Friday, September 30, 2011

Who's Getting Mail From Nachos Grande?

If you live in any of the following zip codes, YOU might be getting mail from me.  All the packages have at least one Topps Lineage card in them, so this post fits within the week's theme.

Here's who is getting mail from me (all packages will be mailed no later than Tuesday):

M4X 1C6

* = pending larger deal.

I've also responded to (almost) everyone who requested some of my 1975 minis from the Lineage set.  My stack of available cards has shrunk considerably, but I still have some more available...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Topps Lineage Week: Stickers!

Welcome to another post that is part of the Topps Lineage Theme Week on my blog.  Today, we take a look a different insert set - the stickers!  Many of you have been obsessed with the stickers that Topps produced as a stand alone set, but for some reason, I haven't seen much excitement over the Topps Lineage stickers.  As far as I can tell, that's for one main reason:


There is no reason that I can think of that a psuedo-parallel set such as the stickers needs to be inserted at a frustrating rate of 2 per hobby box.  I say the sticker set is a psuedo-parallel because while it does have the exact same front and back design (except for being printed on a cloth-like material), the sticker set only contains 50 of the 200 cards represented in the base set.  

As for me, I didn't have any luck when it came to pulling stickers - that is, I didn't pull either of the two Reds in the set (Votto and Seaver).  As such, I'm offering up all the stickers I did pull in the hopes of landing the two Reds and/or some other cards from my want list.

Here are my available sticker cards (all are numbered TCS ??):
5.  Mickey Mantle
18.  Reggie Jackson
19.  Alex Rodriguez
21.  Carl Crawford
22.  Troy Tulowitzki
26.  Eddie Murray
28.  Evan Longoria
29.  Honus Wagner
30.  Babe Ruth
36.  Ichiro
37.  Roy Halladay
39.  Joe Mauer
40.  Tim Lincecum

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Complete Set Chronicles: 2011 Topps Lineage

In many ways, Topps Lineage is a microcosm of why Topps is still around while the other major card manufacturers have all fallen by the wayside.  Topps has history on their side.  The Lineage set from 2011 focuses the attention away from the base set and onto the plethora of inserts and parallels.  However, while Lineage isn't a set that most people will buy strictly for the base cards, it is still a base set worth taking a look at.


The first card of any set ought to be a signal as to what to expect for the rest of the set.  Obviously, that isn't always true (plenty of Topps base sets have started with record breaker subsets, Upper Deck liked to start with prospect cards sometimes, etc.).  However, in the case of Lineage at least, the first card does give you a hint as to what to expect:  retired stars in a new design!


Unlike the Topps base sets of the 80s and early 90s, the only subset in the Lineage base set occurs at the end of the set.  Card numbers 190 - 200 are all part of a Rookie Cup subset, with the final player featured bring Tom Seaver (as a Met).  All the featured players are shown with the original all-star rookie logo, despite there being modern players mixed in with retired stars like Seaver.

Card design:

The front of the card looks like a cross between a base Topps design and Topps Total.  It's uncluttered and easy to read, while simultaneously being a bit boring.  In a set that is really about the inserts, the base card design clearly takes a back seat.


While the front of the base cards seems to be passable, many people have decried the backs as an abyssmal failure of card design.  To be honest, it's not hard to see why many people hate the backs.  They are all different colors (based on the team) so they look kind of sloppy in a binder.  There are no stastitics, nor pictures on the back.  In fact, all there is is a block of text in white font...and each and every card looks the same (minus the back color)...  It's easy to be bored. 

However, while most people hate the backs of the cards, I actually don't mind them.  For the most part, the descriptions are interesting enough to merit reading.  Furthermore, by not showing statistics, Topps differentiated the Lineage base set from it's regular flagship set...I think people under estimate the importance of that, otherwise this set would be called Topps 2011 1/2.


While there is no doubt that the real draw of the set is the inserts (and hits), the base card design is nice enough for me to collect the entire set.  Furthermore, despite the dull design, I anticipate the design will age much better than a lot of previous sets have (1995 Fleer, I'm looking at you).  I give the set a 7.5 / 10.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Topps Lineage Week: In a Set Full of Great Inserts, these Suck.

