Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club: The Contents of Mini Box #5 (of 6)

Yesterday, I posted the video for the second-to-last mini box out of the 2014 Topps Stadium Club group break.  In case you missed the video, here it is again:

Now, since some people I know prefer to not watch the video, here's the full typed rundown (with some scans) of the 5th mini box of the break.

Ernie Banks - Cubs
Cole Hamels - Phillies
Jurickson Profar - Rangers
Wilin Rosario - Rockies
Mookie Betts - Red Sox
Arismendy Alcantara - Cubs
Hunter Pence - Giants
Josh Donaldson - Athletics
Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals
Jacoby Ellsbury - Yankees
Chris Sale - White Sox
Numbers on the pants should be outlawed.

Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
Billy Butler - Royals
Jered Weaver - Angels
Jose Fernandez - Marlins
Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles
Robin Yount - Brewers
Evan Gattis - Braves
Todd Frazier - Reds
Yu Darvish - Rangers
Yadier Molina - Cardinals
Oscar Taveras - Cardinals
Alex Gordon - Royals
Evan Longoria - Rays
Yasiel Puig - Dodgers

Inserts / Parallels:

Field Access:  Jose Fernandez - Marlins
Who knew the Marlins would be such a good group break choice?!

Future Stars:  Gerrit Cole - Pirates
Some die-cut love for the Pirates - a nice looking card!

Luminous:  David Ortiz - Red Sox
I always loved Stadium Club's Triumvirate cards - this one is especially sharp lookin'!

Gold parallel:  Ryan Howard - Phillies
At least it is a parallel of a decent player (even if the gold parallels don't interest me much)


Maury Wills - Dodgers (again)

Yep, two mini boxes, two duplicate autographs for the second box of Stadium Club.  That is definitely NOT what I was hoping for...At least this duplicate is of a retired player - and with all the Dodger collectors out there I'm sure Night Owl (who claimed LA in this break) will have no trouble swapping his extra Wills auto for something else that he wants.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Penultimate 2014 Topps Stadium Club Mini Box! (Video Break)

Here's the video break of the second-to-last mini box in the group break.  Enjoy!

I hope to get a post with scans and a full write-up completed in the near future - but for now enjoy the video.

Did you know if you subscribe to my YouTube account you can see most of my videos before they go live on my blog?!  You are welcome those with little patience!

The Final Bonus Pack of the Group Break: Let's Make it a Rack Pack, Shall We?!

The group break has been a lot of fun - but now it's time to draw it to a close.  This morning, we take a look at the video break for the final bonus pack of the break - a rack pack of 1987 Topps.

In addition to all the 2014 Stadium Club cards, all the Chipz, and all the bonus pack cards, I am also throwing in a bunch of single cards from my personal collection in order to make sure that everyone walks away with a decent sized stack of cards.

I know that group breaks have an element of a gamble to them (and some of you definitely hit the proverbial jackpot with the two boxes we opened), I also know that walking away from a group break with nothing is a big bummer.  It's my hope that everyone will be happy, even if the group break gods didn't smile upon you this time around.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club Group Break: CASE HIT ALERT (on Video)!

Here's the video for the mini box I posted about yesterday.

More group break goodies to come in the near future!

Group Break Bonus Pack #6!

I have two more Bonus Packs for the group break - here's one of them to enjoy before we return to the final two mini boxes out of the 2014 Stadium Club box.

Keep it here for more group break goodies in the near future!