Saturday, October 31, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Stadium Club - Packs 3 & 4 (Trick-or-Treat!)

I'm expecting a bunch of kids dressed up to be showing up at my house by the time this post goes live on my blog.  You know, Trick-or-Treating and all.  I also expect way too many teenagers to also show up expecting candy!  I had considered making baseball card "packs" to give out but in the end I simply didn't have the time or ambition to do such things.

While I'm handing out treats to the local kids, let's see if we can out some treats to some group break participants as well!  Here are the next two packs out of the 2015 Stadium Club box.

Pack 3:

Anthony Rendon - Nationals
Bartolo Colon - Mets
Alfredo Simon - Tigers

Carlos Santana - Indians
Bryce Harper - Nationals
Ernie Banks - Cubs
Nelson Cruz - Mariners
Black parallel:  Prince Fielder - Rangers

The Black parallels are seeded 1:8 packs which means we should get two per box.  The Rangers were claimed by B Man this time around so a big 'ol congrats to him for landing this big 'ol Prince card!

Pack 4:

Jackie Robinson - Dodgers

Buck Farmer - Tigers
Jonathan Lucroy - Brewers
Chris Sabo - Reds
C.J. Wilson - Angels
Masahiro Tanaka - Yankees

Manny Machado - Orioles
Gold parallel:  Lenny Harris - Reds

I land my first parallel of the box - plus the awesome card of Chris "Spuds" Sabo!  I think the real highlight of the pack though has to be the Jackie Robinson card...simply gorgeous!

Enjoy your treats tonight (and stay safe)!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Stadium Club - Packs 1 & 2 (There's Gold in Them Packs!)

Out of all the boxes in my final group break of 2015, I think I was most looking forward to opening up the Topps Tek and the 2015 Topps Stadium Club boxes.  I didn't buy a single pack, blaster, or box of 2015 Stadium Club despite loving pretty much every card I saw featured on everyone's blog.  I guess it was more a matter of trying to keep my collection in check (plus I still have way too many unfinished sets to add on yet another)!

That said, this box of Stadium Club didn't disappoint.  We get two autographs plus an insert or parallel in every pack.  Let's get it going with the first two packs, shall we?

Pack 1:
Bo Jackson - Royals

David Cone - Yankees
Brooks Robinson - Orioles
Andy Van Slyke - Pirates
Greg Maddux - Braves
Lou Brock - Cardinals
Luis Aparicio - White Sox

Gold Parallel:  Alex Rodriguez - Yankees

The Gold Parallels are seeded 1:3 packs making them the most common of any of the parallels.  I suppose starting off with A-Rod is alright when it comes to player selection for the parallel!  As for the rest of the pack, I liked most of the images (though I could do without the Maddux playing golf feels too much like an Upper Deck card where they can't use logos).

Pack 2:
Jay Bruce - Reds

Jorge Soler - Cubs
Travis Ishikawa - Giants
Joe Mauer - Twins
Mickey Tettleton - Tigers
Carlos Ruiz - Phillies

Cole Hamels - Phillies
Gold Parallel:  Dennis Eckersley - Athletics

Two packs, two gold parallels.  We should get between 5 and 6 such parallels in the box since they are seeded 1:3 packs and the box comes with 16 packs.  In terms of the base card images, I LOVE the Bruce card but the rest of the images weren't anything special.  I chose to add in a scan of the Ruiz only because I like cards of catchers in their gear.

I hope to get back on track with plenty of group break posts over the next few days - and what better way to shake my funk than to bust a bunch of gorgeous cardboard?!  Congrats to everyone who got a nice card in this round...and with another 14 packs remaining (including two autos) who knows what will happen!?

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Letter to My Fans.

Hi all,

I am sure that you came back to my blog with the hopes of seeing more group break goodies.

Unfortunately, the past three weeks have been a bear and I ended up running out of "previously recorded videos" and/or "previously scanned cards" for the group break.  I actually do have one more video that I have recorded (more bonus packs) but I never got the chance to upload it to YouTube before heading off to work today (Friday).

