Top 10 Week: Top 10 Group Break Cards from Cardboard Collections!

 Welcome back to another entry for this week's theme week!  For today's Top 10 list, we have:

Top 10 Group Break Cards from Cardboard Collections

Both Colbey and myself run our own group break pages over on Facebook.  We also each often take part in each other's breaks.  Recently, I requested shipment of my cards from Colbey and why not count down my 10 favorites today?!

#10:  Pack Wars Chip - Frank Robinson #106/125 

Most of Colbey's breaks that I buy into are breaks in which there is at least one Barry Larkin card that I need possible or where there is are some Ken Griffey, Jr. cards possible (featuring Griffey as a Red).  I have to say most breaks fit that bill but occasionally I do buy into random breaks...including the 2005 Pack Wars break in which the only "card" that I got out of it was actually a poker chip that was serially numbered on the back.  One thing is for sure, I don't have anything else quite like this in my collection!

#9:  2020 Panini Diamond Kings - Jose Altuve 

The luster on Altuve's star has definitely been eroded but I still can't help but to like the guy at least a bit.  I don't actively search out his cards anymore but sometimes if the Astros go unclaimed in a group break (or are cheap enough), I might take a flier.  I do like all of the bright colors on the Aficionado cards this year!

#8:  1995 Emotion - Barry Larkin 

The main reason I join in most of Colbey's older box breaks is to acquire new (to me) Barry Larkin cards so you can expect a few of those will make my Top 10 list today!  The 1995 Emotion set isn't my favorite set in the world but at least Barry got a rather regal emotion on his card:  "presence."

#7:  2020 Stadium Club - Tony Gwynn 

I didn't end up buying any 2020 Stadium Club for myself so this Gwynn was a nice pickup for me.  Gwynn is one of those guys that I don't actively collect per se but that I do set his cards aside when I stumble across them.

#6:  2004 Fleer Classic Clippings - Ken Griffey, Jr. 

A simple design but I like it.  This was one of those breaks where I was definitely hoping for a little Griffey magic!  Not much else to say about this one (or that particular break since I didn't get much else out of it).

#5:  1997 Pinnacle Xpress - Barry Larkin 

A nice, clean design with two images of Barry.  This is the type of card that I'm always happy to add to my collection!  

#4:  2020 Diamond Kings - Nolan Ryan 

I like the framed parallels so to get one of another player that I don't actively collect but that I do passively collect is a nice bonus!  The purple border is kind of neat in that you don't see a ton of purple on baseball cards these days, it really makes the card pop!

#3:  2002 Donruss Fan Club - Barry Larkin (x2) 

Okay, okay, I cheated here by including two cards for the price of one.  That said, I was super happy when Colbey pulled that Larkin die-cut parallel for me...anytime I can track down an annoying parallel for my collection I'm ecstatic!

#2:  1995 Upper Deck SP - Barry Larkin 

This is another Larkin parallel, this time from 1995 Upper Deck SP (a set I still know virtually nothing about).  I'm going to have to do some research on this set prior to writing about this particular Larkin card as part of my Barry Larkin Collection series of posts!

#1:  2019 Leather & Lumber - Barry Larkin 

As you can tell, Colbey does a great job of pulling new Barry Larkin cards for me!  I may not have gotten a single "hit" in any of the breaks I joined but I'm actually just as happy (or happier in many cases) with all of the new Larkin cards instead!

Many thanks to Colbey - and if you are interested in group breaks I'd like to invite you to check out my group break page as well as Colbey's page.


  1. excellent assortment of Larkins! The Altuve is a colorful one. I can't help but like him. He's humble and a player whose only black mark is being on a team where cheating occurred. I choose to believe he did not participate in cheating activity. Should he have spoken out? Yes. Did he? I doubt we'll know any time soon. Correa was quite vocal about the few guys who did not participate in the "can" escapades, mentioning Reddick and Altuve in particular. Correa admitted to using it. Until the team's core moves on to play elsewhere, it will be difficult to put 2017 behind them.

  2. That Gwynn is gorgeous. I don't have a lot of 2020 Stadium Club... but it has my vote for set of the year.


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