Remember the Astrodome Remembers Me (I think I use this title for all our trades)

For today's mail day, we have a loaded PWE from Marc over at Marc Brubaker photography (also known as Remember the Astrodome).  Marc and I have swapped a number of packages this year - according to my records this is the fifth mailing in 2020 alone to go from either him to me or vice versa.  

I haven't bought a single box of new 2020 cards yet this year but luckily I have wonderful trade partners like Marc who must have gotten some new stuff at some point since the PWE was full of new (to me) 2020 cards.

I have to start with the highlight of the package - another new Barry Larkin card for me.

I have been buying some 2020 Larkin cards (mostly relics so far) but I hadn't bought this one yet.  I must say, I like getting Larkin cards in the mail for free much better than buying them for cash via eBay.  Just sayin'.

In addition to the Larkin card, Marc sent a nice smattering of Reds my way.  My favorite of the non-Larkin cards was probably this Eugenio Suarez from 2020 Gypsy Queen.

Every time I think I'm over Gypsy Queen, I see the cards and I kind of want them again.  The one thing that holds the 2020 set back (in my eyes at least) is the cheap card stock.  I want my retro cards to feel, you know, retro.

The other highlight for me was this Big League card of Sonny Gray.

The Reds have been rather putrid so far this season but Sonny Gray has been awesome - I can't blame him for the Reds' woes.  I like the horizontal shot here with Gray's leg framed nicely.  Good stuff!

And finally, last but certainly not least, another new Aristides Aquino rookie for my collection.

I'd love it if Aquino could learn to hit big league pitching but I'm scared he's going to be more like Wily Mo Pena.

Thanks for the trade package, Marc.  It's always nice to get something fun in the mail rather than the usual junk mail and bills.  


  1. I'm in the same boat you are. Haven't bought a single box of cards in 2020 - especially not lately. I have been slowly plugging away at the 2020 Topps Turkey Red subset and at some point, I'll get started the Gypsy Queen. I have every base set since it's debut (2011) and am almost complete on the SP's as well. My motivation has waned over the years though.

  2. Gray has been awesome. He's like the 2020 version of the 1972 Steve Carlton. Although Bauer isn't too shabby either.


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