Release Mike Lincoln!

After watching the Reds battle the Cubs for an epic 13 innings of mostly excellent pitching, the Reds brought in Mr. Mike Lincoln. In his one inning of work, Lincoln gave up three runs (including a home run to Soriano on his very first pitch of the game).

With that, and his perpetual troubles throughout the season, the Reds only way to gain ANYTHING positive out of today's game, the Reds ought to release Lincoln.

Things that have a better chance of getting batters out as opposed to Lincoln (in case Jocketty needs some ideas):

1. Any minor league Reds relievers

2. A Little League team

3. A softball pitching machine

and if all else fails...

4. A drunken monkey.

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  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    What about Weathers? That's the guy that cost Maloney his first big league win Saturday night. Yeah the team still won, but individual statistics are what people will remember in 50 years.


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