Gint-a-Cuffs - Box 01: Packs 11 and 12

Box total so far:  66 measly points.  It seems safe to say at this point that I picked the wrong box in the case to count as my Gint-a-Cuffs box.  (At the time of writing this post, I've only opened one box out of the case before this one that I'm currently opening.) 

Pack 11:
24.  Brandon Webb
146.  Carlos Lee
154.  Juan Francisco (+1 a Red!)

181.  Tyler Colvin
192.  Tom Knapp
245.  Michael Dunn (Wrong Dunn, Adam Dunn is worth points, Michael is not)
293.  Troy Tulowitzki (My fantasy baseball team has been struggling to stay in first place ever since Tulo went on the DL)
141.  Matt Cain
No this day in history card for the it's only +1.

Pack total:  1 point

Pack 12:
35.  John Lackey
53.  Jason Heyward (+2 favorite player)
57.  Jacoby Ellsbury
105.  Nicolaus Copernicus
151.  Kanekoa Texeira
343.  Brad Penny (+2, Short print)
TDH51.  Gordon Beckham (+1)
Ad card
Black border:
31.  Miguel Montero (+3 points)

Pack total:  8 points
8 points is pretty good for me...but it doesn't make up for the one lousy point pack above.

Box total so far:  74 points
Average points per pack:  6.16 (and that's counting the box topper!)  I think it's safe to say that unless this box picks it up in a hurry, there's no chance at me posting even a semi-respectable score!


  1. Quit toying with us, and get to the good stuff!

  2. Yeah I'm kinda sensing some clever arrangements of the order in which you post your packs.

  3. I like that Montero


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