Group Break #5: The Last of the HoloGrFX Packs!

It's time to finish off the second of the five boxes in the group break.

1999 UD HoloGrFX:

4.  Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
7.  Greg Maddux - Braves
13.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
20.  Todd Helton - Rockies

32.  Jeromy Burnitz - Brewers
33.  Corey Koskie - Twins
39.  Roger Clemens - Yankees
46.  Warren Morris - Pirates
49.  J.D. Drew - Cardinals

57.  Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers

And in the final four packs, we picked up two more inserts:

L2.  Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners

I like this card.  That is all.

AUsome Gold Parallel:
21.  Larry Walker - Rockies

This is the second insert/parallel card for the Rockies in the group break.  Amazingly, almost every team in the break has at least one insert or parallel - and 23 out of the 30 teams have at least two inserts/parallels/serially numbered/hits cards!  As far as I'm concerned, that's the sign of a good break. Unfortunately for me, out of the 7 teams without at least two "good" cards, my Reds (the only team I ended up with) are one of the 7 with either 1 or 0 inserts of some type.