The 2011 Topps Lineage set is probably worthy of all the praise it seems to be getting across the blogs.  There are on card autographs (many of retired players) in every box.  There are extremely nice relics (including a lot of retired players).  There are some nice rare hits (jumbo patches).  The box toppers are different enough to be interesting.  And, finally, all of the insert sets have their own unique kind of charm - all except one that is.

The Topps Venezuelan inserts have got to be one of the dumbest insert sets that Topps has ever tried to reproduce in the history of baseball cards.  The front of these bad boys looks exactly like the front of the regular base card (so no way to tell looking at the front what you are holding), and without actually reading the text on the back, the backs look the same as well.  Of course, if you do read the text and you see "Cortocampo" instead of short stop, you know that you've got a Venezuelan card.

What's worse, the cards were seeded 2 per box (and the set contains 25 cards).  So, either you had to buy a TON of product just to land the set OR you had to hope some other sucker opened up a lot of the product and decided that he or she didn't want the cards.  Luckily for you, I'm that sucker.

The following Topps Venezuelan cards are for trade:
TV1.  Derek Jeter
TV2.  Buster Posey
TV3.  Felix Hernandez
TV4.  Ryan Zimmerman
TV5.  Chris Carpenter
TV6.  Josh Johnson
TV7.  Andrew McCutchen
TV8.  Carlos Santana
TV9.  David Wright
TV10.  Troy Tulowitzki
TV16.  Jason Heyward
TV17.  Joe Mauer
TV18.  Starlin Castro
TV19.  Adrian Gonzalez
TV24.  Albert Pujols
TV25.  Ian Kinsler

A quick look at the above names on the checklist and you can see another problem with the set. The featured players aren't even all of Spanish heritage, let alone from Venezuela.

Stupid cards.  Do you want them?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Topps Lineage Week: The Reds Team Set

The Topps Lineage base set contains 200 cards, of those, 11 are players featured as Reds players.  Given that Lineage celebrates baseball's past as much as it celebrates its present, I believe Topps made some interesting choices for the Reds that ended up included.

Here's the full Reds checklist for 2011 Topps Lineage:

21.  Edinson Volquez
33.  Tony Perez
44.  Jay Bruce
64.  Joe Morgan
103.  Joey Votto
112.  Johnny Cueto
137.  Johnny Bench
148.  Aroldis Chapman
159.  Yonder Alonso
170.  Tom Seaver
191.  Johnny Bench

From the list, you'll notice that Johnny Bench is featured twice, once on a regular base card and once as part of the Rookie Cup subset.  Although I love me some Johnny Bench, especially in newer sets, I do question the point of having a ten card subset feature players with rookie cups that were already featured in the base set.  Wouldn't it have been better to either do Rookie Cup subsets with different players or scrap the Rookie Cup cards altogether?

As far as the player selection for the Reds goes, here's the breakdown:
Current players:  Volquez, Bruce, Votto, Cueto, Chapman, Alonso
Retired players:   Perez, Morgan, Bench (x2), Seaver

The Alonso card is the only card marked as a rookie card, but all the featured Reds are the young "stars" of the team.  (I say "stars" because they are sub .500 team, how many stars can they really have?)  I don't have any particular problem with the selection of current players, though I think exchanging Alonso for someone like Scott Rolen or Brandon Phillips would have been preferred.

As for the retired players, you'd think that only the Big Red Machine was worth remembering!  I really liked having a card of Tom Seaver as a Red, but if I'm being honest, I think I would have preferred to see someone from either the Reds more distant past (Ted Kluszewski) or from the Reds most recent World Series (preferablyBarry  Larkin but even someone like Jose Rijo or Chris Sabo would be nice).

 All told, I've enjoyed the Heritage set - and while the backs of the base cards leave a bit to be desired, I don't mind them nearly as much as other people do (more on that another day most likely).

If anyone is interested in full team sets (including the Reds team set featured above), let me know.  I think I have a full team set ready for trade for every team except the Dodgers and maybe one other team, I'll be happy to check if anyone is interested.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Topps Lineage Week: The Box Toppers!

Welcome to another theme week!  This week's theme is:

Topps Lineage Week

As you can probably guess, many of my posts will have some sort of tie to Topps Lineage this week, a nice tribute if you will to one of the more interesting sets that Topps has produced this year.

