Monday, September 22, 2014

Delivery Time! Joe F. Delivers the Goods (Part I)!

A couple of weeks ago, I had two things happen that relate to today's post.  First, I held a contest in which Joe F. ended up emerging victorious.  Second, at the same time I received a huge box in the mail from the very same Joe!

Put both of those things together and what do you get?

You get me needing to put together a really nice prize/trade package for Joe - something that I hope to do shortly after my move is complete since the majority of my baseball cards are all boxed up right now!

However, while I can't report on my return package for Joe at the moment I can show off some of the goodies that Joe sent my way.  Joe and I both collect Barry Larkin cards - but this particular trade package was devoid of Larkins.  Instead, Joe included a note that said he found a "plucked" 1995 Collector's Choice set at a sports memorabilia auction and since he knew I was still working on the set he bought it and mailed me the cards that I needed.

You can't beat that for awesome - the blogosphere is full of great people!

The stack of Collector's Choice numbered well over 100 that I needed including the three cards that I chose to scan for today's blog post.  I'd love to know what was in that case in the Berroa photo.  Could it be a new pair of sneakers (Air Jordans most likely given the time period)?  Could it be a serious trunk full of poker chips?  Could it be cash from Berrroa's contract?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Also, why doesn't anyone else on the team want to sit by Geronimo?  Maybe the case is actually holding plutonium or something like that?  So many questions.

In fact, my once huge 1995 Collector's Choice want list is now quite small thanks to Joe's generosity!
1995 UD Collector's Choice Want List:
Base:  186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 494, 500
For me, the 1995 CC set is great - lots of fun photography and a good selection of players and teams (each team is well represented in the set - sort of a poor man's Topps Total)!
I don't know what's happening here but I do know I love this card!
Many thanks to Joe for the trade package - and for Joe, expect a return package sometime shortly after my move is complete (we close on the house a week from tomorrow)!  I will have a second post to show off more of the cards from Joe up in the next couple of days (if all goes well).  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 302: 1993 Kraft Singles Superstars- #25

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Kraft Singles Superstars
Card number:  25

The 1993 Kraft Singles Superstars set consisted of 30 different pop-up cards (15 blue bordered American League stars and 15 green bordered National League stars).  Barry Larkin served as the Reds' lone representative in the set.

The front of the card is quite nice (especially for a non-licensed card) since it shows Larkin in a swinging pose.  Unfortunately, the reverse side of the card suffers from acute logo removal (so much so that it distracts from the image).  I suppose the pop-out idea is kind of cool (and certainly fairly unique) but as a collector I cannot bring myself to actually damage the card in order to see what it looks like in the popped form!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Night Fights: 2010 Topps vs...2010 Topps!

Ring announcer (in a loud, drawn out voice):  "In the red corner, weighing in a 5 cards (approximately 3.5 ounces)...  2010 Topps Update Series."

Commentator Jim:  "This pack goes by the name of Super Fly MoJo and proudly wears the belt proclaiming him to be the 'exclusive trading card' of MLB.  Super Fly MoJo brings a record of 4-23-2 to the fight and is currently on an 18 fight losing streak."

Ring announcer (in a loud, drawn out voice again): "The challenger,  also weighing at exactly 5 cards is...  2010 Topps Update Series."

Commentator Bob:  "This pack goes by the name of BubbleGump and is challenging Super Fly Mojo for the right to be the exclusive trading card of MLB.  BubbleGump brings a record of 2-17-0 to the fight and is currently on a 9 fight losing streak."

Jim:  "While 2010 Topps packs almost always lose a pack battle, if you face one 2010 Topps versus another, one of them has to emerge victorious, right?!  Stay tuned for the epic showdown after these messages."

Bob:  "I have no idea what that ad was all about Jim, how about you?"
Jim:  "I can only hope that this fight has more swagger than that ad."

Ring Announcer:  "This fight consists of five rounds.  The referee was out sick so you two will have to self officiate the fight.  And now, let's get ready toooooooooo ruuuummmmmbbbblllleeeeeeeeee."

Bob:  "Ohh, Super Fly Mojo lands a swift kick to BubbaGump's gonads with the Haren flying scissor kick."

Jim:  "BubbaGump's must have a steel pair as he brushed off the kick to the baby maker and countered with left hook that just missed Mojo's noggin'."

*Bell Rings*

Bob: "Although a cheap shot for sure, Super Fly's Haren kick to Gump's man beans wins him the round.  1-0 heading into round 2.  But first, a word from our sponsors."

Jim:  "Seriously Bob, can't we get a real sponsor?  Who writes these ads anyhow, a monkey with a typewriter?  Awful."
Bob:  "I can't argue with you there but maybe round two will produce our own epic GIF to be used for all future fight promotions."
Jim:  "If you ever use the word 'epic' again I'll show you what a real punch looks like."
Bob: "..."

*Bell rings*

Bob:  "And with that, we begin round 2."
Jim:  "BubbaGump has to know he's behind after the first round..."

