3 Packs of Topps 206: AKA - Topps Fails.

Christmas shopping = trips to Target.
Trips to Target = baseball card aisle visit.
Baseball card aisle visit = packs of Topps 206 cards.
Packs of Topps 206 cards = some of the worst cut cards in the history of mankind.

Let's dig in.

Pack 1:
6. John Mayberry
31. Andy Sonnanstine
137. Mark Teixeira
260. Andrew Miller
230. Miguel Cabrera (Gold Parallel)

Mini - Piedmont
283. Joe Saunders
Not the most exciting pack, but it's the first pack of Topps 206 that I've opened so that's ok. It means things can only get better from here right? (Wrong.)

Pack 2:
160. Thurman Munson
188. Glen Perkins
270. Matt Cain (Gold Parallel)
No number short print (1:4 packs):

Mini - Piedmont
56. Robinson Cano

Miscut card

Seriously, what the heck happened?

Pack 3:

30. Justin Morneau
41. David Hernandez
165. John Smoltz
5. Chris Young (Gold Parallel)
Checklist 3 of 7: Mickey Mantle
Mini - Old Mill (1:20 packs)
113. Tris Speaker

Miscut card

Wow. I don't even know what to say. When you get a pack with 6 cards...and one of them is completely trash by being miscut it's hard to be optimistic. It's even harder when you buy 3 packs and 2 of the cards are trash. I guess I should try to contact Topps - but really, I don't even know what they'll do - and it'll cost me more to send in the two cards than it would to buy a fourth pack...


  1. Half Hamilton/Half Blalock. That's a bummer.

  2. That sucks! My wife bought me a pack of 206 while shopping at Target this weekend. Nothing great, no miscuts either, but every card had a HUGE down the middle. Packsearchers of course-I've had the problem at Target before and they don't care...I think I would have rather got sharp miscuts than creased whatever...Either way, I wasn't too impressed with the brand. Even less after seeing the careless cuts and lack of quality.

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I think the miscut cards are more interesting than normal cards of Renteria or Blalock would have been. :)

  4. Chris, I'll send you a nicely cut reds card for that miscut Rangers card. I'll add it to the oddball stack

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  6. Have fun investing lol :)

    I sure could use the Cano, sorry about the miscut problems, that sucks. I also can take the Teixeira, Mantle, & Munson off your hands most certainly. Leave me an email if you are interested



  7. That's absolutely inexcusable considering how much packs of cards cost these days. Also I'd liked to be scammed by the Panama investment company.


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