One of my goals for the week is to (finally) list what I have for trade from the set - as well as some other blog entries that might be more interesting to read.  As far as the trading goes, Friday happens to be a Jewish holiday (which I won't pretend to know anything more about than what I can read online) so I don't have any graduate classes (my school is a state school of New York)...which means since the Post Office will be open, I'll be able to package up cards that day and do some mailings.  Trust me, I'm excited to start up the trades again because my mailbox has been quite empty ever since graduate school began.

To get the week started, I figured I would show off the "biggest" cards to come out of Lineage - the Topps Giants box toppers.  I have the following regular box toppers available for trade:
 Note:  Ideally, I would trade any of the regular box toppers for the Joey Votto box topper.  I'd also trade any of them for any of the box toppers that I still need from Allen & Ginter.  If none of those are available, I'd also consider other offers for cards that are on my want list.

TG9.  Miguel Cabrera - Tigers

TG10.  Mike Stanton - Marlins

TG11.  Adrian Gonzalez - Red Sox

TG17.  Hanley Ramirez - Marlins

TG18.  Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies

I also have a relic box topper of Evan Longoria (#ed 57/64) for trade.  I'm hoping to turn the Longoria into a Joey Votto relic box topper.

As always, contact me if you are interested.  I have a bunch of cards on my want list (including Topps Lineage)!  I plan to post some other stuff from the Lineage set that I have available for trade as the week progresses.  In addition, I hope to respond to all of those who made offers for the 1975 minis from Lineage that I posted a few days ago...some of you already have a response!  Once I hear back from interested parties, I'll also post an updated list of which of the '75 minis that are still available for trade.  Stay tuned throughout the week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Contest Results! (Plus a Poll Question)

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to review a Digital Scrapbooking Software progam by My Memories.
In addition to my review copy, I was also given the ability to give away a copy of their program to one of my blog readers...  Now that the deadline for entry has long passed, let's determine the winner!

 First, I entered all the names in a list on (including multiple entries for those who earned them):

And next, I hit shuffle three times (where the third time I hit shuffle the top name wins)...

Shuffle 1

Shuffle 2

Shuffle 3

Congratulations Chris Shufflestreet!  Shoot me an email and we can work out how you can claim your prize!  And to all who entered, thank you!  Finally, I leave you with a short poll:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Delivery Time! A Surprise Catastrophe

My trading time has been cut way down because of my own classes, not to mention my whenever I happen to get an envelope in the mail these days, it's a cause for celebration.  One of the few packages that arrived for me this week was from Jeff over at Cardboard Catastrophes.   Jeff shot me an email a few days ago saying he was sending some cards from my want list my way - and knowing that I was busy with school maybe I could send him stuff back over the winter break.  Now that's a generous (and thoughtful) guy!  Of course, I have no plans to make Jeff wait that long for a return envelope, in fact, a yellow padded envelope is ready to go with his name on it...unfortunately, I cannot make it to the Post Office until Tuesday but that's still a lot better than winter break!

So, you are probably wondering, what goodies did Jeff send me?  Behold!

Oh, ok, so those aren't exactly goodies...but I did need them (and even better, I only need eight more of the Topps Town cards from Series 2 and I'll be done with that set for good)!

 How about some real goodies?  We begin with the Stand Up cards from Topps Lineage.

I'm a big fan of Topps Lineage this year (which is probably obvious if you've read my blog at all over the last month or so).   What made Lineage "work" for me was a nice base card design (on the front at least) plus interesting, and varied, inserts.   The Stand up cards are one example, and the Topps 3D cards are another...

Rounding out the interesting inserts that Jeff sent me is a sticker card of Johnny Bench.

I decided to not chase the sticker set (though I'd love to) but instead focus on acquiring only the Reds from that particular set.  I've got a few of the sticker cards (non-Reds) for trade as well, someday soon I'll try to get a list put together for those.

Thanks for all the great cards Jeff - and look for a return package sometime before too terribly long.  Finally, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Delivery Time! Obama Cards?

I recently completed a trade with Jason from Hobbs' Knights. I sent Jason some Topps Lineage cards plus a few Gypsy Queen cards - in return, I ended up with a smattering of cards from a variety of sets on my want list.

2011 Topps:
Adam Moore, Yovani Gallardo, and Jed Lowrie

Three more diamond parallels for my collection.  The march towards completing the diamond parallel set has basically become much more of a anytime I get to mark any cards off my want list I'm happy.  The three diamonds also land Jason three entries into my contest.

