Group Break #5: Final Three 2000 Topps Tek Packs!

The group break will end today, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I am able to finish off the last two boxes tonight.  After the Tek box is emptied, there are only two boxes with packs remaining - Stadium Club and Mystique.  One of those two boxes holds one of the rarest cards (in terms of stated odds at least) that I've ever pulled - and yes, it goes to a group break participant (i.e. it wasn't a Reds card).  Even better, each of the boxes have already produced hits (Stadium Club produced a relic for the Cardinals, the Mystique has produced a Tigers auto and a Dodgers shoe relic).

Which box holds the card?  You'll have to wait a few more hours for that - for now, let's finish off the box of Tek.

2000 Topps Tek:

2-10.  Chipper Jones - Braves
3-7.  Juan Gonzalez - Tigers
6-9.  A.J. Burnett - Marlins
10-5.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals
14-13.  Bernie Williams - Yankees

14-14.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
17-5.  Carlos Beltran - Royals
18-13.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
21-15.  J.D. Drew - Cardinals
26-10.  Scott Rolen - Phillies
35-4.  Sean Casey - Reds

35-15.  Sean Casey - Reds

And in each of the last three packs, we ended up with a serially numbered card:

41-13.  Ruben Salazar - Twins (#ed 0531/2000)

42-13.  John Sneed - Blue Jays (#ed 0927/2000)

45-20.  Rick Asadoorian - Red Sox (#ed 0569/2000)

That's a solid ending to the Tek box - I hope everyone enjoyed this box, it's been a lot of to open up, that's for sure.  In fact, other than the '93 Upper Deck box, all of the boxes have been fun for me to open up (and the Upper Deck wasn't as much fun since I already have the full set AND each pack was so big it meant a lot of work per pack)!


  1. Awesome box, even if it didn't yield as many Griffey's as I hoped. Hey Chris, if you don't want those last to Sean Casey cards let me know and perhaps we can work a trade?


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