Monday, November 12, 2018

Group Break: A New Paint Job is in Order

I had to take the afternoon off from work today in order to get my Subaru Crosstrek up to the dealer.  I have one of those bright orange cars (which I love) but the paint on my car started to chip off once I got about 20,000K miles on the vehicle.  The problem kept getting worse and worse...but thankfully Subaru looked at my car and offered to do a complimentary new paint job for me. 

That all had nothing to do with baseball cards, but hey, after a couple of weeks of writing group break post "intros" it's all I have left to say at the moment!

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 11:

91.  Rick Ankiel - Cardinals
Class 2:  60.  Juan Gonzalez - Indians

22.  Cristian Guzman - Twins
46.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros

51.  Jeromy Burnitz - Brewers

Pack 12:
45.  Jay Payton - Mets
38.  Greg Maddux - Braves
Class 1 Gold Parallel:  89. Carl Everett - Red Sox  (#541/999)

20.  Charles Johnson - Marlins
8.  Barry Bonds - Giants

And with that, we are halfway through our final box of cards in the group break!

Group Break: There's More Gold in Gold Label!

As we start another work week, here's my promise to all of you...this will be the last week where I have group break posts for this particular break!  In order for me to hold true to that promise, I need to get through the remaining packs in the 2001 Topps Gold Label let's not dilly dally this morning!

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 9:

17.  Cal Ripken, Jr. - Orioles
Class 2:  16.  Brian Giles - Pirates

56.  Jorge Posada - Yankees

63.  Kazuhiro Sasaki - Mariners
71.  Manny Ramirez - Indians

The Ripken (not scanned since the Orioles weren't a claimed team in this break) is quite nice but the real prize of the pack has to be the Class 2 parallel of Brian Giles for the Pirates (a claimed team).

Pack 10:
105.  Tony Batista - Blue Jays
76.  Mike Sweeney - Royals
110.  Tim Hudson - Athletics
Class 2 Gold Parallel:  20.  Charles Johnson - Marlins (#460/699)

13.  Bobby Abreu - Phillies

The Class 2 Gold Parallels are seeded 1:11 packs meaning we ought to get two in a box (with a few boxes getting three such cards).  This is our second such Class 2 Gold Parallel in the box so if we do end up with a third we will beat the odds there.

Not a bad start to the work week.  Hopefully by the end of today I will have gotten half of the Gold Label box posted.  We are moving along at a decent clip - stay tuned for more soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Group Break: Is it Too Early to Put Up the Christmas Tree?!

Yesterday, we woke up to a backyard and deck covered in snow.  While most of the snow did melt off by dinner time, it was still a little disconcerting to have that much snow this early in the year in north-central Pennsylvania.

All that said, my wife decided that we ought to get a jump on the Christmas season this year and put our tree up about a month early.  Normally, I fight against Christmas creep until at least after my birthday (which is next weekend) and usually I try to delay it until after Thanksgiving.  However, she wooed me with the prospect of some homemade Christmas cookies to enjoy while decorating...

...and so now my tree is up!

All that said, I've got a present for all of you as well in the form of a couple more packs out of the Gold Label box.  Enjoy!

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 7:
80.  Pat Burrell - Phillies
89.  Carl Everett - Red Sox
67.  Larry Walker - Rockies

Gold parallel:  88.  Travis Lee - Phillies (#445/999)

43.  Jason Giambi - Athletics

The Class 1 gold parallels are seeded 1:8 packs making them not overly rare (three per box) but still, it's hard to actually track down the gold parallel of a player you might actually collect *cough* Larkin *cough*.  At least our gold parallel is going to a claimed team - the Phillies did quite well in this pack!

Pack 8:
5.  Alex Rodriguez - Rangers
65.  Kevin Brown - Dodgers
59.  Josh Hamilton - Rays
90.  Quilvio Veras - Braves
72.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals

That's a good looking McGwire card!

Happy (early) Holidays everyone!

Group Break: Finding a Barry Larkin in Gold Label!

I've enjoyed the group break a lot thus far, but I have to say that I think this Gold Label box is currently shaping up to my favorite of the eight boxes in the break!  That's good though, since I like to save the "best" for last and this is it in terms of the break.

I have a full work week this week, but then next week I get Wednesday - Friday off.  My hope is to have all group break packages ready to be mailed no later than end of Thanksgiving break.  Before I can get there though, I need to finish posting the packs from the Gold Label box, so let's keep it going!