2011 Allen & Ginter:
Animals in Peril:
5.  Gharial

I bought a case of Ginter and still couldn't manage to complete all the regular insert sets - including the Animals in Peril set.  As of this moment, I'm still missing three more (2, 24, and 25).  For the Gharial card itself, I must say that I'm a fan!  The Gharial is the last member of its family to not go extinct (though only 200 or so remain)...a loss of 97% since 1946!  In today's day and age with emphasis on preservation, it's amazing that the Gharial has taken such a devastating hit in total population.  That said, I don't think I would want one of the 200 remaining crocs swimming anywhere near my house...

 2009 Topps American Heritage:
148.  Barack Obama

American Presidents:
AP37.  Richard Nixon

 In a bit of a surprise (compared to most of my trades this year), Jason was able to help me eliminate a couple of cards from my 2009 set needs.  For the most part, once a calendar year is over, it seems quite difficult to finish up an old any help is appreciated!

Thanks for the trade Jason!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Delivery Time! Trade with Try from Trey's Astros

Today's post is quick - which is fitting because it was a quick trade.

Back in early August, I sent Trey (from Trey's Astros) an Astros card from Allen & Ginter.  In return, he sent me a Topps Diamond Parallel that I needed.  You can read about Trey's end of the deal here (it's short a tale as well).

Here's the card I got to knock of my want list.

Since it is a Diamond parallel, Trey earned another entry into my contest too.  I know I need to update the status on the sidebar of my blog...I keep a track of all entries on a file on my computer but I haven't had a chance to update the tallies on the blog in awhile.  I'll try to do that soon.

Thanks for the trade Trey - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Delivery Time! Sending Angels to Angels in Order in Order to Land Cards for Me

I'll never grow tired of coming up with ridiculous blog titles.  Especially if you guys (and gals) keep naming your blogs cool things that I can mess with easily*.

*it's gotta be easy, I'm no word smith as I'm sure you are all well aware of.  Also, since when was wordsmith not a (single) word?   See what I mean?

Anyhow, I recently turned a pile of unwanted Angels cards into three cards that I did want - two of which were from my want list and the third was a Larkin card that I didn't have (at least I don't think I did).  How did I manage that spectacular feat you ask?  Well - I traded with Tom over at Angels in Order of course!  I was excited to trade with Tom because I've got quite a few Angels cards - and before Tom came along, no one seemed to want them!  (I've got a feeling a bunch of you feel that way - so I'm sure Tom will get more Angels cards than he'll know what to do with before long!)

Here are the three cards that I got in return:


2008 Upper Deck Star Quest:
Rare - Paul Konerko

I have no idea why I'm still chasing four versions of the same set - and it's a set that is completely boring (not to mention three years old).   I guess it gives me something to request from people who don't have a lot of the newer stuff on my list (like Allen & Ginter)!


2011 Topps Heritage:
Russ Mitchell

I have no idea who Russ Mitchell is - but I now know why I didn't ever land this card before now...he's a freaking Dodger.  Seriously, there are so many Dodger collectors out there that it seems like I'm always needing a Dodger short print to finish off a particular set.  It's frustrating for me seeing how I also seem to pull Dodgers like it's my job (at least I always have stuff to trade I guess)...  Anyhow, Mr. Mitchell is now in my possession so I'm happy.   I'm less happy about the white star instead of the more typical yellow star but whatever, that's probably some throwback that Topps did that I am way too lazy to figure out right now.


1995 Leaf
Barry Larkin

This is an interesting Barry Larkin card from the '95 Leaf set.  I hate to say much more about it now though since it'll eventually be featured in my Barry Larkin Collection posts.

Thanks for the trade Tom!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 110: 1989 O-Pee-Chee Sticker Back - #44

Barry Larkin
Year:  1989
Brand:  O-Pee-Chee Sticker Back
Card number:  44

Lately, it seems that the 2011 Topps Sticker "cards" are the popular thing amongst most of the bloggers.  For me, I say that all of ya'll can have your new fangled stickers and albums, I'll stick to my junk wax era stickers - stickers that include such treasures as this Barry Larkin card!  The front of the card features a pair of players - and if I had the original album I could tell you who they are...  The Red might be John Franco, but I thought he wore #32 not #31, maybe it's someone like Tim Burtsas (spelling probably wrong)...  I have no idea who the guy on the right is.  As it turns out, the front of the card doesn't matter anyhow, it's the back that matters - that's where Barry Larkin resides!

