Trade with Blog Reader Jim (aka mr haverkamp)

I'm sure that most of you reading this particular post are doing so from the comfort of your own home as you relax during a vacation day.  Unfortunately for me, the college where I work is open for business (i.e. classes) all day today so there's no vacationing here!

It's not all bad news though since today I have another trade package to go through and getting new cards that I need for my various sets that I'm working on is always a good thing.

Today's cards are courtesy of Jim (aka Mr. Haverkamp).  Jim hooked me up with a bunch of cards from the 1992 Upper Deck set, a set that I'm somehow still working on despite countless trades this year AND ripping an entire box earlier this summer.  That said, every bit of progress is appreciated and Jim definitely helped me by sending 25 cards my way.

I enjoy going through old sets like the 1992 Upper Deck set from my childhood because I often learn new things (or maybe re-learn things I've long since forgotten).  Case in point, I had no idea Mariano Duncan ever played for the Phillies.

For me, Duncan will be remembered for one thing - leading the NL in triples while being a Cincinnati Red.  I distinctly remember looking through all of the League Leader cards that Topps (and others) put out over the years when I was a kid.  The first thing I'd always do is look for any Reds near the top of the leaderboards.  Of course, other than 1990 when the Reds won the World Series, the Reds were basically pretty putrid for most of my kid life (and now adult life).  Thus, it was rare to find a Cincinnati Reds' player at the top so Mariano has always stuck out to me as someone to remember!

Another thing I like about the 1992 Upper Deck set is the great photography.  Not every card in the set has amazing photographs but you do have to look at both the front and back of every card because oftentimes the image on the backside is as good or better than the picture on the front.  I like the Anderson card above because it kind of looks like he's playing on a softball field with a full dirt infield. 

Finally, perhaps the best reason for collecting 1992 Upper Deck is because of the sheer number of "fun" cards in the set.  In particular, images like this:

That's an amazing looking card and I'm super happy to have it in my collection!  I don't even know what's going on in the photo and I love it. 

Thanks for the trade, Jim!  As for anyone else, if you can help me out I'd love to make a trade!  Take a look at my want list and make an offer.