Second Time's the Charm: an eBay Re-Buy

My quest to reduce my want list down to 100 sets or fewer by the end of 2019 took a major hit when this year's edition of Allen & Ginter was released.  Up until A&G, I had avoided buying a single pack of any 2019 product...but I cannot resist Ginter, even in a year in which I have self-imposed a spending ban on new cards.  Thus, after Ginter's release and my need to collect 'em all as the kids say, my want list ballooned significantly in terms of the number of sets on it (I count each insert set as a separate set). 

Realizing my conundrum in terms of trying to reduce the overall number of sets on my list while actually adding to it, I've actually doubled down on collecting this year's A&G set - probably more so than in any year's past despite the fact that I actually bought less new cards this year than I have for other recent A&G releases.  Instead, I've been saving my cash and using trades and eBay to selectively (and with pin-point accuracy) whittle down my want list.

Today's envelope is one of the fruits of my labor - one of the last In Bloom minis that I needed for my set.

It's actually the second time that I tried to buy this particular card (the other time the seller reneged on the deal after I had paid).  This time around, I was able to nab the card and, in the process, almost complete the mini set.  In actuality, I have also purchased the other remaining cards from the set and I'm simply waiting on them to arrive - once they do, then the In Bloom set will be placed on my "completed in 2019" list and my goal of reducing my want list will be back in play!


  1. Nice looking card. I wonder if I could get my wife interested in cards if I put that set together.

  2. It feels good knowing the cards you need to complete a set are on their way. It feels even better when you have those cards in your hand... you get to finally cross that set off of your list. Congratulations on "kinda" completing your set. Hopefully the final cards arrive soon.

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