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 5:
102.  Tim Salmon - Angels
31.  Eric Munson - Tigers
14.  Bobby Higginson - Tigers
52.  Jim Edmonds - Cardinals
9.  Barry Larkin - Reds

Woo!  It's always a fun day when you get to pull a Barry Larkin from a pack of cards.  I admit that I was hoping to pull a parallel of Larkin (either gold or one of the Class 2 or Class 3 cards) but beggars cannot be choosers in this case!

Pack 6:
54.  John Olerud - Mariners
42.  J.T. Snow, Jr. - Giants

16.  Brian Giles - Pirates

49. Chan Ho Park - Dodgers
6.  Andrew Jones - Braves

Well, no parallels in either pack but we did hit a few different claimed teams in the group break (which is always nice)!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Group Break: I Love Me Some Gold Label

I love the Topps Gold Label brand - and so far this particular box hasn't disappointed at all (we've already found a Class 3 gold parallel #/299)!  Let's see what the next couple of packs brings us, shall we?

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 3:

73.  Mark Quinn - Royals
Class 2:  52.  Jim Edmonds - Cardinals

50.  Jermaine Dye - Royals
98.  Scott Rolen - Phillies

25.  David Segui - Orioles

The Class 2 parallels are seeded 1:4 packs according to baseballcardpedia.  Nice to see our first goes out to one of the claimed teams in the group break!

Pack 4:
69.  Steve Finley - Diamondbacks
35.  Garret Anderson - Angels
36.  Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
Class 2 Gold parallel:  40.  J.D. Drew - Cardinals (#075/699

12.  Bernie Williams - Yankees

The Cardinals made out well in both packs this time around!  The Class 2 Gold parallels are seeded 1:11 hobby packs.

I'll have more soon from the box! 

Group Break: Crackin' Open the Gold Label Box!

It's finally time to open up the last box of the group break:  2001 Topps Gold Label.

Personally, I love the Gold Label brand which is a big reason why I saved this box for last - I think it was the box that I was looking the most forward to breaking!

The box contains 24 packs with 5 cards per pack.  Like many shiny offerings, Gold Label has parallels out the wazoo.  There are Class I (common base), Class II, and Class III cards for each and every base card in the set.  There are also gold parallels of each Class I, II, and III card.  There are rookie cards that are short printed even more - and if we get really, really lucky there are 1-of-1 parallels too.

Sheesh.  That's a lot of stuff to keep track of - and did I mention that we ought to pull a hit in the box as well?  ...if you read one of my earlier posts I actually gave a hint about the hit where I said it is going to go to a claimed team that isn't one of my teams.  You'll have to stay tuned for that!

For now though, let's dig into the first couple of packs.

2001 Topps Gold Label:
Pack 1:

79.  Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox
81.  Paul Konerko - White Sox

53.  Jim Thome - Indians
101. Terrance Long - Ahtletics
28.  Edgardo Alfonzo - Mets
Paper checklist

For the purposes of the group break posts, I won't be mention the paper insert any more.  You can count on each pack having either the same paper checklist or a paper advertisement typical of Topps' products from that time period.  Neither are of any long term interest.  I also won't be typing out the "class" of the card if it is a Class I card (the regular "base" version).  I will be sure to mention any time we get something other than a base Class I card, however!

As for the cards themselves, I love them.  They are super shiny - and they simply look nice and classy.  I don't know that the '01 set is my all-time favorite Gold Label design, but I do know that I like the cards a lot.  I wouldn't mind having a complete set of this stuff for myself someday!

Pack 2:
58.  Jose Vidro - Expos

94.  Roberto Alomar - Indians
47.  Jeff Cirillo - Rockies

30.  Eric Karros - Dodgers
Class 3 Gold:  39.  Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers (#235/299)

The Class 3 Gold parallels are seeded 1:26 hobby packs making this better than a box hit!  That's a great start to the box - and hopefully everyone is excited to see what else we pull from the Gold Label box as we move forward in the break.  I'll have more from the box soon - enjoy the shiny everyone!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Group Break: The End of Topps Total - and this is Blog Post #6700 Here at Nachos Grande!

As the post title states, it is finally time to finish off the 2002 Topps Total group break box.  It's been a long time coming, but the end is finally here!

