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Baseball Collecting "Dark Ages"

Gint-a-Cuffs - Box 01: Packs 21 and 22

Box total so far:  151 points.

I cheated and opened up the last four packs already (I was getting nervous I was short-changed a hit again) and instead found both the hit and a pair of mutant packs.  The first of the two mutant packs was pack 22, but first there's something eBay-worthy in pack 21, even if it is a stupid Yankee.

Pack 21:
30.  Rafael Furcal
135.  Ken Blackburn
174.  Eric Byrnes
230.  Brian Roberts
294.  Buster Posey
338.  Francisco Liriano (+2, short print)
TDH5.  Chipper Jones (the wrong Jones for this competition... +1)
Bazooka back #23/25
32.  Joba Chamberlain (+20 points but -1 for Yankee = 19 points)

Pack total:  22 points
If only all my packs could have been like that one...I'd have a chance!

Pack 22:
33.  Benjie Molina
165.  Nick Jacoby (+1 for being a fellow blogger)
186.  Jose Reyes
195.  Sergio Santos
196.  Scott Baker
297.  Isaac Newton
TDH7.  Jason Heyward (+1 and +2 favorite player = +3 points)

Minis (that's right, plural)
Ad back:
198.  A.J. Pierzynski (+2 ad back -1 because of the crazy rules = +1 point)
226.  Henry Rodriguez (+2 ad back)

Pack total:  7 points
A bit pathetic that a pack with two ad back minis only garners 7 points but what'dya do?

Box total so far:  180 points