Saturday, October 27, 2012

EPaDel All Day. Jealous Much?

I'm at an EPaDel (Mathematics) conference all day today - so today's post is pre-scheduled for your viewing pleasure.  By the time you read the post, I should be in the car driving myself and two of my students back from our conference.  Since I'm not around to offer any sort of timely blog entry, how about we dip back into the 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated box and re-open another pair of packs.  By the time we finish opening these two packs, the box will be halfway busted (for the second time)!

Pack 11:
38.  Sammy Sosa
56.  Mariners rookies (Guillen, Holdridge, Guevara)
81.  Raul Mondesi

113.  Bobby Higginson
149.  Alex Rodriguez
158.  Roberto Alomar

Eesh.  That pack was full of guys that I don't particularly care for.  I scanned the Mondesi card only because he was the lesser of the many evils in the pack.

Pack 12:
21.  Travis Lee
41.  Orlando Hernandez
128.  Denny Neagle
152.  Derek Jeter

164.  Chan Ho Park
8 of 13 FF.  Fabulous 40s:  Juan Gonzalez

The worst part of the late 90s (in terms of baseball cards) is that I seem to be a magnet for Juan Gonzalez cards.  I seem to get more cards of his - inserts, base cards, etc. than I know what to do with.  Is there a Juan Gonzalez collector out there?


Roy-Z said...

Hey now if you've got something against Robby Alomar I'll gladly take those cards off your hands.

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