Also, as a side note:  this is post #6700 here at Nachos Grande.  If you asked me back when I began my blog, there is no way in a thousand years that I would have ever thought I'd make it 1,000 posts, let alone be this close to 7,000 posts!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 34:
683.  Adam Everett - Astros
854.  Raul Mondesi - Blue Jays
489.  Octavio Dotel - Astros
790.  Jim Edmonds - Cardinals
533.  Esteban Loaiza - Blue Jays
596.  Darryl Kile - Cardinals
45.  Tim Salmon - Angels
65.  Nick Johnson - Yankees
891.  Marcus Thames - Yankees
529.  John Rodriguez - Yankees

9 of 30.  Indians Checklist

Two packs left...

Pack 35:
696.  Kris Benson - Pirates
326.  Lyle Overbay - Diamondbacks
102.  Danny Graves - Reds
463.  Matt Williams - Diamondbacks
518.  Doug Nickle - Phillies
269.  Marlon Anderson - Phillies
Topps Total:  TT24.  Tim Hudson - Athletics

508.  Matt LaCroy - Twins
398.  Matt Perisho - Tigers
89.  Jeff Suppan - Royals
Checklist 3 of 6

And the last pack...

Pack 36:
4.  Vladimir Guerrero - Expos

404.  Paul Lo Duca - Dodgers
424.  Richie Sexson - Brewers
912.  David Riske - Indians
967.  Rod Beck - Red Sox
53.  Alex Escobar - Indians
945.  Jerry Hairston, Jr. - Orioles
466.  Felipe Lopez - Blue Jays
865.  So Taguchi - Cardinals
750.  Steve Reed - Padres

557.  Alex Ocha - Brewers
8 of 30.  Reds Checklist

And that does it - we made it to the end of the Topps Total box!  It's been a long, wild ride but it's all over now.  ...well, not entirely over since there is still one more full box of cards to include in the break - 2001 Topps Gold Label.  I'll probably start posting packs from that box this weekend...and then when that is done I've got a lot of card packing to do!

Group Break: We Will Finish Topps Total Today!

Let it be known now, it is my goal to complete the 2002 Topps Total pack posts today!  We have six packs remaining - that's 60 more cards to type up from the set and then I'll finally be done posting about Total.  I've loved having the box as part of the group break but I can't say that I loved all the typing that the inclusion of the box entailed.

Here's half of what remains:

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 31:
166.  Mike Matheny - Cardinals
440.  Preston Wilson - Marlins

606.  Lance Davis - Reds
669.  Shawn Chacon - Rockies
505.  Reggie Sanders - Giants
624.  David Eckstein - Angels
768.  Livan Hernandez - Giants
205.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
814.  Wascar Serrano - Mariners
550.  Ryan Anderson - Mariners
Checklist 4 of 6

Pack 32:
929.  B.J. Surhoff - Braves
553.  Kevin Tapani - Cubs
983.  Nic Jackson - Cubs
613.  Wiki Gonzalez - Padres
61.  Mike Bynum - Padres
218.  J.J. Trujillo - Padres
Topps Total:  TT11.  Cliff Floyd - Marlins

387.  Bobby Higginson - Tigers
738.  Michael Restovich - Twins
728.  Wendell Magee - Tigers
11 of 30:  Tigers Checklist

Not a lot of team variation in that pack.

Pack 33:
5.  Mike Piazza - Mets
639.  Curtis Leskanic - Brewers
121.  Bob Scanlan - Expos
18.  Kyle Kane - White Sox
251.  Ugueth Urbina - Red Sox
451.  Jake Westbrook - Indians
Award Winner:  AW24.  Ruben Sierra - Rangers

730.  Mario Ramos - Rangers
878.  Ismael Valdes - Rangers
580.  Joe Orloski - Blue Jays
10 of 30.  Rockies Checklist

One more set of three packs and the box is finished - stay tuned for that coming up late today (if all goes well)!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Group Break: More Topps Total

Earlier this afternoon, I busted the final box of cards for the current group break (2001 Topps Gold Label) on video.  I'll have the results of that box posted to the blog eventually (in pack form, as always) but I will tease you all a bit by saying that we did find a hit in the box - and it is going to a claimed team (not one of my claimed teams either).  Who got that?  You'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out since I still need to clear out the rest of the 2002 Topps Total box.