I like the O-Pee-Chee logo at the top and big 'ol Super Star star at the bottom.  I like that the card does have at least a few stats...but I do mean a few, in fact, there's only four stats listed.  I wonder if there are any cards out there that feature fewer than four stats (but still showing some stats)?  There's a project for all of you internet sleuths!  The only thing that I don't like about the card is the rainbow gradient, it doesn't go with the Reds uniform at all, blech!

Does anyone have any of these stickers with Barry Larkin on the sticker portion of the card?  If so, let me know!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Delivery Time! This Ain't No Catastrophe!

It's been a awhile since I've had a moment to write any sort of meaningful post on my blog (most of what you've seen posted to my blog was done before my graduate schooling started).  Unfortunately, my "stash" of pre-written posts was exhausted much more quickly than I had hoped, so now I've got to re-start the 'ol blogging machine unless I want my blog to "go dark" for awhile (which I don't).

All of the cards in this post are courtesy of Jeff over at Cardboard Catastrophe.

Topps Lineage:
Diamond parallel:  Joey Votto

I've decided to try and chase ONLY the Reds parallels from the Lineage set.  At the moment, I have 4 / 11 diamond parallels, 4 / 11 Platinum parallels, and 4 / 11 of the 1975 mini parallels.  It's not a lot, but it's a decent start.  I've also got a whole bunch of the 1975 mini parallels for trade (check here if you missed the post earlier this week). 

2011 Topps:
Diamond parallels:
Johnny Mize
Jonny Gomes
Brandon Kintzler
Chris Heisey

Yes, I'm also trying to collect ALL of the 2011 Topps base set diamond parallels.  I've got a contest going on as a way to motivate some trades, and while it has worked some, I'm still missing wayyyy too many of these.  Is this a project I should be giving up on or is someone hoarding a whole bunch of these and just now deciding to trade them to me?  I'm not sure...

 Topps Town:

Jeff sent me another pair of Topps Town cards - I'm happily able to report that I only need ten more of the Topps Town cards from Series 2.  I have no idea why this set has been eluding me for so long, NO ONE I know is trying to collect the thing except me.  Maybe you guys all used the cards as toilet paper or something?  (I could be wrong but I think the glossy coating wouldn't make for the best tp.)

Finally, to round out the trade package, Jeff threw in a pair of Reds from a set that I'm willing to bet most collectors would like to see a return of (or something very similar) - Upper Deck Masterpieces.

Thanks for the trade Jeff - and seeing how you sent the package to me a mere two and half weeks ago, I did a decent job of a quick turnaround on my blog (and trust me, I've got packages from the spring still to show off here)!  Finally, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Call for my Contest!

It's the final day that I'll accept entries into my contest.  It's always fun to win free stuff right?  Go here to check it out (scroll to the bottom).

Friday, September 16, 2011

1975 Mini Parallels...

Judging by this week, it looks like my blogging time will be taking a significant hit over the next few months.  However, I know that I have a big pile of 2011 Topps Lineage '75 mini parallels that a lot of you would be interested in.  In fact, some of you already commented on the original post and haven't received a reply from me.

Here's the deal - you will soon.  I'm opening this up once again and the plan is that at some point this weekend I will write back to everyone who claimed some of the cards (and offered me stuff off my want list).  We can finalize the trade(s) and then the cards will be in the mail next week.

I'm not giving up on blogging by any means, but it will be a lot slower around here (so check out the 'ol blog roll and read someone else's stuff I guess in between my posts)!


PS:  A few others have sent me emails this week inquiring about other trades, I will respond to all of you this weekend as well.  Bear with me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Delivery Time! A Big Pile of 2011 Allen & Ginter Relics!

I'm sure that many of you are well aware of my love affair with Allen & Ginter.  Admittedly, this year's edition wasn't groundbreaking in any way (and, for the most part, the inserts were sort of boring compared to the last couple of year's editions).  Even so, I still love me some Ginter - so you can imagine how pleased I was when Charlie over at Lifetime Topps Project offered up some relics that I needed from this year's set.