Bob:  "...which probably explains the two-fisted hammer punch that he just tried to lay on Super Fly Mojo."
Jim: "Mojo was ready for it though, look at that beautiful two-handed block.  You have to hand it to Mojo, that block was probably enough to win the round seeing how the bell's about to ring."

Bob:  "Yep, I have it 2-0 in favor of Mojo."

*Bell rings*

Bob:  "Folks, we will not be cutting to commercials in between rounds this time.  Instead, I would invite you to check out our Twitter poll of the evening.  Who's do you want to win tonight's fight:  Mojo or BubbaGump?"
Jim:  "What's Twitter?"
Bob:  "Now I should punch you."

*Bell rings*

Jim: "BubbaGump has got to win this round or else simply go for the knockout.  That's easier said than done..."
Bob:  "OOOOH.  Look at that overhand Felipe that Gump lands on Mojo."

Jim:  "Mojo's not knocked out but he sure does have a stupid expression on his face right now."

Bob:  "This round will go to BubbaGump to make the score 2-1 in favor of Mojo."

*Bell rings*

Bob:  "Yes, Gump's behind but that blow to Mojo's skull really seemed to shake him.  Next thing you know Mojo will be diving into the stands hiding from future Punch-inos."
Jim:  "That was a terrible pun."
Bob:  "And yet, I have a feeling my pun was better than our next ad..."

Jim:  "I'm beginning to wish they'd bring back the swagger wagon."
Bob:  "I think Edward Scissorhands was more appealing than whatever that was..."

*Bell Rings*

Bob:  "Enough blabbering about scissors, the real cutting action is right here in the ring as round four begins."
Jim:  "BubbaGump had stunned Mojo at the end of round 3 but it looks like the commercial break gave Super Fly Mojo enough time to recover."

Bob:  "I would say so, look at that overhand smash by Mojo.  That's definitely not a fun, fun, fun way to get hit.  I would even go so far as to suggest that BubbaGump get help, perhaps from Rhonda."
Jim:  "You are awful."
Bob:  "I think BubbaGump liked my one-liner.  Look at him laughing."

Bob:  "How he's able to hear me in the midst of being pounded like a Little Duece Coupe going up against a 409 in a race though is up for debate."
Jim:  "Seriously, get off it man."

*Bell Rings*

Jim:  "This fight looks to be all but over.  BubbaGump is laughing at Bob, SuperFly has been laying beat down after beat down..."
Bob:  "...and yet one round remains.  You know what they say, that's why the fight."
Jim:  "Before we get to the final round, we have to pause once again for these messages."

Jim:  "Seriously, water for women is a thing now?"
Bob:  "Worst wet t-shirt contest ever."

*Bell Rings*

Jim:  "Here it is folks, the final round!"
Bob:  "BubbaGump is going to need a miracle here to pull this one out."
Jim:  "And it looks like he won't get it...  SuperFly Mojo just landed his second flying kick to Gump's man nuggets!"

Bob:  "That's uncool."

Jim:  "That appears to be what BubbaGump thinks...and the ringside announcer too!"
Bob:  "Wait, what did the announcer say?!"

Ringside announcer:  "SuperFly Mojo has been disqualified for repeatedly kicking BubbaGump in the shrimp and oysters.  BubbaGump wins!"

Bob:  "It's over, I can't believe it."
Jim:  "Promise me we'll never do this again."

Friday, September 19, 2014

Trade Stack 61: Preparing to Move (Emptying the Card Coffers)

Here is how this works:
Every so often (i.e. whenever I feel like it), I will add a card to a "Trade Stack".  Whenever the stack becomes appealing enough to someone, that person needs to comment on the post saying they'd like to claim the stack AND tell me which card they are sending off of my want list.  That's all you have to do - trade me ONE card (or more, of course) card from my want list for the entire stack of cards that I'm offering.  Each time, it will be first come, first act quickly (unless of course you are a gambler and hope to wait it out until there are 10+ cards in the stack that you want in exchange for a single 2004 UD Vintage card that I am looking for)!

The Trade Stack:
Last update:  9/17/14

It would appear that I haven't updated the Trade Stack in almost a month...that could explain some of the lack of trading here at Nachos Grande.  Of course, the reason why I haven't been so good at updating is my pending move to a new house...but even so, I think there's time to sneak in one or two more mail days!  With today's addition to the stack, the pile now has 13 different cards in it!  Surely that is enough for someone to claim the whole thing, right?!

If you want the stack, remember - all you need to do is offer up any one card from my want list.