Let's keep on going!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 28:
278.  Pablo Ozuna - Marlins
620.  Tim Redding - Astros
448.  Shawn Wooten - Angels
507.  Jim Mann - Astros
876.  John Lackey - Angels
535.  Matt Morris - Cardinals
772.  Nelson Castro - Giants

290.  Eric Chavez - Athletics
585.  Chris Tritle - Athletics
788.  Greg Myers - Athletics
Checklist 5 of 6

Three Athletics cards in a row to close out that pack.

Pack 29:
473.  Cole Barthel - Braves
594.  John Koronka - Reds
697.  Bret Prinz - Diamondbacks
368.  Brian Giles - Pirates
191.  Wilson Guzman - Pirates
288.  Scott Rolen - Phillies
Topps Total:  TT7.  Kevin Brown - Dodgers

668.  Mike Maroth - Tigers
477.  Denny Hocking - Twins
441.  Mike MacDougal - Royals
Checklist 2 of 6

Pack 30:
231.  Randy Knorr - Expos
572.  Jeffrey Hammonds - Brewers
499.  Eric Gagne - Dodgers
833.  Henry Pichardo - Indians
692.  Chuck Finley - Indians
148.  Jorge Julio - Orioles
Total Production:  TP9.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs

430.  Brian L. Hunter - Astros
272.  Jimmy Haynes - Reds
277.  Dustin Hermanson - Red Sox

12 of 30.  Marlins Checklist

That does it for that batch.  Only six packs remain in the Topps Total box and then it'll be on to the Gold Label box to finish off the break.

Group Break: Do Base Cards Even Matter to You?

While I do think that most people are happy to have the Topps Total cards in the group break, it's become rather clear from my blog views since I started the Total box that many people don't actually seem to care much about the pack breaks themselves.  In fact, the Topps Total post views are down almost 50% as compared to the pack posts for any of the other boxes.

I don't have anything necessarily to add to the above facts other than I saw the numbers and thought that they were worth mentioning.  I guess the casual blog reader is interested in potential hits and/or rare inserts - neither of which exist in any form in the Topps Total set!

I'm always interested in hearing your thoughts on things, so tell me:  Are base card products worthless to blog about in general?  Is this really a hit/insert driven hobby these days?

One thing that isn't hit driven is Topps Total, so let's get back to some more glorious base cards - and hopefully I can finish this box off soon so that I don't drive away all my other blog readers!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 25:
48.  Joe Davenport - Rockies
204.  Terry Shumpert - Rockies
982.  Brian Reith - Reds
985.  Jason Isringhausen - Cardinals

309.  Mike Bordick - Orioles
14.  Tino Martinez - Cardinals
636.  Tim Worrell - Giants
116.  Mark Ellis - Athletics
410.  John Suomi - Athletics
921.  Jeff Nelson - Mariners
14 of 30:  Royals Checklist

Pack 26:
916.  Eddie Perez - Braves
420.  Andruw Jones - Braves
723.  Alex Cintron - Diamondbacks
393.  Ryan Vogelsong - Pirates
346.  Mark Phillips - Padres
6.  Brandon Duckworth - Phillies
Topps Total:  TT49.  Bernie Williams - Yankees

766.  Roberto Hernandez - Royals
329.  Pablo Arias - Tigers
662.  Chuck Knoblauch - Royals
Checklist 1 of 6

Pack 27:
484.  Raymond Cabrera - Orioles
222.  Mike Thurman - Expos
867.  Mike Trombley - Dodgers
153.  Armando Benitez - Mets
804.  Jim Thome - Indians
859.  John Burkett - Red Sox
Award Winner:  AW13.  Jorge Posada - Yankees

75.  Chris Baker - Blue Jays
235.  Jeremy Fikac - Padres
892.  Adam Walker - Mets
13 of 30:  Astros Checklist

Well, that does it for the third quarter of the Topps Total box.  Amazingly, we still have another 9 packs to go before the box is completed - plenty more cards to get through yet!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Group Break: The Topps Total Train Keeps on Truckin'

I've been trying to stay two days ahead in terms of writing posts but I have to admit that I've fallen behind on that goal.  So much so that I have very little time for this post - but I figured even a pack or two tonight is better than nothing, so here goes!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 23:
632.  Jose Macias - Tigers
103.  Brandon Berger - Royals
811.  J.C. Romero - Twins
Topps Total:  TT35.  Mike Piazza - Mets