The good news is that I managed to get my work life all sorted out this week.  I know that I had sort of hinted at some work issues in a post or video (or more) but that was because it was the one topic that was occupying all of my brain.  Now I can (pretty much) say that things are back to being settled in a way that makes me satisfied!  About three weeks ago, I was ready to give my place of employment my two week notice due to how I felt I was being treated (and a variety of issues that I won't go into on the blog).  Instead, the higher ups got together, heard my grievances, and then made things right as of a day or so ago.  I think I spent the last two weeks in a constant state of stress (because quitting my job meant having to find a new ASAP) and then I had the stress of the current job as well.  Happily, that should all be behind me starting in January when my new contract begins!

Thus, I should get back on the blogging horse tomorrow and we'll get the group break going at a proper clip again!

Thanks for your patience (and go Royals)!


Group Break: Two Bonus Packs, 44 Bonus Cards, 2 Sticks of Gum

My final group break of 2015 is doing well so far.  We've busted the 2015 Chrome and 2015 Heritage High Number boxes and yet we still have 2015 Tek, 2015 Stadium Club, and 2014 Stadium Club to go.  We also have a box of Prizm, a blaster of 2013 Chrome, and a blaster of Cooperstown cards too.  In addition, we have a bunch of random bonus packs to round out the fun.  Today's post focuses on two of the bonus packs - a pair of rack packs from 2008 Topps.

I won't be typing up all 44 cards, but I did read off every single card in this pack rip video.  So, if you are really dying to see if you landed a particular card from 2008 Topps, give the video a watch.

For everyone else, here are the highlights of the packs (in my humble opinion of course).

For the Phillies, a nice combo card featuring Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.  

Chase's name has been drug through the mud thanks to his playoff escapades but back in 2008 these two guys were the future for the Phillies (and the future looked very bright at that time).  In hindsight, all the Phillies really managed to every accomplish was knocking my Reds out of the playoffs in a clean sweep.  

Yes, I'm bitter.  Still.

Moving on.  

How about a card that I'm not bitter about - Ichiro!

This is a Topps' Ichiro card from before Topps couldn't put Ichiro in cards (and now Topps can put Ichiro back in card sets).  Sure, it's confusing but it's still a nice card.

And finally, one of the few cards showing any action whatsoever.

I think my major dislike of the 2008 Topps set is how freaking boring the photos are.  Even so, I will admit that a pair of 22 card packs does make for some nice filler stuff in a group break!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 22 - 24 (The End - And the Auto Goes To....)

Since we haven't yet spoiled the lone hit of the box, you might want to watch the full video reveal before scrolling down.

How about that?

The Topps Heritage High Number box promises up a single hit - and by the time I got to pack #24, I was thinking that we got screwed out of our hit.  But no, we didn't!  And it was even an autograph (which is much, much rarer in Heritage than the dime-a-dozen relics).  Pretty cool stuff.

And now to the scans.

Pack 22:

Jimmy Nelson - Brewers
Ryan Madson - Royals
David Phelps - Marlins
A.J. Cole - Nationals
Odrisamer Despaigne - Padre
Slade Heathcott - Yankees
Ryan Flaherty - Orioles
Billy Burns - Athletics
Award Winners:  AW-1.  Mike Trout - Angels

The Angels rack up another insert/short print/variation card - their fourth of the break already!

Pack 23:

Ross Detwiler - Rangers
Eric Sogard - Athletics
Asher Wojciechowski - Astros
Will Venable - Padres
Shane Victorino - Red Sox
Alex Torres - Mets
Tyler Moore - Nationals
A.J. Ramos - Marlins
Short Print:  716.  Devon Travis - Blue Jays

As a bit of a spoiler, this isn't the best Blue Jays card that you'll see in this post...

Pack 24:

Eric Young Jr. - Braves
Mark Canha - Athletics
Marco Gonzales - Cardinals
Jason Marquis - Reds
Christian Bethancourt - Braves
Anthony Gose - Tigers
Marlon Byrd - Reds
Mikie Mahtook - Rays
Real One Autograph:  ROAH-DP.  Dalton Pompey - Blue Jays

A huge congrats goes out to RAZ with the Blue Jays in the group break!  The on-card autograph is gorgeous (even if Pompey did sign seemingly hundreds of thousands of autographs for different Topps products this year).  I will say this is a fun way to end the series of posts detailing the Topps Heritage box...and even better that it happened to be in the final pack that I opened out of the box!

