Wednesday, May 15, 2019

More from the Big Trade: 2001 Stadium Club!

Another day, another set from a recent big trade that I completed with blog reader Bob.  As has been my custom for the first couple of posts detailing the trade, I'm only going to focus on one set today and go over what I got, why I'm collecting the set, and what I still need from it.  I've already had some success with this approach with some of the other sets that I've done this with from the trade, let's see if today's post can help me inch even closer to completing this set!

First up, the set in question for today is 2001 Topps Stadium Club.  A quick glance at my want list will probably immediately make it obvious that I am generally a fan of the Stadium Club brand. 

Bob had two cards that I needed still for my set including one of the pesky short printed rookie cards.  Topps missed out in 2001 by not including either Ichiro OR Albert Pujols in their Stadium Club set so the rookies that are included are a fairly weak bunch.  That said, they are still seeded as short prints which makes acquiring them all these years later kind of annoying. 

Other than the short printed cards (which I don't care for and for which I'm still missing a bunch), I can now say that I have the base set complete thanks to that Marquis Grissom card.  I'm still planning to actually finish the entire base set with short prints though, so I can't quite take this set off of my want list. 

Before I get to what I still need for the set, a quick word on why I've decided to continue collecting 2001 Stadium Club.  For me, there are actually two reasons why I like this set a lot.  First, the photography is top-notch, as you would expect from the Stadium Club brand.  It is a well-established fact by now that if a set features compelling pictures then I'm probably going to be interested in it.  Second, I actually like the design of this edition of Stadium Club a lot, perhaps ranking in among the top three or so designs all-time for Stadium Club.  I like the team colored bars at the bottom of the card, I like the slightly raised player banner, and I don't even mind the foil since it's still easy to read the player on the card.  The only improvement that I would make to the card is to add a team logo to the top corner - I like being able to sort by team quickly and easily and logos are much better for that task than tiny written text at the bottom of the card!  Still, despite no team logos (on the card fronts at least), this is a nice looking design and one set that I can't wait to have completed in my binder!

Thanks to the two cards that Bob sent my way, I'm now down to only needing seven more before I can call the set complete.  Like a bunch of sets on my want list, I have high hopes that I can actually finish this thing off before the calendar flips to 2020.  Remember, my goal for 2019 is to get my want list down to under 100 sets by any means necessary!

Here's what I need (with player names courtesy of baseballcardpedia):
2001 Topps Stadium Club:
166.  Brian Sellier
167.  Rick Brosseau
168.  Shawn Fagan
186.  Tim Christman
188.  Brandon Parker
196.  Brandon Claussen
197.  Kris Keller

With only seven cards remaining (and the biggest name in the batch being Brandon Claussen), this should be a set that I can actually complete prior to the end of the year.  Who knows, maybe someone out there has some of the cards I need lying around currently unloved and unwanted.  I mean, who else is trying to collect Brian Sellier or Tim Christman anyhow? 

If you'd like to trade, you can check out my full want list here and then shoot me an email!


Dennis said...

Still my favorite Stadium Club design. Get that one done, I know you can do it!

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