Barry Larkin Collection 701: 2002 Leaf - #63

Barry Larkin
Year:  2002
Brand:  Leaf
Card number:  63

The Leaf brand was never a brand that appealed to me much.  As a kid, I found the early years of Leaf to be drab and then later on I always thought of Leaf as being more expensive than they were worth.  Thus, by the time the year 2000 rolled around I can safely say that I basically ignored all things Leaf.  Therefore, as I go through my various Barry Larkin cards, I've been finding that I have a lot to learn about Leaf products!

For the 2002 set, once again I think that the Leaf design is pretty dull.  The front design screams "cereal unlicensed set" to me, despite the fact that there is a team logo in color.  I do like the back alright, though giving me a single year's worth of statistics will always get my goat a bit. 

Besides the base card, Barry also has a sample version of the card that was distributed in Beckett magazine.  Most of the sample cards have silver foil stamping on the back but about 10% have gold stamping.  As of now, I don't own either of those cards.  Barry also shows up in the "Burn and Turn" insert set on a combo card with Todd Walker and in the Shirt Off My Back relic set.  I don't (yet?) own either of those cards which is a bummer since the Burn and Turn set design actually looks pretty cool.

From what I can tell, the inserts in 2002 Leaf are much nicer than the base cards - perhaps Leaf's insert designers should team up with Topps' base card designers to make the ultimate set (since usually I feel that Topps' flagship inserts are lacking in originality and uniqueness).