30 MLB Teams in 30 Posts: #16

Today's team happens to be the only team from the west coast that I've seen play in live in their home stadium.  That's right, from my one trip to San Diego I present:

#16:  San Diego Padres (2019 rank:  #20)

The Angels, Dodgers, Rangers, and Padres could probably have been swapped around in any number of different ways*.

*Actually, that's not true.  They could have been swapped in at most 4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24 ways.  Thus ends today's math lesson.

What I meant to say is that the different between those four teams in my mind isn't much.  The Dodgers certainly get most of the headlines but the Padres seem to be trying to steal at least a little of the limelight from their "big brother" in the NL West.  It's kind of weird that I think of San Diego as a "small market" team when they actually play in a huge California city but that's how I view them (which is probably why they finished ahead of the aforementioned Angels and Dodgers at least in my rankings this year).

The other thing the Padres have going for them?  The weather.  I live in northern Pennsylvania and we've officially hit the point in the year where I can't stand another cold and dreary winter day.  I'm sick of snow but I'm even more sick of not seeing the sun shine brightly!  I think the fans out in San Diego have it so good and they don't even seem to know it.

Next up in the countdown is a team that will most likely finish this year with the fewest number of wins in the big leagues.  I don't expect you'll ever see them ranked near #15 in any sort of Power Rankings for 2020 but at least they crack the top half in my personal rankings!

2020 Rankings:
#30:  New York Yankees
#29:  Boston Red Sox
#28:  St. Louis Cardinals
#27:  San Francisco Giants
#26:  Washington Nationals
#25:  Miami Marlins
#24:  Chicago Cubs
#23:  Milwaukee Brewers
#22:  Houston Astros
#21:  Pittsburgh Pirates
#20:  Atlanta Braves
#19:  Los Angeles Angels
#18:  Los Angeles Dodgers
#17:  Texas Rangers
#16:  San Diego Padres
#15:  ??

Contest entries to date (see here for details):
17  John Sharp
16  P-Town Tom
12  bbcardz
10 hockey kazi
19  Brett Alan
12  Fuji
1  acrackedbat
1  Wilson
16  Matt
2 Trevor P.
1 friend11
1 Adam Kaningher


  1. Are we looking at the Orioles next? I'm thinking the Pirates might give them a run for their money for worst team in baseball. Nah, I'll go with the O's.

    FYI, love the math!

  2. Compared to LA, San Diego IS a small market. The fact that it hasn't been able to keep any other team in the big four leagues also makes it seem small market to me.

    I don't have strong feelings about the Padres. I'm glad they're finally returning to the brown uniforms; I don't love brown as a uniform color, but at least it's distinctive. Too many teams that all look the same.

    I'll pick the Tigers for the next one. They seem pretty irredeemably awful at this point.

  3. I'm thinking that you're thinking that my Tigers might have the worst record, again, in the big leagues.

    I have no thought about the Padres other than the 1984 World Series against Detroit.

    A young Tony Gwynn was the right fielder, and Steve Garvey was the Pads 1st Baseman.

    Good Job!

  4. The reason I could never do one of these rankings is because the middle 20 teams could be interchanged. I only have strong opinions about the teams I really like... and the ones I really dislike.

    P.S. Go Padres! And... I'd say the Tigers are next too.

  5. Hmmm...who's going to be worse, the Tigers or the Orioles? I'm guessing you'll say the Tigers (although I personally think it'll be the O's...)


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