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Delivery Time! Trade with Blog Reader Ted

Yesterday, I showed off a small trade.  In the spirit of equal opportunity, today I'll show off a BIG trade!  Blog reader Ted contacted me a few weeks ago about some cards off my want list.  A few emails later and wham, bam, thank you ma'am a trade commenced.

I sent Ted 23 different 2010 Topps gold parallel cards, some Blue Jays, and a bunch of 1987 Topps cards off his want list (I know, 1987 Topps, who knew?!).  In return, Ted sent 44 cards off of my want lists!

Let's dig in:

1985 Topps:
7.  Nolan Ryan

346.  Terry Pendleton

One of the greatest things about trading is never know exactly what someone else will want, nor do you know what they might have that you want.  Who'd have thought a trade that started with 2010 Topps would grow to include 1985 and 1987 Topps?

2010 Topps:
342.  Melky Cabrera
377.  Felix Hernandez
443.  Jason Hammel
491.  Rafael Furcal
510.  Diamondbacks to Back Jacks (seriously cheesy title)

588.  Landon Powll
640.  Matt Diaz

The best part of those cards?  They were the last seven cards I needed for the base set!  It took me two hobby boxes plus a bunch of trades, but I finally got it completed!

Cards Your Mother Threw Out:
CMT63.  Ernie Banks

CMT64.  Whitey Ford
CMT80.  Reggie Jackson
CMT85.  Eddie Murray
CMT101.  Bo Jackson
CMT104.  John Smoltz
CMT108.  Mariano Rivera
CMT115.  Ryan Zimmerman

I still like this insert set a lot - it's a nice way to quickly glance through Topps' history. 

Peak Performance:
PP-51.  Luis Aparicio
PP-59.  Derek Jeter (I'm so used to Gint-a-Cuffs I instinctively started to type "minus 1" next to Jeter)
PP-88.  Phil Rizzuto (Another negative Gint-a-Cuffs card, good thing this isn't a Gint-a-Cuffs post!)
PP-95.  Al Kaline

Legendary Lineage:
LL-39.  Phil Rizzuto & Derek Jeter (More Yankees)
LL-40.  Harmon Killebrew & Justin Morneau

LL-42.  Lou Gehrig & Albert Pujols
LL-48.  Stan Musial & Matt Holliday

I'd like to know why Topps numbers some inserts with letters and numbers squished together while other inserts are numbered letters - dash - numbers.  I wish they'd pick one or the other and stick with it.

Topps 2020:
T3.  Andre Ethier
T4.  David Price
T5.  Justin Upton
T7.  Ryan Howard
T16.  David Wright
T17.  Tommy Hanson
T18.  Clayton Kershaw

T20.  Matt Kemp

I haven't looked over the checklist, but it seems like each team should have gotten a chance at a Topps 2020 card...unless this really is a look into the future Topps...only the big time teams.  No Reds. 

History of the World Series:
HWS2.  Walter Johnson
HWS7.  Mel Ott
HWS8.  Enos Slaughter
HWS11.  Johnny Podres
HWS12.  Yogi Berra

HWS15.  Bob Gibson
HWS19.  Jason Varitek

I like this set a lot - my only complaint is that they didn't feature all the World Series.  I think it'd be a great insert idea to have a card for each World Series.  Maybe Series 1 could have all the World Series winners featured and then Series 2 could feature all the losers, that way every World Series team gets a card (instead of just 40 Yankee cards plus a couple of Red Sox and Phillies for the last few years).

Vintage Legends Collection:
VLC11.  Christy Mathewson
VLC16.  Thurman Munson
VLC19.  Rogers Hornsby

VLC21.  Nolan Ryan

I'm not entirely sure what to think about this set.  Each time I look at it, I change my mind whether I like or not...

Thanks a ton Ted!  That really put a huge dent in my 2010 Topps want list!  As always, if anyone else would like to work out a trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. I have some cards that you need of you your want list




    2008 upper deck star Quest Uncommon

    Let me know what cards do you have

    for 2010 topps opening day
    and 2008 opening day


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