More from my 1998 Sports Illustrated Box

I'm back with the next quarter of my 1998 Sports Illustrated presented by Fleer box!  As I've said in previous posts, this is a set that I'm aiming to complete via this box - both the base set itself and the mini poster insert set.  

Speaking of the mini posters, let's begin with those:

Packs 13 - 18:

Mini posters:

Each pack comes with a mini poster - my six this go around were:
5.  Nomar Garciaparra

8.  Barry Larkin
18.  Vladimir Guerrero
24.  Mark McGwire

27.  Ken Griffey, Jr.
30.  Roger Clemens

Of the six posters, I needed both the Nomar and the McGwire!  This puts me one poster away from completing the full mini poster set - only missing #7. Frank Thomas.


This set of packs produced 30 base cards (and no inserts or parallels).  Of the 30 cards, I needed 7 which I guess isn't terrible...but not quite good enough for me to think that I'll actually finish off my base set with this box.  

Overall, this was a quite of quiet set of packs (though I won't dismiss them entirely since I did land two of the three remaining posters I needed)!  I still love the SI set though - if/when I complete the thing I should definitely feature it in more detail on my blog.  After all, I like giving love to older sets sometimes (which is probably obvious by now if you follow any of my group breaks)!


  1. OK, since I'm always confused by late '90s sets and you like them so much, here's a question: Are the World Series Fever cards part of this box break or were those a whole different set? One of my many questions about sets from this time.

    1. The World Series Fever is its own set, also from 1998 though. And yes, 90s baseball cards were super confusing a lot of the time!

  2. Do you store the posters in a binder?


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