word, "oddball" original Ginter cards.  Of the eight non-fish original Allen & Ginter cards that I own, I figured I'd show off two of my favorites.

First up, Louise Montague, the "$10,000 beauty."

As you can see, you can't be too worried about condition when dealing with such old cards (especially if you are on a budget like I am)!  The pretty lady is from "The World's Beauties" set.  For me, Louise is an "oddball" in that she is the only person featured on an original Allen & Ginter card that I own.  All of my other cards feature animals (with one exception of a building).

Speaking of animals, here is my other favorite (non-fish) Allen & Ginter original:

That's an Indian Rhinoceros from the Wild Animals of the World set.  I happen to think the drawing (painting?) on this card is pretty cool.  It's minimalistic, and yet, evocative of the rhino's home land.

Good stuff all around - and this new prompt was a fun excuse to go back and look through my super old Allen & Ginter cards!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 525: 2000 Pacific Paramount - #63

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Pacific Paramount
Card number:  63

Pacific Paramount is yet another set that Pacific released in 2000.  Unlike most of the other Pacific sets, Paramount is fairly pedestrian (you might even say boring).  What isn't as boring, however, is the various parallels in the set.  Taken directly from baseballcardpedia:

All 250 base cards are available in the following parallels.
  • Copper (Hobby only)
  • Gold (retail only)
  • Green (exclusive to packs sold at 7-11)
  • Holo Gold (serial-numbered to 199 copies; Retail only)
  • Holo Silver (serial-numbered to 99 copies; Hobby only)
  • Holo Green (serial-numbered to 99 copies; exclusive to packs sold at 7-11)
  • Platinum Blue (serial-numbered to 67 copies)
  • Premiere Date (serial-numbered to 50 copies; Hobby only)


In each pack distributed at 7-11 stores, each base card was replaced with a Ruby Red foil parallel.

Woah.  Pacific was doing retail specific parallels long before the current Topps' WalMart and Topps' Target stuff.  I wonder how many packs were actually sold at 7-11 stores?  My version of the card is the "vanilla" base card - and in what seems like a similar refrain, I don't yet own any of the other parallels.  Maybe someday I'll track down some of the other parallels, but truth be told, this set isn't nearly as interesting to me as many of the other sets which also have elusive Larkin parallels that I need.  I won't turn down a parallel if I find it (or am sent it) but I doubt I'll actively chases the cards from this set for quite some time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Contest Winnings from Night Owl: Volume VIII

This is it!  The final pack out of the 2016 Gypsy Queen prize blaster courtesy of Night Owl Cards.  I must say, Night Owl doesn't have any better luck pulling Reds than I do...this entire blaster was void of any Cincinnati Reds cards.  That said, there were some neat cards in there - so let's see how we ended the blaster.

Pack 8:
57.  Kolten Wong
90.  Carlos Correa

The Astros are my "adapted" team right now while the Reds are in rebuilding mode.  I love Jose Altuve...and Correa isn't all that far behind.
126.  Kyle Schwarber

I'm only showing this one since it's Schwarber's rookie card.
260.  Kevin Kiermaier
294.  Kevin Plawecki
Mini:  262.  Mark Melancon

And that does it for the blaster!  Truth be told, I'm glad I didn't drop $20 on it for myself...but as a prize, it was definitely enjoyable (and it gave me some fun blog fodder during a time in which I haven't been buying new cards for myself).  Many thanks to Night Owl, once again, for the contest.

Now it's off to see which of the Gypsy Queen cards I want to keep, and then the rest will be available for trade.  I have no plans to try and complete the 2016 GQ set since this blaster is basically all I own of the set.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Contest Winnings from Night Owl: Volume VII

I took a break from the prize package (courtesy of Night Owl) yesterday in order to show off another awesome Barry Larkin card.  Today, it's back to the 2016 Gypsy Queen blaster...and pack #7.

Pack 7:
80.  Maikel Franco
109.  Tyson Ross
161.  Ryan Braun
208.  Enrique Hernandez
Mini:  122.  Corey Dickerson

Not much to show in the main portion of the pack...I refuse to show Braun (unless I truly have to) and the other three guys aren't probably worth the cardboard that they are printed on.  At least the insert in the pack was good...for someone.
Walk-Off Winners:  GWO-10.  Kris Bryant

Eh, I don't have any interest in seeing cards celebrating the Cubs' winning games...but I do know that other people will probably love this card.  I will say that I love the concept of the insert set...and the photograph is top notch.  

Frankly, the Walk-Off Winner insert (seeded 1:8 packs) saved this pack.  Through seven packs, I've yet to receive a single Reds' card.  Maybe the eighth and final pack will hold something great?  We'll find out together soon enough!