Gallery of Heroes - One of the Best Insert Sets of All Time (if you ask me)

My quest to knock even more sets off of my want list in 2021 took a big step forward over the past couple of weeks when I was able to nab two of the five remaining 2013 Topps Gallery of Heroes cards that I was missing.

We'll start with my favorite one - this gorgeous Sandy Koufax card.

I love, love, love the stained glass effect used for this particular insert set - so much so that I was even willing to pay some slightly inflated prices in an effort to track down and acquire the Koufax card.  

The other Gallery of Heroes card that I was able to purchase was this Yogi Berra.

The Yankees get a lot of representation within this set (5 of the 15 cards are Yankees) which is the only "bad" think about the set from my perspective...well that and the fact that I still need the Mike Trout card.

2013 Topps Archives Wants:
Gallery of Heroes: 
BR.  Babe Ruth
MT.  Mike Trout
RC.  Roberto Clemente

I'd love to trade for any of the three missing cards (or buy if that's what it comes to).  It'd be awesome to be able to knock this set off of the want list before the calendar flips to the year 2022!


  1. Beautiful set. I've written about a few of the original Gallery of Heroes sets. Never tried to build the 2013 set though, because the singles were too pricey. Best of luck landing the final three.

  2. Always loved stained glass...seeing it on cards is awesome.

  3. I love that set too. Love all of the stain glass sets, going back to 97-98-99-00 Topps Gallery of Heroes, and then also the 08 Stadium Club Beam Team Stained Glass


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