Thursday, November 08, 2012

2012 Topps Archives: Nearing the Complete Set!

This week has been a hectic week, but a pretty good week.  In fact, I received word from my college's  provost that my teaching assignment would be renewed for next year which is awesome (I'm in a non-tenure line).

It wasn't just big news that's good for the week though, there was also a package in the mail from an eBay seller.  I decided to jump in one of those "u-pick" auctions for a bunch of 2012 Topps Archives since the trades have all but evaporated for the set.  I think most people bought a few packs and then quickly moved on to the next thing, but not me.  I spent 2012 buying exactly two different sets.  One was Allen & Ginter and the other was Archives.  I didn't buy a single pack of any other set this year!

At this point, my want list for 2012 Topps Archives is extremely small (2 short prints, one 3D card - Mickey Mantle, 2 archive reprints, and a few Classic Combos and In Action cards - you can find my full want list here).  Why is my list so small all of the sudden?  Well, for less than the price of a blaster I knocked off 13 cards!

First up, seven of the Archives reprint cards.

At this point, I only need Roberto Clemente (#164) and Gary Carter (#295) and I'll have all of the Archive reprints.  The set is a hodgepodge of players, but it's kind of cool to see in a binder.  Perhaps if (when?) I finish the set I'll scan the full thing for all to see.

Next, I landed three of the final five regular short prints that I needed (I have no plans to try to track down the super short printed card of Bryce Harper).

I think the Vida Blue card is my favorite, mostly because of his high leg kick and the bright yellow pants!

You might think that the previous acquisitions were enough to satisfy me, but no - I did a bit better by buying three more cards directly from the seller.

I was able to land the final Deckel Edge card that I needed for my set.

I'm pleased to say that I now own the full Deckel edge set (all 15 cards).  I don't know what I think of the set exactly, it's kind of boring I guess.  However, it's unique - and it's complete...that's good enough for me!

Finally, I was able to finish off another insert set - the cloth stickers!  The Justin Verlander and the Cliff Lee stickers had eluded me for a long time...

Now they are mine, mine, mine!

I haven't spent a lot of money on myself lately (though this is the first of two eBay wins in the past couple of weeks - more on my other win on a later day).  I have to say though, it feels great to finally knock a few insert sets completely off my want list, there's nothing quite like that feeling!


arpsmith said...

Congrats on the additions and getting close to the set. I need to do something similar and get mine closer to completion. I am a Vida fan and agree that is a great card pic. Good luck tracking down your last few!

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