Sunday, October 28, 2012


As of the time I'm writing this post (Friday though it isn't supposed to go "live" until Sunday), the main talk around my area of the country isn't politics, it's wind (and rain).  The Storm of the Century, or as some people are calling (or Frankenstorm for the holiday-clever meteorologists out there), is supposed to be making landfall soon.  If that really happens, and if the rain/wind is as bad as they are saying it will be, there's about a 95% chance that I won't have power (I live in north central PA where it is quite rural with plenty of trees surrounding power lines).  Since I've had at least one post scheduled for every day this year (actually, I think I've had at least one post per day for the last 2+ years), I'd hate to see some silly storm ruin my streak.  So, without further ado, let's rip some more packs from my (forgotten) box of Fleer Sports Illustrated - circa 1999!

Pack 13:
33.  Mark McGwire
63.  Rangers rookies (Johnson, Sasser, Sheldon)
86.  Andy Pettitte
102.  Kenny Rogers
116.  Edgar Renteria
6 of 15 OW:  Ones to Watch:  Gabe Kapler - Tigers

Unlike most of the cards, the Ones to Watch insert cards are quite shiny!  The insert set is seeded 1:12 packs so I should find a second card before all is said and done.  Packs of cards from 1999 seemed to be chock full of Gabe Kapler cards - a prospect that mostly went the way of guys like Todd Van Poppel.

Pack 14:
48.  Cardinals rookies (Drew, Polanco, Little)
74.  Rafael Palmeiro
77.  Devon White
108.  Sammy Sosa

117.  Andruw Jones
120.  Jamie Moyer

Overall, I would say that the 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated set does NOT feature photography that is on par with sets like Topps Stadium Club.  However, there are a few cards that have been awesome to look at - including the Sammy Sosa card above.  It's not often you see a photo from that point of view, couple it with the perfect placement of the baseball, Sosa, and the catcher and you have a true masterpiece!  This instantly goes down as one of my favorite cards from the set.


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