I still have plenty more group break goodies to get to - as of the time I am writing this post I'm now all caught up on writing posts and scanning cards for things that I've opened (which means it is now time for me to open more stuff up on video to keep the group break train rolling)!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 19 - 21 (Cubs Collection)

Only six packs remain in the 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers box - and for that I am grateful seeing as how each pack holds 9 cards.  I hope to finish off the posts for the High Numbers box today and then we'll move on to our next box in the break!  I also need to keep working in some of the bonus packs...I'll do more of those soon too!

Before I get to that though, we need to keep plowing through the Heritage box.  We still haven't found our hit...will this be the lucky post?

Pack 19:

Rickie Weeks - Mariners
Joe Smith - Angels
Yangervis Solarte - Padres
Eddie Rosario - Twins
Mason Williams - Yankees
Taylor Jungmann - Brewers
Ubaldo Jimenez - Orioles
Cameron Maybin - Braves
Short Print:  715.  Dexter Fowler - Cubs

The Cubs' run of good luck continues with this pack!  This is the fourth insert/short print/variation for the Cubs in the break and we've hardly even begun!

Pack 20:

Ervin Santana - Twins
Kevin Pillar - Blue Jays
Casey McGehee - Marlins
Tommy Milone - Twins
Casey Janssen - Nationals
Jesse Chavez - Athletics
Nick Ahmed - Diamondbacks
Justin Maxwell - Giants
Short Print:  722.  Craig Kimbrell - Padres

Two packs, two short prints!  That's what Heritage collectors dream about, isn't it?

Pack 21:

Ike Davis - Athletics
Daniel Descalso - Rockies
Jake Marisnick - Astros
Brandon Guyer - Rays
Archie Bradley - Diamondbacks
Sean Gilmartin - Mets
Asdrubal Cabrera - Rays
Tony Cingrani - Reds
Combo Card:  CC-9.  Kris Bryant & Addison Russell - Cubs

I have a feeling this will be a much coveted card for all Cubs collectors!  Two of the Cubs' young stars on a card - quite a nice image as well (though it is too bad the stands are virtually empty).  Someone with more time and ambition than I have can probably figure out what stadium that photograph was taken in.  I'll await the answer in the comments!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 16 - 18 (World Series Fever!)

I'm writing this post the day before the World Series begins...but I can assure you that these packs will have a definite World Series feel to it.  Prepare for some Mets and Royals!

Pack 16:

Steven Matz - Mets
Sean Rodriguez - Pirates
Vincent Velasquez - Astros
John Ryan Murphy - Yankees
Brad Boxberger - Rays
Eddie Butler - Rockies
Paulo Orlando - Royals
Jed Lowrie - Astros
Award Winners:  AW-6.  Jacob deGrom - Mets

The Award Winners are seeded a standard 1:8 packs like most of the other "regular" inserts in the set.  I think this was a pretty darn good pack for Keith as he landed a Mets base plus the Award Winner insert.

Pack 17:

Corey Hart - Pirates
Joey Gallo - Rangers
Mike Fiers - Brewers
Collin Cowgill - Angels
Garrett Jones - Yankees
Rafael Betancourt - Rockies
Brett Cecil - Blue Jays
Jeurys Familia - Mets
Now and Then:  NT-10.  Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals

I think it took me half the box before I realized that the insert set is called "Now and Then" this time around rather than the usual "Then and Now" for Heritage.  I guess that's why the format changed!

Pack 18:

Norichika Aoki - Giants
Jordan Schafer - Twins
Jason Grilli - Braves
Justin Masterson - Red Sox
Yunel Escobar - Nationals
Justin Bour - Marlins
Aaron Harang - Phillies
Williams Perez - Braves
Rookie Performers:  RP-12.  Noah Syndergaard - Mets

Yep, two of the three packs had a Mets' insert in 'em!  Is that a sign that the Mets are going to dominate this year...or is it a way to appease the Mets' fans given the Royals dominance?  I have no idea since the World Series won't begin until tomorrow (from when I'm typing this).  Either way, it should be fun...especially since there are no Cardinals or Giants in the World Series for the first time in what feels like forever!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 13 - 15

I'm back with another trio of 2015 Topps Heritage High Number packs.  We still haven't found the one promised hit from the box (though we have found a few rare cards which is nice).  Let's see what the next three packs bring us.

