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I WANT THE SHINY! You Want Free Sets?

So, here's the deal:

I want the shiny.  That's right, I want to collect the entire diamond parallel set of 2011 Topps.  And I need your help (especially since my case I bought on eBay appears to be nothing more than fraudulent).

Here's what I am proposing:

You send me ANY shiny diamond parallel cards (any of 'em you can spare).  For each card that is sent to me, you get an entry into a drawing.  I'm assuming the diamond parallels will be series 2 as well, so the drawing will occur sometime after the series 1 and 2 set is complete.  Now, what will I be giving away in the drawing?

For starters:

1.  A complete set of 2010 Allen & Ginter (with all 50 short prints AND the 75 card This Day in History insert set)

2.  A second complete base set (no short prints) of 2010 Allen & Ginter (with the 75 card This Day in History insert set)

3.  A Strat-o-Matic computer game

4.  More prizes to be announced (at least one Hall of Famer relic and/or autograph will be added in to sweeten the prize pool).

5.  First bonus prize:  2011 Topps Town - Series 1 - Complete Set (50 cards)

Additional notes:  I didn't make this clear (thanks to Capt. Canuck for alerting me):  I'm still interested in trading for the diamond cards, in other words - you'll get cards in return for your diamond cards PLUS each diamond parallel gives you an automatic entry into the prize pool drawings.  Sorry if that wasn't clear - after all, there are a few people going after the set - I've gotta make sure the ante has been properly upped.

Final note:  No matter what, I'll give away prizes #2, 3, and 4.  I'm only giving away the entire Allen & Ginter set if I am able to complete at least one of the diamond parallel sets...sorry for being so mean about that.

Remember, each shiny diamond parallel card you send me gets you an entry into the drawings.  There WILL be multiple winners (though if one person sends me 100 cards, they have a chance to win each of the different possible prizes).  For now, I'm going to accept ANY and ALL diamond parallels.  If I can, I'll put together two sets (that might be too ambitious, we'll see)...but if I do, the second set will be made a prize as well.  At the end, I plan to use any of the extra shiny cards to work out trades to nab the final missing cards.

Sound good?  I sure hope so - this could be a lot of fun for everyone...and I promise to show off the shiny set when it is complete!  I'll be keeping a running tally on the side of my blog for who has sent cards (and how many entries they have), I'll also keep track of the total number of cards missing from set #1 and set #2 once the cards start rolling in.

And yes, if you want, you may forgo one of your entries and use ANY shiny diamond parallel to claim a trade stack in progress, I'm cool with that too.  Just make sure you let me know in an appropriate comment on the trade stack page.

Any questions?  Fire away in the comments!


  1. Hmmm... I dunno. I think dayf's opening offer awhile ago is better. You may have to up your ante. :)

  2. Capt: Thanks for the alert - I wasn't clear in my original post...I meant to say that I'm still trading (i.e. each person will get some cards in return for their diamond parallels) but in addition, I'll enter them into the drawing for the prizes at the end of the summer or whenever the set is complete).

  3. I've fixed the main post to reflect that now.

  4. I have a few I can put aside for you.

  5. Jay: Great! Shoot me an email and we can work out a swap.

  6. Wow-you, Dayf, and Colbey are all collecting this set. It's gonna be hard to spread them around.

  7. I have two for you. Just shot you an email.

  8. halfway through my hobby box, and i will definitely send some shiny's to you... can you send me directions on how to mail them to you? (i haven't mailed cards before...)

  9. Kevin (and anyone else interested): You can find my email address in my profile - send me an email and I can provide my mailing address, thanks!

  10. Are you still running the contest? I have a huge stack that are worthless to me.

  11. Yes i am! Shoot me an email.

  12. Do you want update sparkly? I have several.


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