I Love When People Think of Me (Diamond Jesters Edition)

This is the type of note I love to receive in the mail:

That's Matt over at Diamond Jesters and he pulled a Barry Larkin card recently and immediately thought of me.  My humble little blog may not be the biggest or best out there, but it serves its purpose for me when I get people like Matt thinking of me when they pull a card out of a pack.  I'll take that as a win any day!

As for the card itself, it's a nice Topps Magazine insert of Barry Larkin.

Almost all of my 2019 Barry Larkin cards are going to come from trades (or purchases) since the only set that I've bought so far this year has been Allen & Ginter.  As such, I am definitely thankful for kind people like Matt who are willing to send me Larkin cards they pull!

One (potentially bad) note about the PWE from Matt.  The bottom of the envelope was sliced clean through when it arrived in my mailbox so I'm hoping the only card included in the package was the Larkin shown above.  Sometimes I have no idea what the USPS is doing with our mail!

Thanks for the fun PWE, Matt.  It sure beats opening up the mail box and finding useless magazines (or even worse, bills)!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. Oh no! Nothing scarier than a sliced envelope! Fortunately, that Larkin was the only card I sent, and looks like it got to you in one piece!

    1. Oh good! I would have been extra sad had contents gotten lost in transit. You are correct, the Larkin arrived nice and safely.

  2. A lot of people (including myself) enjoy these Topps Magazine inserts. In fact... I wish they'd take it one step further and publish this magazine again.


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