Gint-a-Cuffs - Box 02: Packs 12 and 13

Box total so far:  134
The box has been pretty decent so far.  IF I were somehow able to continue at the current pace, I'd have a box worth almost 260 points.  Of course, that's highly doubtful since the majority of the points came from the box topper hit (and the first two relics were relative duds).  No matter, I'm still extremely happy with the box, no matter what else is in it.  Speaking of cards in the box, let's keep the packs rollin'.

Pack 12:
28.  Felipe Lopez
55.  Esmil Rogers
72.  Erick Aybar
81.  Cliff Lee
235.  Carlos Guillen
271.  King Tut
TDH8.  Yunel Escobar (+1)
Monsters of the Mesozoic:
MM19.  Nomingia  (+3 points)

I used to be a pretty big dinosaur buff when I was a kid...but even I've never heard of Nomingia.  According to the card back, Nomingia was an almost six foot long bird like dinosaur.  That'd be quite the sight wouldn't it?

Pack total:  4 points
Saved by a dinosaur I guess.  Sheesh, the march to 200 points got a heckuva lot slower didn't it?!

Pack 13:
4.  Prince Fielder (I thought for sure he'd be a favorite player but alas, he's not)
150.  Grady Sizemore
187.  Jair Jurrjens
197.  Johnny Damon (-1 for a crappy book)
211.  Johnny Strange (Is it strange that I got two Johnny's in a row? *Cymbal crash*)
TDH48.  Matt Holliday (+1 and +2 = +3 total)
Baseball Sketch:
AGHS12.  Troy Tulowitzki (+3 points)
Lords of Olympus:
LO18.  Eros  (+3 points)

Pack total:  8 points

Box total so far:  146 points