Pack 13:

Tyler Olson - Mariners
Micah Johnson - White Sox
Hansel Robles - Mets
Tyler Flowers - White Sox
Francisco Cervelli - Pirates
Chi Chi Gonzalez - Rangers
Delino DeShields Jr. - Rangers
Leonel Campos - Padres
Combo Card:  CC-2.  Josh Donaldson & Jose Bautista - Blue Jays

That Combo Card is awfully nice for a Blue Jays' collector!  I'm fairly certain RAZ will be happy to have that one.

Pack 14:

Jose Urena - Marlins
Alex Rios - Royals
Nick Martinez - Rangers
Marcus Semien - Athletics
Bobby Parnell - Mets
Jack Lethersich - Mets
Alexi Amarista - Padres
Lance McCullers Jr. - Astros
Now & Then:  NT-4.  Mike Trout - Angels

Two packs, two inserts.  Not bad.  Let's post the third pack too - can we go three-for-three with inserts?

Pack 15:

Tuffy Gosewisch - Diamondbacks
A.J. Burnett - Pirates
Roberto Hernandez - Astros
Jordan Lyles - Rockies
Will Middlebrooks - Padres
Rene Rivera - Rays
Mike Olt - Cubs
Short Print:  713.  Raisel Iglesias - Reds

Chrome Refractor:  702.  Justin Upton - Padres #556/566

A pair of great cards to end the post!  I'm happy to get the short print and I'm sure David is happy to get that one since he claimed the Padres!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 10 - 12

Yesterday, I ripped the first 9 packs of the 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers group break box and posted all of the contents on the blog.  Let's keep the momentum going with the next three packs from the same box, shall we?

Pack 10:

Delmon Young - Orioles
Trevor Cahill - Dodgers
Angel Nesbitt - Tigers
Ruben Tejada - Mets
Justin Smoak - Blue Jays
Carlos Sanchez - White Sox
Luis Valbuena - Astros
Chrome parallel:  674.  Eddie Rosario - Twins #672/999

Short print:  720.  Austin Hedges - Padres

Pack 10 was very good to us.  We got another short print and our second chrome parallel of the box.  Not a bad start to a Wednesday morning.

Pack 11:

Brayan Pena - Reds
Matt Joyce - Angels
Johnny Giavotella - Angels
Seth Smith - Mariners
A.J. Pierzynski - Braves
Michael Blazek - Brewers
T.J. House - Indians
David DeJesus - Rays
Short Print:  718.  Addison Russell - Cubs

Another short print!  This pack was also notable for having both a Mariner and a Brewer card...those are the two teams currently battling for "worst in group break honors" and the 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter set that goes with that so-called honor.

Pack 12:

Matt Wisler - Braves
Mike Pelfrey - Twins
Tyler Clippard - Athletics
Luke Gregerson - Astros
Anthony Ranaudo - Rangers
Anthony DeScalfani - Reds
Stephen Drew - Yankees
Eric Campbell - Mets
Action Variation:  708.  Max Scherzer - Nationals

Our second Action Variation of the break!  At 1:22 packs, we did well on that front!  Congrats to Josh who claimed the Nats.

That's the first half of the Heritage box complete.  We still haven't found our one promised hit...what could it be?!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 7 - 9

This is the third group break post of the day - what more could you ask for on the day that the World Series is going to begin?  Well, I guess you could ask for the Reds to be in the World Series but then you'd be called a crazy person.

No one wants that.

What people do want is cards.  So let's rip some more packs of the 2015 Topps Heritage High Number box.

