Delivery Time! The Last of the Cards from Too Many Verlanders

Last week, I posted Part 1 and Part 2 of a recent trade package from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders.  Today, it's time for the final part:  Part 3!

Part 3 of the trade package was all surprise stuff - not necessarily cards from my want list but cards that I'm definitely interested in nonetheless beginning with the "big gun" of the assorted cards:

That's a gorgeous Sean Casey autograph from SP Signature Edition.  The auto is even on card which is great.  If one were to nitpick here, you'd have to question why Upper Deck left so little room for a signature in the card design - for once I guess we have an insert that doesn't appear to have been designed around "hits."  Topps, in particular, seem guilty of designing many of their inserts around the hits that might be found in the parallels, often to the severe detriment of the "base" insert design...and that's a shame since way more people will pull base inserts as opposed to autos or relics. 

Besides the Casey autograph, Dennis also threw in a healthy handful of Sean Casey base cards including many from sets that I love (but have neither the space, time, nor money to actually collect in their entirety).

Those Pacific cards are works of art, all of 'em.  Love, love, love!  I'm also a huge fan of the Topps HD line of cards and even that Fleer card in something special to behold.  This is a solid collection to be sure.

And finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't show off the lone Barry Larkin card of the trade package!  This makes for a perfect cap to an amazing trade.

And with that, we've finally come to the end of an amazing trade envelope!  Many thanks for all of the Sean Casey cards and, even more importantly, all of the set completion help!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade with me be sure to check out my want list and then me an offer.