I sent Charlie a huge stack of Ginter cards (about 1/5 of the set) plus some other assorted cards from sets like Gypsy Queen and Topps Lineage in exchange for the relics, a few sparkle cards (which netted Charlie some entries into my contest), and one of the two remaining 1985 Topps cards that I needed.

Let's see what I ended up with:

First up, the Mark McGwire rookie card from 1985 Topps.

This was a big money card a few years ago (well, probably more than a few years ago now - funny how time flies)!  Anyhow, I could have sworn that I had this card but, according to my want list at least, I did not.  Between school (both graduate and my teaching) and the new puppy, I've had almost no time for card related anything.  In fact, I am highly doubtful I'll be able to maintain a post-per-day pace for most of the fall semester, and I certainly won't have a pace like I did during the summer (pre-puppy anyhow).  So, I guess what I am saying is that I appreciate all the visits and comments - and I'll do my best to respond to emails and the like, for the most part I think I'm doing ok there at least!

Moving along through the trade package, the next three cards are three more of the diamond parallels from the base Topps set that I needed.

I don't know what happened with Series 2 - either no one bought the set OR no one wants to trade away the series 2 diamonds.  I'm only missing 4 of the Series 1 sparkles right now, but about two-thirds of the Series 2 cards.  Ouch!  The cards that Charlie sent me were all Series 2 cards, so that helps me out a bit!

And finally, the biggest reason for the trade (at least for me) - the 2011 Allen & Ginter relics.

I ended up with:
AGR-JBE.  Josh Beckett - Jersey
AGR-JLA.  John Lackey - Jersey
AGR-JVE.  Justin Verlander - Jersey
AGR-MCA.  Melky Cabrera - Bat

Thanks to the four above relics, I now have 56 different relic cards from the 2011 Ginter set!  If anyone else out there has any for trade (especially non-baseball figures), I would love to work out a deal!  I also have some extra relics from the 2011 set if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the trade Charlie!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Delivery Time! Knocking More Shinies Off My Want List!

It's time for a quick little trade post - this one comes from blog reader Jeff.  Jeff and I agreed to a trade and each sent out our respective envelopes back in early August.  Now that it is early September, I suppose I ought to show off what I got.

Basically, I turned some of my extra 2011 Topps base cards into three Diamond parallels that I needed:

439.  Ervin Santana

558.  Carlos Zambrano

638.  Ryan Madson - easily my favorite of the three cards!

These three cards earn Jeff an additional three entries into my complete set giveaway contest.  Remember, if I am able to complete the diamond parallel set (Series 1 and 2 only), then I'm giving away a full set of Allen & Ginter (including all the short prints).  Even if I don't complete the set, I'm still giving away some pretty good prizes!  It's not too late - check your diamond cards with the ones I need, maybe you are holding the key to winning a prize!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Delivery Time! Clear Cut Cards Clearly Cares

Another day, another trade post!  Actually, I'm trying to write as many posts during the weekend with the hopes that I'll be able to post "live" tomorrow or, more likely, Thursday.  The good news is that I have quite a few trade envelopes waiting to be posted - so at least I have something to write about!

Anyhow, this particular trade envelope is from Jason over at Clear Cut Cards.  Jason is a bit Mets fan so I was able to send him quite a few different Mets cards in exchange for a few Gypsy Queen cards that I needed - plus an autograph from Ginter!

 Here are some of the highlights of my end of the swap:

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen:

Four of the eight Gypsy Queen base cards from Jason were Mets (probably a result of other trades that he completed earlier this summer).  However, I chose to scan the only Red in the group instead - Mr. Frank Robinson!

Great Ones:

I was able to land one insert card from Jason, and it too was a Met!   Thus, five of the nine Gypsy Queen cards were Mets - that suggests to me that perhaps I have the full Met team set now...  I guess if I can find fans of the other 29 teams, I could finish of Gypsy Queen the hard way!

In addition to the Gypsy Queen cards, Jason also sent me a 2010 Allen & Ginter autograph.

I'm always happy to land hits from Ginter - so it is a clear cut* case that this is the best card in the trade package for me!

*terrible pun intended.

Thanks for the trade, Jason!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!

Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage: 1975 Minis FOR TRADE (45 different!)