Pack 7:

Jordy Mercer - Pirates
Carlos Correa - Astros
Brandon Morrow - Padres
Jacob Lindgren - Yankees
Nathan Eovaldi - Yankees
Pat Venditte - Athletics
Austin Adams - Indians
Sergio Romo - Giants
705.  Yasmany Tomas - Diamondbacks (SP)

Our second short print of the box.  The High Numbers set only has 25 short prints which is good for set collectors I guess.  Of course, the ratio of base to short prints still means you'll get about three full base sets before you complete your short print set.

Pack 8:

Desmond Jennings - Rays
Everth Cabrera - Orioles
Tommy Pham - Cardinals
Colby Rasmus - Astros
Travis Snider - Orioles
Kyle Blanks - Rangers
Robinson Chirinos - Rangers
Chrsitian Walker - Orioles
Chrome parallel:  704.  Ben Zobrist - Athletics #131/999

The Athletics get on the board with a nice chrome parallel card numbered out of 999.  The chrome cards are seeded 1:17 packs so we do have an outside shot at getting a second chrome card in the box.
Pack 9:

John Jaso - Rays
Taylor Featherston - Angels
Yasmani Grandal - Dodgers
Orlando Calixte - Royals
David Ross - Cubs
Kelly Johnson - Braves
Dan Uggla - Nationals
Evan Scribner - Athletics
Award Winners:  AW-5.  Jose Abreu - White Sox

The Award Winners are seeded 1:8 packs - so congrats to JediJeff for that Abreu.  I have a feeling he'll be happy with that one!

Nine packs down - and with 9 cards per pack that is no small feat for a single day!  Now go enjoy the World Series...the next group break post probably won't happen until tomorrow.

One more thing:  Some people might be wondering who is currently in the running for the 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter complete set.  Remember that the worst team slot gets the being really bad is still good in this break!

Our current leaders for the set?  The Mariners (2 cards total) and the Brewers (also 2 cards but one was a parallel).  Thus, our current "leader" is Junior Junkie with his Mariners.  Of course, there are a ton of group break packs yet to open so anything can happen!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Packs 4 - 6

What's this, the second group break post of the day and it is barely noon?!

Yes my friends, I am working on trying to get more group break posts written and up for the masses to enjoy!  As of this morning, we have just begun our journey into the 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers box.  We found a couple of inserts, an action variation, and a short print in the morning packs.  How about for the lunch time packs?

Pack 4:

Michael Lorenzen - Reds
David Buchanan - Phillies
Eduardo Rodriguez - Red Sox
Justin Nicolino - Marlins
Jerome Williams - Phillies
Tim Beckham - Rays
Danny Muno - Mets
Grant Balfour - Rays
Rookie Performers:  RP-13.  Yasmany Tomas

A nice card for the Diamondbacks - Tomas definitely has the stuff to become a star (or so I hear...I don't actually watch the Diamondbacks purposely).

Pack 5:

Leonys Martin - Rangers
Alex Guerrero - Dodgers
Melvin Upton Jr. - Padres
Shane Greene - Tigers
Nick Franklin - Rays
Jose Ramirez - Indians
Chris Capuano - Yankees
Matt Den Dekker - Nationals
Gum Damage Variation:  698.  John Jason - Rays

The Gum Damage Variation cards are seeded a rather tough 1:43 packs!  I'm not sure calling them "gum damaged" is a great idea, but then again I'm not in Topps' marketing department so what do I know?  You have to be careful when looking for the gum damage cards...the little code number at the bottom of the card ends in a 79 in this case (which is one of two options for an ending number on all the base cards).  If you aren't careful, you'll miss this fairly rare variation!

Pack 6:

Zach McAllister - Indians
Gordon Beckham - White Sox
Rubby De La Rosa - Diamondbacks
Pedro Strop - Cubs
Jimmy Paredes - Orioles
Adam Warren - Yankees
Mark Reynolds - Cardinals
Roberto Osuna - Blue Jays
Combo Card:  CC-7.  Eric Hosmer & Alex Gordon - Royals

The Combo Cards are seeded 1:8 packs - and this one happens to be a great card to pull on a Tuesday (the day the World Series starts starring these very Royals)!  Could this be a sign for the Royals?  Only time will tell.

And there you have it, another three packs down!  The Heritage cards take a long time to write up because of all the variations (and because of how subtle most of the variations are).  That said, I think the variations do add quite a bit of value (and intrigue) to a group break so I'm not complaining!

