Monday, September 18, 2017

Delivery Time! Collating Cards Sends an Awesome Johnny Bench!

I recently completed a simple little swap with Steve from Collating Cards.  Steve wanted some of my Felix Hernandez cards that I had available for trade - and in return?  He sent me this nifty Johnny Bench image variation card.

That's a great looking action shot (and notice the Athletics' cap flying to the ground during the play).  Cool stuff for sure.

Thanks for the PWE Steve.  And, if anyone else would like to trade, be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


Cardboard Jones said...

Glad it arrived & was to your liking! And, thank you for the great cards. I'll be posting tomorrow on what I received on my end of the trade.

arpsmith said...

I love the photo on this card, great pickup.

jt said...

the logo on this card looks like the cubs logo, not the reds

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card! Hmmm... 1970's Reds vs. A's, has to be the 1972 World Series. You can probably figure out which play at the plate this is (if you haven't already).

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