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2010 Topps Series I: Hobby Jumbo Box #2 and Review (4 Hits!)

After busting my first box of 2010 Topps Series I, I decided to purchase a second box in order to fill out some of the insert sets and get some trade bait.  Here are the highlights of the second box.

The nice thing about jumbo boxes is that you get the entire base set plus a healthy stack of tradable duplicates.  However, I'm guessing everyone has seen enough of the base cards, so let's check out the hits and inserts...

First up, the wonderful "Cards Your Mother Threw Out."  Sure, it's a dumb insert set name, but as for the set itself, I love it!  In my second box, I pulled the following:
CMT-6.  Frank Robinson  (my favorite of them all, obviously!)
CMT-7.  Orlando Cabrera
CMT-8.  Bob Gibson
CMT-14.  Juan Marichal
CMT-19.  Steve Carlton
CMT-27.  Nolan Ryan
CMT-37.  Nolan Ryan  (I do wish each card was of a different player)
CMT-39.  Frank Thomas
CMT-41.  Manny Ramirez
CMT-57.  Tim Lincecum

Next, a bunch of gold cards.  Unlike last box, I didn't pull any of the rarer black parallels - but I did get another gold parallel Red so that was nice.
19.  Felipe Lopez
22.  Anthony Swarzak
63.  Josh Bard
64.  Drew Stubbs
93.  Joe Nathan
175.  Josh Hamilton
177.  Adam Lind
189.  Adrian Beltre
195.  James Shields
270.  Michael Brantley

I did manage to score a short print base card in this box (something that I didn't get last time).
80.  Christy Mathewson

And now, for the three hits. 

First, a Peak Performance bat relic of Jose Reyes
PPR-JR.  Jose Reyes

A Peak Performance autograph of Wade Davis
PPA-WD.  Wade Davis

And a manufactured hat logo of Ryan Braun #53/99.
MHR-169.  Ryan Bruan

Finally, an extra hit - my first ever silk card from a base Topps set!
Joe Mauer  #35/50

Final thoughts:
The base set is bright and colorful.  I like the white borders, easy to read card numbers, and full statistics.  The inserts sets, however, are hit and miss.  I don't particularly like the Peak Performers or Legendary Lineage sets but I love the Cards Your Mother Threw Out and Tales/History of the Game sets.  The three promised relics should probably read "a promised crappy auto, crappy relic, and a hat patch."  At least, that's how my two boxes ended up.  That said, with the chance of pulling something cool (such as the silk), it's a lot of fun to open the packs!

Nachos Grande's Final Score:
This is about as close to perfection as a base set will get.  It doesn't have the extra "oomph" or "wow factor" to push it over a 90 but it's still a solid, solid set.  Well done Topps!


  1. If any of the gold parallels are for trade I'd be interested. That Mauer silk card is great. I'll be troling eBay for that one.

  2. You and I look at the inserts the same: I like the Tales and the CYMTO, but Peak Performance and Lineage just don't do it for me.


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