I'll have more soon, stay tuned!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers: Box Topper & Packs 1 - 3

Alright, alright - let's get ripping our second box of the group break:  2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers.  I will say that I actually ripped this box a couple of days (on video which I'll post later) I happen to know what we'll get but I'll try to keep the fun going as long as possible!

To start us off, we begin with the box topper.

We ended up with a Rockie (Descalso), an Athletic (Davis), and an Angel (Cowgill).  Not a lot of big names in that trio, is there?  This one gets randomized among the three featured teams at the end of the break - so congrats to one of you (I guess...the advertising panels have ran their course if you ask me).

Now to the good stuff - the packs!

Pack 1:

Martin Prado - Marlins
Emilio Bonifacio - White Sox
DJ LeMahieu - Rockies
James Shields - Padres
Alex Meyer - Twins
Dixon Machado - Tigers
Logan Forsythe - Rays
706.  Ichiro - Marlins  (Action Image Variation)

723.  Yovani Gallardo (SP)

The Action Image variations are seeded 1:22 packs making that Ichiro an almost box hit!  Congrats are in order for the Marlins on that one (and by extension defgav)!  The Gallardo is a short print (seeded 1:3 packs).  I use the code on the backside of the card to make sure I have everything right - short prints end in 89 for example.

Pack 2:

Jace Peterson - Braves
Gregorio Petit - Yankees
Freddy Galvis - Phillies
Wilmer Difo - Nationals
Kevin Plawecki - Mets
Jonny Gomes - Braves
J.T. Realmuto - Marlins
Ryan Rua - Rangers
Rookie Performers:  RP-1.  Jorge Soler - Cubs

The Cubs are a great choice for group breaks involving 2015 products.  So many young Cubs stars!  The Rookie Performers are seeded 1:8 packs so we should get another two before all is said and done.

Pack 3:

Wil Myers - Padres
Nate Karns - Rays
Drew Pomeranz - Athletics
Nick Hundley - Rockies
Tim Cooney - Cardinals
Odubel Herrara - Phillies
Shawn Tolleson - Rangers
Mitch Moreland - Rangers
Now and Then:  TN-13.  Yasmani Grandal - Dodgers

The Then & Now cards still feature information about a modern feat and a historic feat.  Only now you get a single featured player on the front of the card.  I think that takes away from the theme slightly...but as a group break host it makes for a MUCH easier job for me as I no longer have to constantly randomize the Then & Now cards (which usually feature two teams).  I'll take that trade for sure.

A decent start to the box - that Ichiro action variation is probably my favorite so far.  How about for you?  Are you looking for anything in particular in this box?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Group Break: A Pair of Bonus Packs for the Evening!

This morning, I finished off the posts highlighting the cards from the 2015 Topps Chrome box.  That was the first (of five) 2015 boxes in the group break.  Before we start ripping the second main box of the break, we should take a quick pause and rip some of the bonus packs that I'm also including.

For tonight, that means we rip a pair of TeenyMates packs.  Each pack contains two puzzle pieces and two TeenyMates figurines.  Good luck to all - and to find out who made out big, check the video!
More goodies will be coming soon!

Group Break: 2015 Topps Chrome Box - Part 4 (the ending!)

We've finally hit the final post for the 2015 Topps Chrome box in our group break.  We have one more hit to uncover - let's check it out right now (along with the other packs in the final quarter of the box).

Pack 19:

Ian Kinsler - Tigers
Sean Doolittle - Athletics
Kris Bryant - Cubs
Future Stars:  Anthony Ranaudo - Rangers

A Chrome Kris Bryan rookie card is a pretty nice pull...but that Future Stars card is also pretty nice!  I guess congrats are in order to both Tim (Cubs) and B Man (Rangers) for this pack!

Pack 20:

Edwin Escobar - Red Sox
Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins
Mike Moustakas - Royals

Samuel Tuivailala - Cardinals

That Moustakas card is pretty awesome!  In fact, I'd say it is one of my favorite base cards in that set (at least from what I've seen so far)!

