Group Break 7: Three of the Last Six Packs of Topps Gold Label

In an effort to move the group break to its conclusion in a rapid fashion, I've decided to rip half of the remaining packs out of the 2002 Topps Gold Label box.

2002 Topps Gold Label:
Packs 13, 14, & 15:

62.  Doug Mientkiewicz - Twins
67.  Jose Cruz Jr. - Blue Jays
95.  Jorge Posada - Yankees

104.  Byung-Hyun Kim - Diamondbacks
107.  Jerry Hairston Jr. - Orioles
114.  Richard Hidalgo - Astros
127.  Morgan Ensberg - Astros
138.  Javy Lopez - Braves
141.  Josh Beckett - Marlins

144.  Carlos Beltran - Royals

68.  Class 1 Gold:  Derek Bell - Pirates (#ed 431/500)

The Class 1 Gold parallels are seeded 1:7 packs.  The Pirates are now the seventh team of the break to nab at least one serially numbered card.

ACR-EB.  MLB Awards Ceremony - Class 1 Gold:  Ernie Banks - Cubs

This is a rather unique relic in that it is an authentic game-worn dugout jacket!  I don't believe I've ever pulled such a relic before!  This is the first hit for the Cubs meaning that now we have found 7 hits (out of 10) and each hit has gone to a different team!  As a group break host, that makes me happy since the love gets spread around a bit to many different participants!  I, of course, want everyone to feel like they got a good deal in the break!

One little aside:  Here's how bad of a pack searcher I am.  I knew out of the six remaining packs that one pack should have a relic.  I felt each pack (carefully) and decided on the three packs that seemed most likely to hold the relic - and I put those three aside to open last.  I then opened the three I was sure didn't hold the hit.  As it turned out, I was correct about the first two, but obviously the third pack held the Banks relic!  I'm quite curious now what I felt in the other packs - maybe we got lucky with an extra hit?  Or, more likely I'm afraid, maybe I'm simply a really, really poor pack searcher.


  1. Most of the time I don't mind missing out on Cubs hits, because they are usually D-Lee, Nic Jackson, etc. But a Banks jacket piece? Dang!


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