92.  Tyler Yates - Mets
423.  Kevin Young - Pirates
307.  Tomas Perez - Phillies
682.  Jason Bere - Cubs
578.  David Dellucci - Diamondbacks
494.  Jung Bong - Braves
15 of 30.  Dodgers Checklist

Pack 24:
31.  Brent Cookson - Dodgers
41.  Tony Armas - Expos
429.  Nick Alvarez - Dodgers
488.  Wilfredo Cordero - Indians
621.  John Parrish - Orioles
605.  Keith Foulke - White Sox

27.  Jose Offerman - Red Sox
783.  John Rocker - Rangers
63.  Brandon Backe - Rays
354.  Reed Johnson - Blue Jays
Checklist 4 of 6

In a normal box, we'd be done after 24 packs but with 2002 Topps Total we are actually only two-thirds of the way through!  I know this post was a bit shorter than usual but it's all I have time for expect more in the upcoming days!

Group Break: Heading into the Second Half of the Topps Total Box

We've made it to the second half of the gigantic box of 2002 Topps Total.  Let's see what other middle relievers and backup catchers we can add to the team stacks (and I mean that with sincerity and joy)!

Pack 19:
87.  Jose Ortiz - Rockies
165.  Joaquin Benoit - Rangers
947.  Antonio Alfonseca - Cubs
202.  Ben Weber - Angels
962.  Adam Roller - Yankees

298.  Sidney Ponson - Orioles
182.  Clint Weibl - Cardinals
82.  Clint Nageotte - Mariners
443.  Bob Howry - White Sox
49.  Adrian Hernandez - Yankees
18 of 30:  Expos Checklist

That Roller was my favorite image of the pack - not bad for a guy I've never heard of.

Pack 20:
586.  Michael Cuddyer - Twins
349.  Danny Patterson - Tigers
107.  Brad Thomas - Twins
Topps Total:  TT25.  Derek Jeter - Yankees

268.  Mike Willaims - Pirates
715.  Dennis Tankersley - Padres
524.  Vance Wilson - Mets
637.  Billy Martin - Diamondbacks
91.  Juan Encarnacion - Reds
933.  Jon Lieber - Cubs
Checklist 1 of 6

A nice looking Jeter insert (the cards scan like crap but they look pretty good in person, you'll have to trust me on that I guess until you get the cards in hand)!

Pack 21:
74.  Jace Brewer - Rays
327.  Ben Sheets - Brewers
974.  Ryan Minor - Expos
436.  Rich Rodriguez - Indians
871.  Brian Roberts - Orioles
306.  Tony Clark - Red Sox
Award Winners:  AW4.  Ichiro - Mariners

744.  Marlyn Tisdale - Reds
127.  Alan Benes - Cubs
285.  Chan Ho Park - Rangers
17 of 30.  Twins Checklist

That's our second Ichiro insert from the box (both different cards luckily).

Pack 22:
906.  Jeff DaVanon - Angels
447.  Jose Vizcaino - Astros
776.  Seth Etherton - Reds
706.  Ross Gload - Rockies
99.  Felix Rodriguez - Giants
242.  Troy Percival - Angels
408.  Cody Ransom - Giants

687.  Willie Bloomquist - Mariners
674.  Ryan Franklin - Mariners
791.  Olmedo Saenz - Athletics
16 of 30.  Brewers Checklist

That Ransom card is kind of neat since it shows Cody in a Team USA jersey.

Still quite a few more packs to go (which is good because we still haven't found the Barry Larkin card in this set - even if I do already own a copy of it).

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Group Break: The Conclusion of Topps Total Tuesday

It's still Tuesday which means it is Topps Total Tuesday (for one week only, enjoy)!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 15:

457.  Gustavo Chacin - Blue Jays
480.  Ryan Ludwick - Rangers
850.  Tim Spooneybarger - Braves
Total Production:  TP8.  Vladimir Guerrero - Expos

727.  B.J. Ryan - Orioles
348.  Joe Oliver - Red Sox
471.  Matt Ginter - White Sox
227.  Lee Stevens - Expos
395.  Eric Karros - Dodgers
585.  Geoff Blum - Astros
5 of 30:  Red Sox Checklist

Nice to see the Nationals/Expos slot get a sweet insert card.

