Group Break Questions

Alright everyone, I'm currently working out a new group break for June - but I have a few questions for anyone who might be interested:

1.  Which do you prefer:  Lots of base cards, variety of inserts, or "hits" (relics/autos)?
2.  How old is too old?  How new is too new?
3.  Are there certain brands/sets that you'd definitely like to see (or I suppose, definitely NOT want to see)?
4.  More boxes of "less expensive" sets or fewer boxes of "more expensive" sets?
5.  What's your ideal group break price point (including shipping)?

I think that's it for now - I'll be taking all of your comments and working with the prevailing opinions as I form the next group break!  I've also got some other stuff planned for the blog - but that'll have to wait for another day or two...  Until then, sound off in the comments (or via email if you'd prefer)!


  1. 1. base, but with a shot at a hit or three

    2. no such thing as too old or too new

    3. some sets are obviously completed from a teamset point of view, but I'm open to just about anything...brand new product is always good for me because I can't get my hands on it

    4. I prefer low to mid end stuff

    5. under ten is best for me, although I realize that that's no always possible

    Looking forward to the next one, I'll try and think of some sets that I'd really like to see and post them

  2. Ike says...

    1. Hits & inserts
    2. 2001 to now
    3. Fleer stuff but will not turn the Redbirds down in any break
    4. Mid end is good
    5. Whatever my Dad can afford

  3. 1. I like getting inserts, and a decent selection of players. I like getting hits, but it doesn't make or break a decision.

    2. Age ain't nothin' but a number. But if it's the new hotness, I prefer it happening before release (like you did with Gypsy Queen).

    3. I'd like to see more stuff from the turn of the century. Meaning 1998-2002 or so. Though if you get your hands on a cheap box of 1887 Old Judge you can count me in on the break.

    4. The more the better. Really, I'm just not into stuff where one box contains only 10 cards or so, because the risk vs. rewards on those aren't appealing.

    I like it when teams are under $10, but with a decent chance at a hit I'm happy around $15. With a big stack of cards and a (nearly?) guaranteed hit, I'm willing to go higher, if the product is ineresting.


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