Gint-a-Cuffs - Box 02: Pack 11 (Second Hit)

Box total so far:  120 points

Pack 11:
61.  Michael Cuddyer
96.  Roy Halladay (+2 favorite)
168.  Rickie Weeks
243.  Jim Zapp (+2, Negro Leaguer)
TDH39.  Torii Hunter (+1)
70.  Joey Votto (+1 for being a mini Cincinnati Red)

AGR-JSA.  Jeff Samardzija  (+8 points)

Well, it's certainly not the most exciting relic ever - but I like that cloth is bright blue instead of the usual (and boring) white or gray.  My march toward 200 points continues...

Pack total:  14 points

Box total so far:  134 points