Delivery Time! Getting a Complete Set in the Mail from Jonathan

I am a set collector first and foremost so it's quite often that trade that I'm part of involve sets that I'm collecting.  What's not so common though is for someone to simply send me an entire set that I'm working on, but that's exactly what happened with this week's mailing from Jonathan (who doesn't have a blog if my records are correct).

Jonathan contacted me awhile back about a few cards that I put up on my blog for trade.  I was then able to add some more older Stadium Club cards for him and in return he sent me the entire* first series of 1998 Fleer Tradition.  Since yesterday was a big snow day at my house (we got about 8 or 9 inches of wet, heavy snow), it was a perfect time to sort the cards and place them in their appropriate spots in the set binder.  *it turned out one card was missing out of the 350 cards in the first series but luckily for me it was a card that I already owned!

As a kid, I actually bought a fair bit of 1998 Fleer Tradition (most likely from either Walmart or my local CVS which sold cards at the time).  Unfortunately for me, I never could buy enough packs from the same box of cards and so it seemed like I would get duplicate after duplicate and probably only found about 50% of the first series via packs.

For the longest time, my want list read "too many to list" for the first series...but not any more!  Thanks to Jonathan, I've now completed the first series in its entirety (and most of the duplicates that I got from Jonathan will be making their way into my Season of Giving packages so I'll continue to spread the love out).

If nothing else, you can see from the few cards that I scanned for the post that this is truly a gorgeous little set.  I love the photography, I love the subsets, and heck, I even love the backs of the base cards.  Now, once I finish off the second series I'll have another set that I can mark off in its entirety from my want list!

Many thanks to Jonathan for the great trade!  It's always fun to have some new (old) cards to go through on a snowy day where I can't get to work.  It's even better when that mail day means one less set remains on my want list moving forward!


Binder update:

Out of the 349 cards that Jonathan sent me, I ended up needing exactly 260 of them.  Put differently, Jonathan sent me the final 74.28% of the first series which is to say A LOT of needed cards for me!


  1. Because I'm a smidge OCD I have to know! Which card was missing? Gotta make sure my own set isn't missing it as well...

    It really is a great set with unique photography. I get the suspicion most of Series 1 was photographed during spring training. Also who doesn't love a set with three different Mike Piazza cards for three different teams (Ah! The 1998 Marlins sell-off!).

    1. Honestly, I don't recall which card it was (like I said, my copy was already tucked away in it's spot in my binder). I think it was somewhere in the 150s region of the set.


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