More Packs of Sports Illustrated Cards!

I'm back with the next six packs out of my 1998 Sports Illustrated presented by Fleer box.  This is a set that I've decided I would try and complete - and the goal with this box is to get as close to possible to completing the full base set plus the mini poster set.  My first six packs yielded one new poster (out of the four I'm missing) and 10 out of the 65 missing base cards.  Not a bad start, let's keep the good times rolling today, shall we?

Packs 7 - 12:

Mini posters:

Unfortunately, no new posters for my set this time around.  The posters I pulled were:
2.  Matt Williams
4.  Cal Ripken, Jr.
6.  Sammy Sosa
21.  Matt Stairs
22.  Curt Schilling
28.  Fred McGriff

Base cards:

Out of the 28 base cards, I found 11 that I needed - I'll take that!  I don't usually scan the One to Watch subset cards...and I think you can see why (talk about ugly).  That being said, the rest of the SI set is gorgeous so you kind of have to mentally block this one subset out...


This bunch of packs yielded two cards of note.  The first was a Covers insert of Cal Ripken, Jr.

Gorgeous looking card, don't you think?

The other card that I found was one of the serially-numbered Extra Edition parallels.

That's Ben Grieve - unfortunately as an Athletic which means this one won't be the easiest card to trade away (are there any A's collectors out there)?!  It's #177/250 on the back - in purple foil no less!

That's it for this set of packs - and although I didn't make any progress on my mini poster needs, I'll certainly settle for getting 11 needed base cards.  Those Extra Edition parallels are fairly rare at least, who knows, maybe I can flip that one for a Barry Larkin Extra Edition?!  

We are now halfway through my box...more to come later this week if all goes well!


  1. Admittedly, I don't dislike the One to Watch cards. I actually have a signed Ricky Ledee from that set!

  2. I'm not an A's collector, but I do collect Grieve. I'll try to find some cards on your wantlist and we can trade. It's a nice card.

  3. And here I like the One to Watch design, and don't care much for the SI Covers cards.

  4. Yeah, that One To Watch design is um.. odd. The SI covers are nice, and I like the Grieve.


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