Pack 16:
781.  Richard Hidalgo - Astros
128.  Mark Little - Rockies
317.  Fred Bastardo - Marlins
345.  Buddy Groom - Orioles
291.  Scot Shields - Angels
496.  Jason Schmidt - Giants
530.  David Segui - Orioles
225.  Ray Durham - White Sox
950.  Nick Bierbrodt - Rays
194.  Luis Sojo - Yankees
Checklist 2 of 6

I'm going to save myself a bit of time and skip scanning a card from that pack.

Pack 17:
44. Dmitri Young - Tigers
584.  Jeremy Affedlt - Royals
709.  Seth Greisinger - Tigers
Topps Total:  TT6.  Bret Boone - Mariners

558.  D'Angelo Jimenez - Padres
236.  Travis Lee - Phillies
626.  Joe Beimel - Pirates
666  Byung-Hyn Kim - Diamondbacks
461.  Derrick Lewis - Braves
903.  Scott MacRae - Reds
4 of 30.  Orioles Checklist

Pack 18:
485.  Brandon Lyon - Blue Jays
133.  Pedro Borbon - Blue Jays
975.  Carlos Valderrama - Giants
Award Winner:  AW14.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners

552.  Marty Cordova - Orioles
886.  Dernell Stenson - Red Sox
763.  Paul Konerko - White Sox
131.  Guillermo Mota - Expos
931.  Ricardo Rodriguez - Dodgers
618.  Paul Rigdon - Brewers
3 of 30.  Braves Checklist

And with that we made it through half of the Topps Total box!  More from the box soon.

Group Break: Time for Topps Total Tuesday!

It's Topps Total Tuesday!

Pack 10:
808.  Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
700.  Mike Hampton - Rockies

708.  Chris Piersoll - Reds
716.  Kelvim Escobar - Blue Jays
872.  Mike Timlin - Cardinals
523.  Chris Carpenter - Blue Jays
482.  Aaron Sele - Angels
422.  Jeff Liefer - White Sox
532.  Gil Heredia - Athletics
827.  Chris Snelling - Mariners
Checklist 6 of 6

That was a Blue Jays heavy pack for sure!

Pack 11:
111.  Scott Williamson - Reds
960.  Hee Seop Choi - Cubs
362.  Kenny Rogers - Rangers
905  Dicky Gonzalez - Mets
232.  Abraham Nunez - Pirates
338.  Jose Nunez - Padres
Topps Total:  TT36.  Albert Pujols - Cardinals

953.  Luis Rivas - Twins
426.  Shane Halter - Tigers
643.  Juan Rincon - Twins
Checklist 3 of 6

Always nice to get an insert for a claimed team.  The Cardinals have had a couple of nice inserts in the break thus far.

Pack 12:
73.  Tyler Houston - Brewers
196.  Charles Thomas - Dodgers
174.  Jason Bay - Mets
610.  Johnny Damon - Red Sox
169.  Brook Fordyce - Orioles
704.  Eddie Taubensee - Indians
Award Winner:  AW5.  Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks

685.  Brandon Puffer - Astros
315.  Luke Hudson - Reds
7 of 30.  White Sox Checklist

It seems weird to be scanning the inserts for a set that is all about the base cards...

Pack 13:
890.  Morgan Ensberg - Astros

812.  Chris Truby - Expos
911.  Mark Hamilton - Astros
846.  Garret Anderson - Angels
391.  Andy Benes - Cardinals
519.  Ramon Ortiz - Angels
975.  J.T. Snow - Giants
678.  Eric Byrnes - Ahtletics
115.  Ben Grieve - Rays
623.  Todd Greene - Yankees
Checklist 5 of 6

That was four packs and a ton of typing...and yet, I think I have enough energy to get through one more pack this morning.

Pack 14:
844.  Jay Bell - Diamondbacks
719.  Vinny Castilla - Braves
579.  Alex Gonzalez - Cubs

197.  Ricky Bottalico - Phillies
396.  Bobby J. Jones - Padres
419.  Jay Payton - Mets
Topps Total:  TT48.  Larry Walker - Rockies

292.  Donnie Sadler - Royals
598.  Torii Hunter - Twins
902.  Carlos Febles - Royals

6 of 30.  Cubs Checklist

A nice pack for the Cubs, Royals, and Rockies in particular.

That'll do for now. I need to go ice my fingers before they start cramping up (okay, it's not that bad, but still)!