Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday, Monday, Monday. Three Packs for Monday.

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm going to start the week off right by opening up some more packs from my box of 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated.  To date, I've opened up four packs and found seven cards that I need for my set.  Let's hope I can at least keep up that pace as I rip through more packs today.  My goal for the week is to finish off this box so that I can get into the (Even) Better Know a Blogger series of posts next week.

Pack 5:
164.  Chan Ho Park
152.  Derek Jeter
180.  Checklist
16.  Greg Maddux & Roger Clemens (needed it)

86.  Andy Pettitte
56.  Carlos Guillen, David Holdridge, Giomar Guevara

Another pack with only one useful card for my set. 

Pack 6:
171.  Edgar Martinez
140.  Moises Alou
161.  Jeff Bagwell

33.  Mark McGwire
77.  Devon White
41.  Yankees Season Highlights

And yet another pack with only one useful card.  I guess I should be happy to get at least one new card per pack.

Those two packs were quick (and not terribly useful) so let's try a couple more and hope for better luck.

Pack 7:
176.  Chuck Finley
126.  Jason Kendall
Headliners:  14.  Barry Bonds (needed it - if I continue to chase this set that is)

48.  J.D. Drew, Placido Polanco, Mark Little
66.  Derrick Gibson, Mark Strittmatter, Edgard Clemente
24.  Barry Bonds

Oof.  Only the insert was needed here.  Alright Monday, I give up.  Three packs and only two (maybe a third if I keep trying for the insert set) cards needed.  Not cool.  I'll try again tomorrow.


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