I've finally bitten the bullet and started to list my want lists and trade bait on Trading Card Database.  For the longest time, I've mostly avoided doing that since it seemed like way too much work!  Unfortunately, blog trading isn't what it used to be four or five years ago...and it sure seems like more and more people are using TCDB so like any good sheep, I had to follow along.

Amusingly, one of my first trades on TCDB since uploading my 2020 Ginter wants and haves was with long-time blog trader Bru (aka Marc Brubaker).

Marc and I completed a nice and simple swap of 2020 Allen & Ginter.  He helped me out by sending along a couple of cards from A Debut to Remember set.

I'm down to needing only two more cards before this set can be removed from my want list for good.  If nothing else, I've found that even in only about a week or two being on TCDB that I've made substantial progress toward completing this year's many Ginter offerings!

In addition to the Debut set, Marc also helped with another full-sized insert offering from 2020 Ginter:  Long Ball Lore.

As you can see, Marc had a bunch of these that I needed...and with these now tucked away in my set binder I'm only missing another six before this set can also be removed from my want list forever!  

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't show off the two minis that Marc had for me with the first being from the Safari Sights set...

...and the second from the Buggin' Out set.  

Unlike the full-sized inserts, I'm still nowhere close to being done with any of the mini sets so I won't bother counting how many cards I still need from each set (though if you are that curious you can find my full want list here).

Many thanks to Marc for a nice and easy trade...and for being helpful in terms of helping me navigate the TCDB trading pages!