Pack 21:

Micah Johnson - White Sox
Zack Wheeler - Mets
Brandon Phillips - Reds
Refractor:  Nick Tropeano - Angels

For selfish reasons, I'm happy to get that Brandon Phillips base card!

Pack 22:

Anthony Ranaudo - Rangers
Russell Martin - Blue Jays
Anthony Rizzo - Cubs
Prism Refractor:  Erik Cordier - Giants

The Giants get in on the action (congrats Ben M.).  San Francisco has been fairly quiet thus far in the break...of course, it's super early so who knows what will happen!

Pack 23:

Dellin Betances - Yankees
Addison Russell - Cubs
Kevin Kiermaier - Rays
Blue Refractor:  Johnny Cueto - Reds #047/150

Wooooooo!  That Cueto is pretty nice looking (even if the border is Royals' blue *grumble grumble*).  The blue refractors are seeded 1:64 packs so pretty rare (even if not quite as rare as that green bordered refractor we pulled earlier in the box)!

Pack 24:

Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
Buck Farmer - Tigers
Mike Foltynewicz - Braves
Rookie Refractor Autograph:  Bryce Brentz - Red Sox #380/499

Wow, another nice pull - and a great way to end the first box of the break!  I don't know anything about Brentz, but I do know that the Rookie Refractor autos are seeded 1:54 packs which means our box provided quite a bit of bonus material!!

I hope everyone liked the first box - plenty more goodies to come yet.  And, for those that prefer video, here's the video of me breaking this box!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Chrome Box - Part 3

Whoops, apologies to all!  I thought I had this post scheduled to go live at 8:30 AM but I never changed the P to an A on the scheduling form.  My bad!  Here is today's post, better late than never.  Also, I am working hard to start upping the number of group break posts happening each day.  Unfortunately, I've been at work all day today (Sunday) so I am just now getting home, eating dinner, and now trying to make some headway with blog related things!  Thanks for being patient - and yes, more goodies will come soon!


This is the third (of four) parts of the 2015 Topps Chrome box that I busted for the group break.  I will have the video of the entire box break posted when I write the final post for the box.  Until then, enjoy the scans (and my witty commentary).

Pack 13:

Pablo Sandoval - Red Sox
Josh Reddick - Athletics
Yasmany Tomas - Diamondbacks
Prism Refractor:  Carlos Gomez - Brewers

It's nice to see the Brewers getting on the board with a parallel.

Pack 14:

Torii Hunter - Twins
Danny Santana - Twins
Devon Travis - Blue Jays
Refractor:  Masahiro Tanaka - Yankees

A very nice refractor for the Yankees - not that New York really needed much more from this box!  Nonetheless, pretty cool.  Also, who would have imagined getting two Twins in a pack with only four cards?!

Pack 15:

Kyle Lobstein - Tigers
CC Sabathia - Yankees
Brad Ziegler - Diamondbacks
Prism Refractor:  David Wright - Mets

Congrats to Keith who has the Mets - that prism refractor looks pretty sharp in person!

Pack 16:

Joc Pederson - Dodgers
Aroldis Chapman - Reds
Tommy La Stella - Cubs
Gallery of Greats:  GGR-08.  Mike Trout - Angels

That Gallery of Greats card is really, really sharp looking!  It's also a box hit seeing as how the Gallery of Greats are seeded 1:24 packs!  A huge congrats to Josh who claimed the Angels!

Pack 17:

Stephen Strasburg - Nationals
Carlos Santana - Indians
Rusney Castillo - Red Sox
Refractor:  Ken Giles - Phillies

I find it difficult sometimes to tell if a card is a refractor or not.  I hate the Topps doesn't mark the refractors in some...make it easy for those of us who sort cards in the basement where the light isn't as good!

Pack 18:

Adeiny Hechavarria - Marlins
Guilder Rodriguez - Rangers
Yorman Rodriguez - Reds
Jon Singleton - Astros

I scanned the Astros because that blue and yellow border combination is beautiful in Chrome!!

Not a bad quarter of the box - hard to complain about a Mike Trout box hit!  The final fourth of the box will be coming soon (and the corresponding box break video).  What will our final hit be?  Stay tuned!