Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maddux and the Puzzling Yankees

I'm still working my way through my forgotten box (see here for more information).  The 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated set had 4 different base card subsets - the next pack provides my first two from the Postseason Review subset.

Pack #7:
1.  Derek Jeter

4.  Sterling Hitchcock
44.  Athletics Rookies (Chavez, Stein, Neill)
121.  Darin Erstad
138.  Dante Bichette
153.  Greg Maddux

Pack #8:
20.  Sammy Sosa & Juan Gonzalez
23.  Roger Clemens
95.  Fred McGriff
106.  Craig Biggio

124.  Mo Vaughn
159.  Travis Lee

Eight packs and still not a single Red.  No wonder I put this box in the drawer and forgot about it.  When the best card out of two packs is a Yankee, you know it's a rough pair of packs.  Admittedly, the puzzle Sports Illustrated cover card is pretty cool...  The Biggio card cracks me up - I don't think you are allowed to shorten your strike zone by squatting like that.


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