I've finally finished sorting my case - and now it's time to turn the cards I've decided not to collect into cards that I do want.  It will take me awhile to get a full list of everything from the case that I have available for trade (there are plenty of most of the insert types).  However, I decided that instead of waiting until I was able to collate everything, I'd start with the set that seems to have generated the most interest among collectors on the blogs - the 1975 mini cards!

 Before I list the cards that I have for trade, I would like to point you over to my want list where I've updated ALL of my 2011 Topps Lineage needs.  I'm looking for a lot of the Reds parallels still, plus a few other cards from the insert sets that I decided to chase (3D cards, Stand-Ups, and Rookies).  I'm also hoping to land the Reds relics and the Votto box topper (both the regular version and the relic version).  Finally, I have a bunch of other stuff on my want list - I'll trade the '75 minis for pretty much anything on my want list!  In case of multiple offers for the same card, I'll take the "best offer" - which is entirely subjective, sorry 'bout that.

2011 Topps Lineage:
1975 Minis:

Last update:  9/12/11 

11.  R. Zimmerman
17.  B. Butler
37.  J. Upton
39.  R. Romero
45.  R. Howard
50.  L. Gehrig
51.  H. Pence
62.  A. Beltre
65.  J. Johnson
66.  A. McCutchen
82.  I. Davis
93.  R. Oswalt
107.  C. Billingsley
108.  H. Aaron
115.  C. Jones
118.  T. Helton
122.  P. O'Neil
123.  A. Ethier
125.  M. Teixeira
128.  V. Wells
129.  J. Heyward
131.  C. Lee
133.  Z. Greinke
140.  A. Belle
149.  K. Youkilis
150.  R. Cano
152.  D. DeJesus
156.  A. Jackson
157.  W. Rodriguez
162.  B. Belt
164.  B. Beachy
165.  J. Reyes
168.  D. Young
171.  R. Sandberg
174.  A. Jones
175.  CC Sabathia
178.  A. Pujols
180.  M. Byrd
183.  B. McCann
184.  J. Hamilton
189.  J. Garcia
190.  B. Blyleven
193.  J. Morgan
195.  C. Jones
197.  A. Dawson

2011 Topps Lineage Case Review: Boxes 9 and 10

It's finally here - the end of the Topps Lineage case!  I've got a bunch of cards for trade from the set...but before I get to that, let's take a look at the highlights from the last two boxes.

I ended up pulling a relic box topper in the second to last Lineage box!

That's Evan Longoria of the Rays - numbered 57/64.  I must say, the relic box toppers are quite nice.  They are much, much thicker than the regular box toppers and have the same "newspaper" back of the originals.  There's no "Congratulations" message that usually permeates relic cards, which makes the cloth swatch feel more like a nice bonus than just another relic card.

That same box landed me a couple more of the Reds parallel cards.

As I think I've mentioned before, I'm trying to land a copy of each of the Reds parallels from the set - all my other '75 minis, diamonds, and platinums are available for trade!

And finally, the three promised hits (which means this box had four hits total):

A Jason Bay '75 mini relic:

A Jonny Gomes (spelled incorrectly by the way) sticker autograph:

And a really sweet Irv Noren on-card autograph!

I happen to love the on card autos, especially of the retired players.  I really need to take a closer look at the checklist to see if there are any Reds in the retired players portion of the autograph set.

So, that was box 9.  The final box wasn't nearly as exciting, but it did provide me with a few more nice cards for my collection (and plenty of trade bait)!

I got one more Red parallel - this time a diamond card of Edinson Volquez.

My hits were mostly nice too - I got an Eddie Murray '75 mini relic:

And a Ty Wigginton sticker auto (for trade if anyone is interested):

And finally, an Al Dark on card autograph.

The autograph is actually saddening to me to look at, I can only picture poor Mr. Dark struggling to write his signature on the cards.  However, I take a little comfort in the fact that he (at age 88) is still being remembered for his playing days!  I'm guessing that he is happy to be part of the modern baseball world, and probably even more so to be in a current issue set.

In conclusion, my case of Topps Lineage was quite solid.  This is the case that started off my group break - and produced a Joey Votto jumbo relic, an Evan Longoria box topper relic, and a printing plate of Whitey Ford.  I'm extremely satisfied with the case for the hits, but even more so because every box was fun to open up!  It's not often that you can say that about a product if you open more than two or three boxes...but I honestly had as much fun with the first box as I did with the final box.  Kudos to Topps for that!