Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1999 Pacific: Oaks and Maples, Oh My!

It's hard to believe we are approaching the middle of September already!  Luckily, we aren't quite to the middle of the box of 1999 Pacific there is plenty more fun yet to have (which beats the thought of raking of my most dreaded chores of autumn thanks to the number of large oak and maple trees around our property).

Pack 13:
88.  Mickey Morandini
96.  James Baldwin
139.  Pedro Astacio
143.  Edgard Clemente
168.  Todd Jones
219.  Todd Hollandsworth
291.  Joe Girardi

I'm a sucker for cards showing catchers in full gear making some sort of play.

354.  Brian Jordan
390.  J.T. Snow
423.  Juan Gonzalez

Our head shot variation this time around is one of the veterans rather than a (no name) rookie.  Good stuff.

Truth be told, that wasn't the most exciting fact, it was difficult to find a card worth scanning (the Girardi is just ok in my book).  Even so, I'm able to inch 10 cards closer to completing my set so I have no real complaints!  Still plenty of packs remaining in the box...and hopefully there is at least one Larkin card yet to be discovered!


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