2010 Topps Chrome:
12.  Victor Martinez - Red Sox

2010 Topps National Chicle:
146.  Scott Feldman - National Chicle Back Parallel

2000 Fleer Impact:
139.  Jeromy Burnitz - Brewers

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Avengers:
52.  Loki (Thor)

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter's:
40.  Adam Dunn - Reds

2001 Fleer Futures:
192.  Oswaldo Mairena - Cubs

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter's:
164. Heather Mitts

2014 Topps Heritage:
163.  Wily Peralta

1994 Sportsflics 2000:
172.  Javier Lopez - Braves

2012 Bowman:
60.  Jordan Walden - Angels

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Avengers:
23.  Hulk

1991 Donruss:
127.  Fernando Valenzuela - Dodgers

2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants:
46.  Johnny Bench - Reds

Want the card(s) in the stack?  Act fast - tell me which card you will send me off my want list in the comments below!  You must leave a comment on the trade stack post in order to claim the card - no more claims via email!  If no one claims this card within a reasonable amount of time (a few hours up to a few days, depending) - I'll add another card to the stack and the process will start again!

Previously Claimed Trade Stacks:
Stack 01:  2 cards by dayf
Stack 02:  8 cards by Justin
Stack 03:  17 cards by Cam
Stack 04:  4 cards by Cam
Stack 05:  9 cards by Daily Dimwit
Stack 06:  4 cards by The Lost Collector
Stack 07:  1 card by Baseball Dad
Stack 08:  1 card by M. Spiegel
Stack 09:  6 cards by bwsmith25
Stack 10:  6 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 11:  1 card by Patrick
Stack 12:  5 cards by Matt B.
Stack 13:  4 cards by Steve G.
Stack 14:  3 cards by ShaneK
Stack 15:  7 cards by Ryan G
Stack 16:  1 card by longlivethewho
Stack 17:  4 cards by hiflew
Stack 18:  4 cards by Potch
Stack 19:  2 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 20:  5 cards by by Play at the Plate
Stack 21:  5 cards by BA Benny
Stack 22:  1 card by IkesCards
Stack 23:  8 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 24:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 25:  2 cards by Jeff P.
Stack 26:  10 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 27:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 28:  7 cards by ThingsAreFunnerHere
Stack 29:  3 cards by TheBrooklynMet
Stack 30:  4 cards by Adam C.
Stack 31:  10 cards by Play at the Plate
Stack 32:  8 cards by Josh D.
Stack 33:  6 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 34:  1 card by Potch
Stack 35:  9 cards by Cool Breeze
Stack 36:  11 cards by Kev 
Stack 37:  6 cards by Tunguska
Stack 38:  12 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 39:  8 cards by Spiegel83
Stack 40:  1 card by Kyle4KC
Stack 41:  4 cards by dayf
Stack 42:  1 card by AdamE
Stack 43:  1 card by madding
Stack 44:  10 cards by Commishbob
Stack 45:  1 (almost complete) puzzle by Baseball Dad
Stack 46:  8 cards by buckstorecards
Stack 47:  5 cards by The Junior Junkie
Stack 48:  4 cards by dayf
Stack 49:  9 cards by Swing and a Pop-Up
Stack 50:  9 cards by Commishbob
Stack 51:  3 cards by Need More Cardboard
Stack 52:  1 card by Play at the Plate
Stack 53:  12 cards by buckstorecards
Stack 54:  4 cards by The Junior Junkie
Stack 55:  9 cards by Spiegel83
Stack 56:  2 cards cards by Joe Frecker
Stack 57:  4 cards by buckstorecards
Stack 58:  2 cards by Chunter
Stack 59:  9 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 60:  8 cards by buckstorecards
Stack 61:  ?? by ??

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Remember the Astrodome Delivers!

Back in March, Marc (from Remember the Astrodome) and I agreed to a trade where my end of things would be "to be named later."  Well, later has finally come - and boy did Marc hook me up nicely!

First up, Marc provided some vintage Reds for me.

My vintage collection is in desperate need of a complete overhaul by me.  I really need to figure out exactly what I do (and don't) own...and maybe I'll even try to build one of the older sets some day.  However, given the plethora of new sets on my want list currently, I probably shouldn't be adding anything else to the list for the time being.

Speaking of new sets, Marc also sent me a few examples of modern stuff including one of the better Bowman cards that I've ever seen...

If all Bowman stuff looked like that I might buy the brand.  For now though, I'll simply rely on the kindness of others for my Bowman fix!  Marc also sent me a couple of the new Donruss cards from Panini - the Votto is especially nice since the lack of logos isn't as noticeable with the side shot.

While I greatly appreciated all of the cards that I've mentioned so far, the real prizes of the trade package are below...

First, Marc helped me out with my quest to complete all the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's mini sets by sending me a trio of mini inserts.

The Lonomia is a catapillar that is often referred to as the "assassin caterpillar" in South America.  That little critter has been responsible for hundreds of deaths over the last decade (mainly in Brazil).  Scary little thing!

Finally, as if all of that wasn't enough, Marc also threw in a bunch of different Barry Larkin cards.  What was great about that was that there were quite a few that were new to my collection!  I'll show off each of them in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series of posts but here's a quick preview:

Thanks so much for the great trade Marc!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!