Season of Giving 2019: Update #3

I'm still working on getting my Season of Giving packages out the door.  Over the past week or so, I've sent out packages to the following zip codes:


The above packages all went out at some point this past week (or the case of two envelopes, today).  In addition, I already shipped off to the following zip codes over a week ago which means those packages should have arrived by now:


In total, I'm proud of myself for getting 10 different Season of Giving packages off in the mail already.  An even better bit of information is that this past week was Final Exams week at my college which means I'm now done with work until after the New Year.  This should give me a bit more time to get even more packages packed up and in the mail...I'm still hopeful that I'll get all of the packages off prior to Christmas (though I can't promise the Postal Service will actually deliver them all before Christmas Day)!

I'm working my way through my list of people who signed up for my Season of Giving. 

In addition, I'm mailing out to a few folks who didn't sign up but hopefully that's okay with them!  I know not everyone reads my blog on a daily basis so it can be easy to miss things like signing up for something.

I hope everyone enjoys what I sent them and I hope everyone has a very, merry new year!  I'll try to publish another update once I get another big batch of stuff packed up and mailed out. 


  1. Very generous of you! I look forward to people posting what they get.

  2. I'm afraid to go to the post office at this time of year. Good for you.

    1. I bought my own postage scale and prepay everything. My local postal carrier picks up my packages in my mailbox. No leaving the house for the post office (except for big boxes, of course)! Well, that and to buy stamps I guess.

  3. Thanks Chris for a very nice (much needed) cards! Thankfully my work schedule has finally slowed down and I can get back to posting the great cards I got in the last few months. You rock!


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