How About Some Cereal Cards?

I'm working my way through some mail that's arrived over the past few months.  My MLB countdown took over basically the entire month of February so all my mail day posts got put on hold!

Today's PWE is from Johnny's Trading Spot (the second such envelope I've shown off this week...and as a bit of a spoiler I still have one more from him to show on a future day)!

This particular PWE must have been another prize envelope.  Quite honestly, I no longer remember how I ended up getting the cards since there isn't a Barry Larkin (or any Red) nor any particular set needs in there.  That said, the cards are pretty nifty and I'm happy to have them in my collection!

The highlight of the batch for me has to be this Kellogg's card of Michael Kendall Flanagan (I love when card companies put the entire player's name on the card back). 

Kellogg's isn't the only company though that's produced baseball cards over the years.  In my lifetime, it's the Post company that I think of first when it comes to cards in my cereal boxes.  The early 90s were prime baseball card collecting years for me (I turned 8 years old in 1990).  As such, Post cards like the ones I received from John bring back all sorts of happy memories!

I like the 1991 design the best of the three sets above but I think the 1993 set is even better looking.  That works out well since the rest of the PWE was all 1993 Post cards!

While I don't have any of the Post cereal sets that John sent me cards from complete, I did complete the 2002 Post cereal set (you can read all about gorgeous set here if you are interested).  All this talk about cereal is making hungry!

Thanks for the envelope of fun, John!  I'm slowly but surely getting closer to being caught up on my mail days.  With all of the recent news/virus/etc. lately, I've noticed a huge slowdown in terms of the number of packages coming my way so I guess the one benefit of that is I should be caught up in no time. 

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. The first time I encountered Topps Total I thought it was a cereal card.

  2. I received a couple of 2002 Post sets from a friend and was going to write up a review, but it looks like you already covered it.


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