Barry Larkin Collection 834: 1987 Press Box Collector's Choice of the 1980s - #25

Barry Larkin
Year:  1987
Brand:  Press Box Collector's Choice of the 1980s
Card number:  25

This particular card is one of the last few Barry Larkin cards that I need from the year 1987 (at the time of this post, I'm now only missing:
  • #7 Broder Indiana Blue Sox "New Reds Machine"
  • #204 Fleer Glossy
  • #15 Reds Kahn's
Back to today's card - the 1987 Press Box Collector's Choice of the 1980s may have a terrible name but at least the 36 card* set has a decent checklist.  The cards themselves all have rounded corners so they kind of feel like a cheap playing card but I do like the front image on the Larkin card (batting cage shots are severely underrated if you ask me).  The back of the card leaves a lot to be desired but I guess that's par for the course for unlicensed "oddballs" of the era!  Obviously the 1980s were a different era when it comes to team logos showing on unlicensed cards.  

*Card #30 does not exist but there are two cards #18 (both Eric Davis) so the set is, in fact, 36 different cards in size.  Why some players have two cards in the set while other players (like Larkin) only appear once is a mystery that I cannot answer.

I'm definitely happy to have this one in my collection - I had been searching for it for quite some time since you can imagine that oddballs from the late 1980s aren't always the easiest to find these days!